Mr. Ramon Calado orchid and ornamental farm in Antipolo

This is the simple yet well-maintained production area and farm of Mr. Ramon Calado

rows of Dendrobium hybrids seedlings

Mr. Ramon Calado is a well-respected orchid and plant breeder for over 35 years and had bred several hundreds of registered orchid hybrids from different genera . Aside from orchids, he also mass produce several varieties of ornamental plants varieties from the ordinary ferns to mutant varieties .

Mr. Ramon Calado

Some of the country’s top farm producers sourced their orchid hybrids and ornamental plants from Mr. Calado . Most of his orchid hybrids are highly sought after by local and even foreign collectors  due to their superior flower forms and quality plants.

orchid seedling on flask

He also had a laboratory facilities were seedlings of orchids and other ornamental plants.

collection of native ferns

For appointments :

Mr. Ramon Calado

(02) 782-64-45

9 Responses

  1. Kuya Mon,

    I searched your name and got this page.
    I cannot see the pictures though.
    But I miss your plants/flowers.


  2. Hi, Mr. Ramon Calado.

    Do you happen to be my classmate in T. Paez Elementary School in Balut, Tondo, Manila? I have been searching for my old elementary classmates but have not been successful. Please do reply if you are the Ramon Calado (the cute little boy) I know from grade school.

    God bless.

    • nanet, im looking for dondi. please tell him im searching for him for years would love to talk to him

      • Hello, I will forward your email to him, but this is not the blogsite of Mr. Ramon Calado

  3. Dear Ramon Calado:
    I’m interested in the plants on your website and like to purchase some of them from you. Do you make the delivery to Taiwan?

  4. Mr. Ramon, I am searching for Apolinar Rondina. related to Nanet Rondina. He is a blind man about 51-55 years old. if you know of him would you please tell him Vicky is searching for him? thank you !!

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