Insular Botanical Garden &Farm

This is a favorite place for plant lovers , horticulturists , trader or simply photographer’s delight .

This a farm had hectares dedicated solely on the production of high value ornamental potted plants and cut-flower varieties of bromeliad , tillandsias, guzmanias mostly sold in the local markets.

Tillandsia schiedeana variety major in bloom

Some of the plants are even exported in other countries . With the help of Dutch- Suriname owner and its partners . This farm is also haven for rare ornamental plants.

Tillandsia cyanea or Pink Quill

Some of the flowering plants therein: pink & green pineapples, sabrina [double], morgana, freddie, etna, tawi, talk pink, tillandsia cyanea, christiane, cotton candy, stricta [double].. and many, many more.

Dendrobium crumenatum orchids growing on a Dracena

The area had a lot of natural growing wild orchids such as Dendrobium heterocarpum , Dendrobium crumenatum among others.

There is a big pond were 2 varieties of lotus are grown (pink and white ones).

Tillandsia xerographica listed as CITES appendix II

Tillandsia xerographica-Native to Salvador, Mexico and Guatemala, this beautiful cultivar is very slow growing and easy to care for. The silvery gray leaves are wide at the base and taper to a point. This epiphyte is suitable for growing on trees, rocks, or just about anywhere. Can grow from 6 to 18 inches in height and about 6 to 15 inches in diameter. The flowers are red to purple and last for a long time. Mist well about once a week.

Tillandsia andreana from Colombia  among others. The plants are mass propagated by seeds and thru suckers.

tillandsia seeds

The farm is vital in the propagation of these two species of rare tillandsias.

There are hundreds of different varieties of plants in the farm. According to one of the consultant , the farm produces over 300,000 potted plants at any time. Some foreigners like Thais , Singaporeans, Malaysians , Taiwanese had went to the place and bought numerous ornamental plants either for their collection, landscaping and resale.

The company is into wholesale and retail business of selling these plants. Appointments must be made before coming to the farm

For inquiries and farm tour:

Contact person : Mr. Oscar (0920-9281796 ) / (09209521063)

TeleFax (042) 540-78-22 or email: /

Address: Insular Botanic Garden Corporation , Bgy. Kilib, Lucban, Quezon Province

Notes: Those who wanted to purchase plants at a wholesale price, try to contact them. The farm normally do not entertain walk-ins !


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  1. Dear Mr. Ray Ong,

    Good afternoon. I saw the beautiful pictures. Do you have seedlings/young plants for sale…. i have a small lot (300 square meters in Bo. Kabatete also in Lucban and I’m planning to put up a little nook with flowery plants. How to get in your place… am presently working at RPN-9 as account manager. I want to build a resthouse in my lot. It is very
    accessible to the main road.

    Thank you and hope to hear from you. God Bless!

  2. Dear Mr. Ong,

    I am impressed by your collection and interested to acquire some for my garden. As I live in Manila, is there a way where I can buy driect from you? Thanks

  3. hi mr. ong,

    i want to know about your bromelliads. may i know your contact number please? please call me at 890-0454.

    Thanks a lot.

  4. Hi Ray,

    Do you have T. Andreana
    I need around 300 pieces
    Please advise availability and price.

    Thanks and best regards

    Baby Alarcon

  5. Dear Mr. Ray,
    For wholesale and lot volume
    I interest in cut- flower/potted plant bromeliads// Tillandsia
    so i have to order and I want to buy for sale in my market.
    Please advise availabilily type/size/price.

    Thanks and best regards

  6. Dear Mr. Ray Ong

    I’m interested in the plants on your website and like to purchase some of them from you. Do you make the delivery to Taiwan? If you do, please kindly email me a copy of your price quotation and the necessary related info regarding payment and delivery. Thank you.

    Kind regards

  7. Dear Mr. Ray Ong:
    PS:I am want to wholesale(Bromeliaceae).
    Kind regards

  8. Dear Mr. Ong,

    I also impressed by your collection and being excited by some species, they’re so fantastic!As I live in R.O.C Taiwan, I wonder whether I could wholsaling from your garden? And I got some proble finding your wholsaling list, could you please send one to me?
    Thanks and best regards

  9. Dear Mr. Ray Ong,
    Good morning. You have so many beautiful plants. I want to visit your farm. Can you tell me your’s garden address. Thank you very much.
    best regards,

  10. pls note wholesale pricelist to me
    best regards.

  11. pls send me wholesale pricelist and how to place an order.tnx.

  12. Are you the Ray Ong who used to consult with Bulacan Gardens? This is Joe Marfori from Davao.

    • No , I am not Mr. Ray Ong. He is currently in Jakarta, Indonesia doing consultation job for a well-known plant collector and an architectural / landscape firm.


  13. i would like to visit your farm to buy wholesale bromeliads. please send me your pricelist for different variety of

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  15. I am a plant enthusiast.. you’re website has been a big help. Thank you.

  16. […] are several commercial farms which propagates them in large quantities like Insular Botanic Garden and Farm in the province of Quezon , They have 3 to 5 different kinds or varieties of this plant that the […]

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