East West Seed Company

San Rafael, Bulacan

East West Seed Company is a multinational vegetable seed producer with a leading market position in all major South East and South Asian vegetable seed markets. It produces, develops and sells tropical hybrid vegetable seeds under the brand logo ‘Red Arrow’

potted vincas

Started in 1982 in the Philippines, East West has today operations in all major South East and South Asian vegetable seed markets. The roots then and now remain unchanged; innovative breeding towards improved hybrid varieties that challenge existing market situations.

The  world class breeding and research programs are built on a blend of excellent germplasm, detailed market knowledge and creative and skilled breeders. Classical  plant breeding is the backbone , supplemented by plant pathology programs for disease resistance screening and tissue culture programs to speed up variety development.   The company  also cooperate with leading universities and government ministries in our market countries to develop new tools such as molecular markers to improve selection efficiency.

group photo

Mr. Simon N. Groot – founder ( then East West Group), took the first step. Teaming up with Benito Domingo who had a thriving seed trading business in Manila, they formed Hortigenetics Philippines, Inc. Later, as a gesture to show that a partnership between a European and an Asian would prove that the twain could meet and succeed, they changed the company name to East-West Seed Company.

Breeding work started in 1983 on five hectares outside Lipa City, Batangas, at the Hortanova (“new garden”) Farm. A two-story building went up in Paranaque south of Manila, housing a seed processing plant and offices, to support the marketing program.

It would be four grueling years before any seeds were ready to market. Four years of expenses and payroll going out and no revenues coming in. Breeding efforts covered a wide variety of vegetables: off-season tomato, eggplant, leaf mustard, watermelon, onion, and many Cucurbits especially bitter gourd.

By 1986 the first hybrids (bitter gourd, pumpkin, eggplant, tomato) and several improved  selections of popular leafy vegetables had been introduced throughout the Philippines. Several of those early hybrids became superstars that remain successful even today.

a nipa hut landscape with various annuals and perennials

The company participate in Agricultural shows, Horticulture shows and those organized by the Philippine Horticultural Society , Philippine Orchid Society , AANI , PIFGEX  among others .

The company conducts an open house sale of various products from seeds, potted plants , farm equipment among others…

fried kangkong

The last time the contingent  went to their open house , the group  were treated to a buffet of fried squash , fried kangkong and boiled corns  straight from their farm.

fried squash with vinegar dip

Website: http://www.eastwestseed.com/

Contact Information:

Address: Km. 54 Cagayan Valley Rd.
Sampaloc, San Rafael
3008 Bulacan, Philippines

Telephone +63(044) 766-4952 – 57


17 Responses

  1. Good Day!

    We are the BSBA-MACCT4 students of the College of the Immaculate Concepcion in Cabanatuan City and we are having our Feasibility study as a requirements for our course. Our study is about Flower farm and we need information from a seed dealer. May we ask for your help? can we get your email address or any contact no.? Can we go to your place for us to conduct an interview?
    We’re hoping for your approval and response…
    Thank you and God Bless…..
    More power!

  2. I know 5 filipinoes. Help them in gardening. I am searching to expand seed base and help them in gardening. Wish to help them connect with local seed site, and continue to grow vegetables, medicinal herbs. Thank You. JIM>>>

    • All the contact information are listed in the blog whenever it is available , for any information please refer above. Thanks

  3. hi…. im sheila. wanna ask if you have breeding projects

    • Please try to address this issue with the East West Company since they are the ones who have breeding programs in order to maintain quality seeds and new flower hybrids. Most of which are newly introduced to the market during open houses , agricultural shows and horticultural shows . Thanks for visiting this blogsite and hope to share my personal experiences with you !

  4. Can I have the address of East-West Seeds in Lipa City. Interested in buying papaya seedlings for my small farm in Sto.Tomas Batangas.

    • Hi, here is the website : Web: http://www.eastwestseed.com
      E-Mail: [EMail]info.ph@eastwestseed.com
      Address: Km. 54 Cagayan Valley Rd., Sampaloc, San Rafael, Bulacan 3008, Philippines
      Phone: +63-(44)-766-4952 Fax: +63-(44)-766-1005


  6. hi, do you have branch here in batangas? i need different varieties of tomato and only diamante max is available in mall and hardware. i need it for my thesis. thanks.

  7. Hi how much per can of red pinoy tnx

  8. Hi, I bought Red Royale Seedlings late last year and they started fruiting September,however they were not sweet at all and my buyers has been complaining about it. I bought a second batch from your Lipa branch also for 200 seedlings from Joseph Gavina, they are starting to bloom now but I am afraid the results will be the same.
    I am using Vermi compost for fertilizer, and applied Mycovam when we started planting.
    When they started to bloom we applied ammonium sulfate.
    May I ask what can be done to solve the problem?
    Maybe a technician should come to help us with this. Thank you

  9. Hi poh,Magkano ang isang,, can,, na suprema squase seeds and kamatis… Thanks..

    • Please try to go to the East West website for further information of their prices , or try to visit your nearest seed dealer

  10. Where i can buy vegetables seeds here in batangas area probobly lemery batangas or nearest area thank you

  11. […] Association, Inc., The farm specializes on quality and affordable vegetable seedlings sourced from East West Seed Company. The seedlings are sold to farmers and backyard hobbyists who do not have the luxury of time […]

  12. can I order papaya seed and calamansi seed, my location is APALIT PAMPANGA .you can call or text me with my C.P 099876905570

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