FEU- Silang tour

Last February 27, 2010 saturday. FEU alumni affairs office led by Mr. Matin Lopez, Mr Rafael Jamison, Ms. Estrella V. Supan -Ampatin  and about 35 other faculties, staffs, students, alumni went to  FEU -Silang in Cavite.

The tourist bus was already waiting for the group at around past 1pm , Due to a political rally held at  Plaza Miranda in Quiapo almost everyone except those already in FEU came in late.

We were introduced to each other by Mr. Martin Lopez to each other and after the usual formal acquaintances , the group went in for the much needed ride . The bus passed-by the historic Quiapo district , Ayala bridge , Luneta then to Manila coastal road going to Cavite.

We arrived past 3:00 P.M. at Far Eastern University- Silang , Cavite . The campus was  designed by Archion Architects while the  College Building B was  designed by Architect Pipo Garcia. The building is almost half complete with only the furnishing , electrical layout and landscaping job that are needed to make the complex fully operational by June 2010 .

There was also another small group led by Dr. Jose U. Uranza – an FEU NMRF board of trustees who also inspected the site.


Earth Hour 2010

Earth Hour started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia, when 2.2 million homes and businesses turned their lights off for an hour to make their stand against climate change.
In 2008, it had become a global sustainability movement with more than 50 million people across 35 countries participating. In March 2009, hundreds of millions of people took part in the third Earth Hour. Over 4,000 cities in 88 countries officially s switched off to pledge their support for the planet, making Earth Hour 2009 the world’s largest global climate change initiative.
DOE Secretary Angelo Reyes, Jose Ma. Lorenzo Tan of WWF-Philippines, Ambassador Francis Chua of Green Army Philippines network foundation and Catherine Maceda of SWITCH Group will spearhead this year’s Earth Hour in the Philippines.
In their letter to the Cebu Federation of Beat Journalists, they said “plans are under way once again as we join the global community in launching Earth Hour 2010.”
The letter said that for Earth Hour 2010, cities and towns all over the world will switch off their lights for on hour at 8:30 p.m. on March 27 sending an even stronger message to take action against global warming

On the 27th of March 2010 at 8:30 PM, cities and towns across the world will turn off their lights for  one hour – Earth Hour – sending a powerful global message that it’s time to take action on global warming.

For the past two years Earth Hour has brought together about one billion people around the globe, in more than 1000 cities from businesses, governments, and communities sending a message to world leaders in the lead-up to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Copenhagen. We needed to commit to reducing green house gas emissions to prevent catastrophic climate change impacts especially on the most vulnerable communities and to ensure the survival of our planet.

The United Nations Copenhagen Climate Change Conference 2009 was a historical gathering that brought together world leaders, to tackle the most challenging crisis of our time. We needed a deal, we needed commitments, and we needed the political will to be able to initiate action against climate change. However the outcome of Copenhagen was unable to fulfill the objectives of keeping global warming below the widely agreed 2 degrees C high risk level.

This year Earth Hour is even more important and significant. This year, Earth Hour 2010 will empower individuals to commit to the challenge of finding the courage to solve the climate change crisis. It will continue to send a strong message to our world leaders for change by calling upon individuals, communities, and governments to turn out their lights for an extra hour.

In what we hope will be the world’s largest mass participation event, Earth Hour 2010 will be the culmination of over one billion people around the globe, in more than 6000 cities, towns and municipalities from business, government and the community turning off lights for one hour on one night. Earth Hour 2010 aims to send a message to world leaders that we, the citizens of the planet, demand commitment to actions that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the benefit of the planet. 2010 is the ultimate year for humanity to address the problem.

Last March 2009, the Philippines ranked first amongst all nations who participated in Earth Hour 2009. From Luzon, Visayas to Mindanao, 647 local government units and communities switched off their lights, and iconic buildings and landmarks went dark. This year WWF is aiming for the support of at least 15 million Filipinos nationwide. In the midst of the darkness, the Philippines will shine again.

Earth Hour is a message of hope and action. Imagine what we can do if we act together.

Article: from WWF Philippines and Earth Hour

64th Annual Orchid and Garden Show

The 64th annual Orchid and Garden show kicked off  last February 25, 2010 within the Manila Seedling Bank Foundation compound while the landscaped exhibits ,   orchid  and plant competitions  were held at the nearby Greenhouse #2 site of major plant and horticultural exhibits.

After several unconfirmed venue  sites like those at the  Sunken garden within the  Quezon City Hall grounds,  Quezon Memorial Circle  in Quezon City – Ugarte fields  , Makati Park , Makati Cityhall  grounds , The orchid society board decided on the last minute to move the venue of the show back  to Quezon City.

64th annual orchid show poster

This marked the return of the Philippine Orchid Society annual show at the Manila Seedling Bank compound after almost 14 years ! The show theme  focus on climate change,  Hence the annual theme , “Protecting our Orchid Species from Climate Change.”

This event is expected  to enhance interest in the orchid culture.  Thus, it has been the tradition of the Society provide awareness, appreciation and knowledge in the field of orchidology, and with this inspire Filipinos to value and conserve Philippine orchid species and create improved hybrids. There are about 50 commercial ” flea market style ” stalls selling various ornamental plants, orchids, pots, seeds.

Guests of honor included Umagang Kay Ganda host Ms. Bernadette Sembrano- Aguinaldo , Manila Seedling Bank Foundation – General Manager  Mr. Lucito  Bertol and Dr. Helen Valmayor of UPLB  an authority on Philippine orchids.

In addition, the Society aims to be at the forefront in raising the level of awareness and appreciation of its members and orchid enthusiasts alike, in the rich and diverse Philippines orchid flora.

BLC. Chia Lin a Cattleya inter-generic hybrid

The orchid show is also being held to mark the beginning of the blooming season of the Phalaenopsis (butterfly orchids) and  Dendrobium species such as Dendrobium anosmum or Sanggumay .

Malvarosa Orchid – Best Orchid landscape exhibit

Big winner in the”  Best  Orchid Landscape exhibit ”  category is Malvarosa Orchids and ” Best Orchid in  Show ” was  a big specimen -sized  orchid known as  Grammatophyllum multiflorum.

Grammatophyllum multiflorum

Among the newly released orchid hybrid was a yellow colored BLC variety  an orchid named after the former Department of Agriculture Secretary Mr. Arthur Yap .

Best ornamental landscape exhibit winner

Winner for “Best Ornamental Landscape exhibit” went to Mr. Vic de Rona a bonsai  plant collector with a store within the Manila Seedling Bank compound.

There was also a landscape exhibit with a lot of yellow flowering orchids , plants and yellow ribbons  on display purposely celebrating the 24th anniversary of the EDSA People Power .

Here are the daily list of lecture series

Paint Araneta Yellow

Last  February 25, 2010 –the 24th anniversary of EDSA People Power revolution and together with  the spirit of EDSA People Power volunteers  had gathered the supporters and friends  at the Araneta Coliseum. The gathering was held from  2 PM to 8 PM. Some of the volunteer groups arrived as early as 8 AM  .   LP standard bearer Senator Benigno ” Noynoy”  Aquino III and Senator Manuel  Roxas together with their senatorial slate,  led the people in reliving EDSA and rededicating ourselves to fulfilling the unfinished promise of EDSA.

volunteer group

Thousands of volunteers from all parts of the Philippines and the world had gathered in this momentous occasion. Our group was composed by the volunteers of Tuloy Pinoy and the Spirit of People Power Movement.

There are also enterprising people selling various items from button pins, Cory and Ninoy memorabilia’s, stickers, caps  , wrist band , t-shirt, cellphone ,  among others.

Celebrity power

The event was attended by several celebrities who appeared in Aquino’s campaign advertisements. Celebrity singers Ogie Alcasid, Noel Cabangon, Jim Paredes, Christian Bautista and local band Spongecola performed during the event and led the audience in chanting songs that expressed support to Aquino.

Composer Ryan Cayabyab played EDSA 1 staples “Bayan Ko and “Impossible Dream” towards the end of the gathering.

Yellow confetti rained inside the venue during the performance. Actor Dingdong Dantes, who spoke to the crowd before Aquino’s speech, said he refused an offer to endorse another candidate because he believed his “principle” cannot be paid.

jam- packed  people inside the Araneta Coliseum

After the speech, members of the LP led the nearly packed coliseum—which accommodated some  20,000—and several thousands more outside the venue in pledging: “Noynoy, ibinibigay namin sa iyo ang lakas ng People Power. Hindi ka mag-iisa sa labang ito.”

Also present during the event was Noynoy’s girlfriend, Valenzuela Councilor Shalani Soledad. LP vice-presidential bet, Sen. Manuel Roxas II, and the party’s entire senatorial slate also showed their support for Aquino during the event.

Prominent personalities were also present to join the celebration like Aquino’s running mate, Senator Mar Roxas II, Quezon City Mayor Sonny Belmonte , former Quezon City Mayor Jun Simon , Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim, former Manila Mayor Mel Lopez, and members of Aquino’s senatorial slate.

This is the first time that the country commemorated the  historic bloodless revolution without  Noynoy Aquino’s mother, the late President Corazon Aquino, who was extolled as an icon of people power. The former leader died of colon cancer in August 1, 2009 .

Fireworks display delighted the people around the area  ,  a small concert was held on the grounds of Araneta Coliseum parking grounds  .

Stamp Collecting as Hobby & Investment

Last Februry 21,2010 third sunday of the month,  Filipinas Stamp Collectors’ Club hosted three simultaneous event.

Stamp collecting seminar poster on the lobby of the Philippine Postal Office

The first was the regular club’s monthly fellowship meeting were pertinent matters and auction was held . Another was the Free Postal Heritage Walking Tour in which about a dozen people had confirmed joining but somehow only 6 people managed to come . Maybe it was because of the intense summer heat that made some of the confirmed participants back-out on the last minute !

Mr. Rey Ong de Jesus and Mr. Dojie Luteria

Then, the Stamp Collecting Seminar which was handled by the education and information committee of the club led by Mr. Reynaldo Ong de Jesus , Mr. Dojie Luteria , Mrs. Josefina T. Cura  . The stamp collecting seminar series was just planned in less than 3 -week period . This is one of the year’s opening salvo , One of the club’s  main objectives is  to reach out to those people who would like to start collecting stamps or in the intermediate collecting stage  especially when the summer vacation is about to begin .

We arrived at around 12:20 p.m. at the Postal Museum and Philatelic Library located at 3rd Floor of the Security building within the compound of the Manila Central Post office in Liwasang Bonifacio in Ermita , Manila.

The author received a short call from Mr. Tito Basa ( walking tour participant)  and he told me that they are already waiting at the fountain area of the Liwasang Bonifacio .  Immediately , i went down and met them at the fountain area.

statute of  Graciano Lopez Jaena on the grounds of National Press Club

From the usual chit chat , I formally introduced myself to the tour group and the group proceeded to the monthly fellowship meeting, then to Manila Central Post Office to view the exhibits of Dr. Hermogenes Lorenzo.

walking tour participants inside Manila Central Post office building

Group then proceeded to the National Press Club compound , Puerta Isabel 2 Gate and Monument , Plaza Mexico , ruins of Intendencia ( Aduana )  then going back to the Postal Museum and Library .

Adolfo Lopez Mateos statute at Plaza Mexico ( Mexican President from 1958 to 1964)

Adolfo López Mateos (26 May 1909 – 22 September 1969) was a Mexican   politician affiliated to the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI)who served as President of Mexico  from 1958 to 1964. As president, he nationalized electric companies, created the National Commission for Free Textbooks (1959) and promoted the creation of prominent museums; such as the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City .

FDC commemorative stamp of state visit

During the presidency of Diosdado Macapagal, Mexican President Adolfo Lopez Mateos made a State Visit to the Philippines from October 20th to 23rd of 1962 in response to the visit of Macapagal in 1960, who was Vice President at the time. 1964 was decreed the “Year of Philippine-Mexican Friendship” to celebrate the Fourth Centennial of the Expedition of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi.

Manila Main Post Office columns

The pre-registered participants of the seminar slowly came and by around past 1:00 p.m. There were already over 30 participants in the seminar. The club initial target was just about 20 participants for the seminar since the publicity and preparations for the event was just done in a matter of barely 3- week period.

But in the final count , there were around 50 people who came to the seminar notwithstanding the usual family day period and braving  heat of the summer.

Ms. Nena De  Guzman gave an interesting discussion on the role of Philatelic Museum

The stamp collecting seminar event was highlighted by the inspirational talks  of Mr. Rey Ong de Jesus, Mr. Dojie Luteria, Mr. Archie Amara , Dr. Hermogenes Lorenzo and Ms. Nena De Guzman .

Dr. Hemogenes Lorenzo gave one of the most interesting inspirational talk on his passion of stamp collecting and at the end of his talk raffled several rare Philippine stamps ,  First Day Cover  , cash prize of P250.00 to two lucky participants of the seminar .

Dr. Hermogenes Lorenzo

Handouts which included a stamp journal, stamp collecting primer, free stamps were given to the list of pre-registered participants of the seminar . The participants were also given free pencils and philatelic bulletins courtesy of PHILPOST thru Ms. Nena de Guzman while  snacks were sponsored by the club’s officers  Mr. Rey Ong de Jesus, Mr. Dojie Luteria and Mrs. Josefina T. Cura .

Before the end of the successful seminar , the officer of the club announced that there will be another series of stamp collecting seminar before the end of summer.

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