Amianan Motors Center

This is the family business  of Ms. Mylene Quiñones a lifetime member of the Philippine Orchid Society and board of director.

group shot

The family is a dealer of various multi-cab,  auto sales, auto servicing, trucks, buses, insurance , garage center.

The family also owned Boating World Resort and Amianan Water Purifying station. Amianan is an Ilocano term for north.

The gracious host personally welcomed the group and served an early buffet lunch meal which consists of lumpiang shanghai na bangus ( milk fish spring rolls),  quail egg salad, chicken and pork adobo, dinendeng , fresh papaya fruits and pineapple juice.

the group saw some of  the host personal collection of mugs, figurines . The tour group visited the 4th and 5th floor and gladly posed for a souvenir shots in the upper balcony were surrounding hills and mountain side.

For contact:
Address: Km.218 National Highway, Rosario, La Union 2506

Branch Head :

Engineer Edward M. Quiñones

SALES: (072) 712-8888 / 8880
PARTS: (072) 712-8889
SERVICE: (072) 712-8887 / 7777
CRM: (072) 712-8890
ADMIN: (072) 712-8881
FAX NO.: (072) 712-8888 / 8881

SALES: 0922-8992716 / 0922-8982290
PARTS: 0922-8982292
SERVICE: 0922-8992715 / 0922-8101695
CRM: 0922-8992882 / 0922-8992735
ADMIN.: 0922-8992740

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