Earth Keepers Organic Farm & Restaurant

Earth Keepers Garden and Restaurant is located on Kilometer 101, Brgy Talisay in Tiaong , Quezon

Last March 29, 2008, I was very excited to visit the restaurant and organic farm. The jam packed 50 seater tourist bus hired by the Philippine Orchid Society went to this place.   The crowd was eager to see this wonderful place which promotes healthy lifestyles and living. Some parts of the property had small relaxation area which could be instantly be converted into a spa or an informal meeting place.

Pesticides, which is concentrated on the vegetables and foods that we usually buy from the market, had traces or laced  harmful chemicals .

A lot of the people in this world is already facing with serious dilemma.

Ms. Teresa Perez Saniano conducting a short lecture

According to Ms. Teresa Saniano or simply Ms. Tere  the owner of the demo farm said that urea, which is the primary source of fertilizer in farms is already increasing in price, the main component of which is made from petroleum based, the soaring world market of petroleum had caused increase in the prices of these fertilizer which also increases the farm gate prices of these foods.

We all know what is happening all over the world in the quest to have higher yield in food production.

Ms. Tere had warmly welcomed the group and had a short power point presentation in which her advocacy group want to spread not only within the province of Quezon But also all over the country.

native chicken fed with termites

Her demo farm is very productive; She had organically grown vegetables, papaya fruits, organic rice, free-range chickens is fed naturally with organically grown vegetables and termites which is high in protein unlike the usual poultry grown chicken that  had to be fed with feeds .

She even had formulated an organic feeds for the pigs which are grown in the farm, she had also vermicomposing which used African night crawlers and their vermin –waste is transformed vermiculite  into organic fertilizers and organic spray.

Even kitchen waste such as fish gills, fish innards and leftover bones are also transformed into organic fertilizers.

The fish gills and innards is then prepared with a ratio of 1kilo fish gills and innards to 1 kilo of molasses then fermented for 20 days, after which the organic waste is then filtered into  a loin cloth then the fish emulsion is already ready substitute for a high nitrogen based organic foliar fertilizer . The fertilizer is then mixed with 155 grams of ordinary sardine can.

Congressman Prospero Alcala -second district of Quezon

While enjoying the sumptuous  organic buffet lunch  Congressman Prospero Alcala dropped by and joined the group. He  is happy that the group had toured his district and ecstatically  shared some of his insights on  agriculture and organic farming.  he also gladly posed for a souvenir shot with the group .

His involvement in agriculture is deepened and was convinced there is a big market for their crops. However, to be competitive they should get into organic farming.

According to Mr. Alcala ,  If  the farmers, if motivated, could indeed maximize their produce. They were given the seeds and necessary farm inputs—from fertilizers to pesticides, and after their produce were sold in the market, they managed to pay for the inputs provided them. The rest of the profit goes to them.

he recent surge in prices of farm inputs—nearly doubling the cost of fertilizers—deepened their conviction of the need to go organic.

She had also collection of native handicrafts, jars , ornamental plants, native orchids, water lilies  and wood work. Tere also accepts guided tour to her demo farm and restaurant but prior appointment must be made several weeks or even months  before coming to the farm.

For reservations:

Contact Person : Ms. Teresa Perez Saniano

Km. 101, Brgy. Talisay, Tiaong Quezon Province

Tel: (042) 545-7112

16 Responses

  1. i read an article which from manila bulletine monthly magazine AGRICULTURE the earth keepers are very active in advocacy about organic you have a seminar somewhere cebu id like to doin an organic farming just a few month ago.JANUARY 2010. i had little knowledge about it,by reading i need somebody who can advice me..thanks

    • We have a fast-growing database of links, articles and news on organic farming that can help businesses in organic farming. Please sign up and receive alerts on the latest developments in Philippines’ natural farming industry.

  2. Hi, I just read with much interest about your seminar on asha peanut production. Do you still conduct that seminar?

  3. good day mam tere,

    we are very interested in integrated farming. we have scheduled implementation next month in northern samar and we need your assistance. can u provide me please with your cellphone nos. so we can contact you.

    thank u very much,


  4. BIAD 5 ExeCom ( Bohol ) will be visiting this place.
    The group is aiming to learn more on organic farming from this known place

  5. Hi!

    I would like to get updates on developments and latest trends on organic farming.



  6. i want to acquire one (1) of your natural farming book entitled “LIKASAKA”

  7. Hello Tere,

    I am preparing a proposal to DA on how we can involve coconut farmers (Reg 4) in the production and marketing of organic honey. How can I contact you regarding this?

    Ray Lucero

  8. do earthkeepers sell ADLAI crop?

    • Please try to contact Ms. Tere, I think she is the best person to explain what they sell in the market . She was featured in Manila Bulletin , other agricultural magazines , horticultural / organic and even travel blog sites.

      The organic fertilizer demonstration is part of the advocacy of her group, Since fish innards and bones are just normally thrown away in public markets, so they thought of a way on how to maximize its potential using Korean based technology .

  9. Hello there, blessed afternoon. I just recently came from Bolinao, Pangasinan and I just happened to observe that they have abundant Lantana plants or bangbangsit,.I recommended that plant to their MAO (Carolina Ramirez) and she is so much interested for the “recipe” of the organic pesticide out of it, that could protect their upland rice from rice bugs. This idea came from the EarthKeepers book given by Ms. Tere. Sadly, I don’t have a copy anymore, I just wish if Ms. Tere could give MAO Ramirez a copy of their book. Or could I buy so that I can send them a copy?

    • I think she is still active with a lot of plant society and organic farming . I saw her in the recent plant show last week in Laguna.

  10. Ms. Saniano,

    Gud AM , I am from Quezon City and I have a farm at San Antonio, Quezon. I’m new in farming and I need some hands on training and advise for further management of my small farm. I wish that I can visit your beautiful farm as I view it in the internet. I also want to buy some plants and livestock like native pigs, sasso chicken and peking ducks for me to raise.

    I wish to hear your soonest reply.

    Very truly yours

    Nandy Nuguid


  11. Thanks for visiting this blog site, Mr. Fernando Nuguid, I wish that i can also feature your farm in my future blog entries . BTW this is not the blog of Ms. Teresa Saniano . Our group just went to her farm and she did a few demonstration . Ms. Tere as we use to call her is also active in some plant organizations.

  12. Hi, may i know if you have upcoming seminar? topic and venue.ty

    • Thanks for visiting this site, Please try to contact Earth Keepers.

      They can provide a seminar to a small group or special request

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