Benguet State University

Benguet State University history dates back to the time when the Baguio-La Trinidad road was only a rough trail in  1916.  Back then , La Trinidad Experiment Station of the Bureau of Agriculture was turned over to the Bureau of Education. By this turn of events, the La Trinidad Farm School served 30  grade 5 students.

the institution was planned ultimately to develop into a large normal and farm school, where the best  pupils  from the region will be given special training for the service as teachers among their own people with emphasis on agricultural education.

Rapid growth in agricultural education led to the construction of new structures and courses being offered . However , most of the structures were either partially destroyed and school records were lost during the second world war.

Benguet State University entrance arch

In 1946, the school became the La Trinidad Agricultural High School. Four years later, a provincial normal curriculum was added to its agricultural education program. The  curriculum was abolished in 1953 and a two-year post high school certificate in agricultural education was offered.

The school was renamed La Trinidad National Agricultural School (LTNAS). Four months later, it was nationalized and named the Mountain National Agricultural School (MNAS). It was soon converted into the Mountain National College (MNAC); Mountain Agricultural College ( MAC ); and eventually, Mountain State Agricultural College (MSAC) in 1969 through RA 5923.

Benguet State University – Food Processing Center

On January 12, 1986 , the college was converted to a state university by virtue of Presidential Decree (PD) No. 2010 signed by President Ferdinand E. Marcos. Initiatives for this development started in the 70’s when former Assemblyman Andres A. Cosalan filed a bill for the elevation of the Mountain State Agricultural College to a University.

The tour group was  greeted by Dr. Jane K. Avila and personally conducted a short lecture on basics of food preservation.

According to Dr. Avila the center helps in research and development for the farmers in the Mountain province and Benguet areas . When there is an oversupply of  fresh strawberries in the market the tendency is that most of the produced are just thrown away. Ube , Chayote , Camote and other roots crops are just some of the products that are used by the center.

At the end of the tour , the POS board of directors gave Dr. Avila and Benguet State University  a certificate of appreciation and a copy of the Philippine Orchid Review.

University Contact Numbers

Trunk lines (connecting all offices & Deparments) (063)(74) 422-2127; 422-2402

Office of the President (063)(74) 422-2401;
Fax: (063)(74) 422-2281

Research, Development & Extension

(063)(74) 422-6505

Planning, Development & Business Affairs (063)(74) 309-3545

Information Technology Division (063)(74) 422-6285/ 309-3547

Supply & Property Management Office (063)(74) 422-7731

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