Pozorrubio Orchidarium Farm

The Philippine Orchid Society held a field trip last April 19 to 22, 2008 . The group went to several provinces up in the Northern Regions of the country. The tour was called Baguio, Benguet , La Union , Pangasinan and Tarlac tour.

Pozorrubio is a 2nd class municipality in the province of Pangasinan. According to the latest census, it has a population of 63,689 people in 11,288 households. Often the town’s name is mistakenly written as “Pozzorubio” but the correct spelling is “Pozorrubio“.

group photo

The name were said to derived from old Hispanic name Pozo ( meaning well) rubio ( blonde  color) referring to the type of soil in the area.  Some people would say that the term was used in reference to the color of dried tobacco leaves – a large portion of the municipality was used as a tobacco plantation during the Spanish regime.

The municipality is politically divided into 34 barangays. The farm was located in Barangay Alipangpang beside the main highway , The town main livelihood is farming .

Mrs. Remedios Rodis- Santelices

The owner Mrs. Remedios ” Remy ” Rodis- Santelices is a lifetime member , a former board of director of the Philippine Orchid Society , Philippine Horticultural Society among others.

semi-terete vanda

She was born in the town and thus she named her farm ” Pozorrubio Orchidarium Farm” the farm according to Mrs. Santelices  had contributed somehow to the fame of the town . The farm would conduct  annual sale which buyers from all over Northern Luzon  would come and buy orchids , ornamental plants, ferns , hoyas among others.

Hoya meliflua- an endemic species from the Philippines

Her clientele includes local government officials, governors , generals , wholesalers, landscapers, ordinary hobbyists and even passers-by .

The group was treated with an assortment of native Pangalatok kakanins like Pangasinan puto,  biko and kutsinta.

a blooming sized Cymbidium finlaysonianum variety alba/flava

While the group hurriedly bought rare orchids like Cymbidium finlaysonianum variety alba ,Grammatophyllum multiflorum variety citrinum , various Hoya species , Platycerium grande ferns, Platycerium coronarium , Platycerium bifurcatum , Asplenium nidus , Asplenium musifolium among others.

This rare yellow  form of Cymbidium  finlaysonianum command a handsome price tag

She had several varieties of ferns which quickly germinate in the orchid  media pots.

Her farm would had several  cut flower orchid  varieties like Dendrobium, Vandas, Mokaras, Kagawaras, strap leaf Vanda.

Mrs. Santelices used to host a popular late afternoon agricultural show on IBC channel 13 during the early 1990’s together with Mr. Zacarias Sarian and Ka Philip  ” Ipe” Daffon.

She also operates a retail outlet within  Greenhouse 3, Manila Seedling Bank and in Project 8.


19 Responses

  1. how much is one pot of cymbidium (alba)? her flowers amazes me. do sell back bulbs of cymbidiums?

    • It is Cymbidium finlaysonianum variety alba / flava . I do not have an idea on the present price of the species. The last time we had visited the farm in 2008 , the ongoing selling price for a few cuttings was Php 500 pesos while price for flowering is several times ! Thanks for visiting the site.

  2. magkakano po ang dendrobium nyo at qung mgkano pag maramihan?

    • BTW, the author is not the one selling orchids and ornamental plants . Please try to asked around Manila Seedling Bank for the wholesale price. What i know is that most orchid garden there had orchid farms which sells wholesale basis. Thanks

  3. Ma’am, I want to ask if you are selling tallandsia (air plants)? I’ve been looking for it thanks.God bless!

    • Hi, I think there is a wholesaler of Tillandsia in Lucban , Quezon province – i have went to their farm . Please try to email me: L_rence_2003@yahoo.com for contact information . Thanks for Visiting the Site

  4. Hi! I would like to ask where else I can buy a Neofinetia Falcata Orchid? I used to have 2 which I have purchased in Manila Seedling, but they died because a househelp neglected them while i was out of the country. Now, the stall where I bought them said that they no longer have it, because they they separated business already with the supplier, but they said it comes from Pangasinan.

    • Hi, I think the one who sells the orchid is already out of business. The most logical idea will be buying them from importer .

  5. wherepozorrubio-orchidarium-farm located t? how much your dendrobium?

  6. where pozorrubio-orchidarium-farm located at ?

  7. Maam, are selling cutflowers dendro white and violet? Also vandas. Thank you po

  8. Maam, are you selling cutflowers dendro white and violet? Also vandas. Thank you po

  9. Good Day.. I’m from Bohol. Where can i buy HOYA PLANTS? thanks

    • Hello , Mr. Joseph Aldwin -Hoya plants are found everywhere . Try to scout them in your own province . I am pretty sure that there are hoyas clinging on coconut trees or trees in your locality . All you need are keen eyes and local knowledge .

  10. Update: According to Mrs. Remedios ” Remy” Rodis-Santilices- The farm is located on the left side of the highway,Pozorrubio, Pangasinan province and is open from Mondays to Saturdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and Sunday- Open half day ( 8:00 am till 12nn )

    They have ornamental anthuriums, orchids, cobra ferns among others for sale.

  11. […] featured Pozorrubio Orchidarium Farm of Mrs. Remedios “Remy ” Rodis Santilices in 2009 which had a couple of blooming […]

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