Pinoys won Gold and Bronze in Sanya International Orchid and Garden Show

Filipino  participants won top prizes at the 3rd China (Sanya) International Orchid and Garden Show held on January 5 to 11 , 2009 at the Sanya Luhuitou Square in Hainan.

entrance to the show site

This is considered as one of the largest orchid shows held in East Asia . The crowd estimate according to the organizers is over 250,000 people from all over China and the world.

Parade of nations

Mr. Andres Golamco and Mr. Dennis Sy who represented the Philippine Orchid Society won the gold prize for their landscape exhibit. On the other hand,  Mr. Nonito Dolera and Mr. Dario Logmao who represented the Fern and Nature Society of the Philippines  won the bronze prize for their  landscape exhibit in the 3×5 square meter category.

The exhibit  consists of 2  Austronesian  style wood figurine bought from a handicraft store in Quezon City  ,  the fabrics  at the backdrop came  from Ifugao province , the lamps hung at the palm tree came from Bicol region  and large wooden jar basket beside the wooden figurine is from Quezon .

Philippine Orchid Society Exhibit

Aside from garnering international recognition for the country, the representatives also won cash prizes. The gold prize was given RMB6,000 equivalent to P41,880 while the bronze prize got RMB2,000 equivalent to P13,960.

The international orchid and garden show was participated in by representatives from 30 countries who put up more than 60 exhibit booths. The countries include Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Korea, Japan, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Palau, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Austrlia, New Zealand, Italy, United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Mexico and Brazil. The list does not include provinces and territories across China, Macau, Taiwan , Hong Kong

group photo

“ We never expect to win in this tight competition, because of meager budget and needed to solicit plants and even money in order to come up with at least a decent exhibit ” according to Mr. Sy . He also said that a  congresswoman from the 3rd district of Bulacan gave some cash a few weeks before leaving to China.

The Philippine Orchid Society had been sending representatives for the past 3 years  in the international event, which had won 2 consecutive 3rd prize awards for landscaping in 2007 and 2008.

paintings and artworks

Interesting note:

Chinese Cymbidiums have been very popular and in cultivation for centuries in China, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. The Chinese believe it is a great honor to give or receive one of these extraordinary orchids because they are considered symbols of virtuosity and friendship.   These orchids are prized for their fragrant blooms and graceful folage.  Confucious  called these magnificent plants the “King of Fragrance” around 500 BC, and they are still known by this nickname today.  There is a subgenus of Cymbidiums, which is called Jensoa. The five species that make up this subgenus are:
Cymbidium ensifolium (Jian Lan, shown at right), Cymbidium goeringii (Chun Lan), Cymbidium kanran (Han Lan), Cymbidium sinense (Mo Lan)   and Cymbidium faberi (Hui Lan).

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