Recipe for a Delightful Orchid Flower Salad

Orchid Flower Salad

Ms. Nancy Lumen (culinary expert )- She Ka co-host

By: Mr. Lawrence Chan


¬ľ kilo fresh lettuce

2 pcs. medium size carrots grated

chopped celery

3 pcs. medium size shallot onion (sibuyas tagalog ) finely chopped

¬ľ kilo bacon bits /¬† 1 piece chicken breast

24 pcs. medium size  Dendrobium hybrids  (Organically grown, not chemically sprayed and pollinia must be removed). ( The orchid flower may be blanch for several seconds- optional )

Definition: This term means to plunge vegetable  into boiling water for a few seconds or a few minutes, then remove and place in ice water. This process sets the color of vegetables, lets you easily peel fruits, and slip the skins off nuts. The food does not cook all the way through, so crisp texture is preserved.

12 pcs. small tomato chopped

¬Ĺ cup squeeze lemon juice

2 cups mayonnaise

2-4 tablespoon sugar

Pinch of iodized salt and pepper to taste

Parmesan cheese for toppings (optional)

author with Ms. Nancy Lumen during the February 14, 2008 episode ” She Ka” NBN channel 4


1.)     Mix 2-4 tablespoon of sugar, 1/2 cup lemon juice, 2 cups of mayonnaise in a bowl and mix well ( This would be your salad dressing)

2.)     In a separate bowl add fresh lettuce , chopped celery , chopped tomato , chopped shallot onion, grated carrots , bacon bits,  orchid flower  and add the salad dressings

3.)      Add a pinch of salt and pepper to taste and toss the salad

4.)     Sprinkle parmesan cheese as the final topping and add garnish for final presentation.

5.)     Serve and enjoy the orchid flower salad!

” Ang Barangay ” community¬† newspaper of

Lakandula High School, Tondo -Manila taken last July 5, 2009

with Ms. Alexandra Balingit editor- in-chief  and staff  .

Note* This recipe is common in some countries like Thailand , Southern China and Hawaii were Dendrobium orchid plantations are very common sight .

In the Philippines, few exclusive organic and exotic restaurant may offer this dish.

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