Valentine’s day on stamp

Today marked  Valentine’s  Day , While everyone is busy sending messages of love and gifts. The Philippine Postal Corporation issued a set of stamp celebrate Valentine’s Day this February 14.

According to popular church tradition, St. Valentine was a priest near Rome in about the year 270 AD. At the time the Roman Emperor Claudius II issued an edict forbidding marriage. When Claudius II became the emperor, he thought that he can make good soldiers. So, to assure good soldiers, he banned marriage.

St. Valentine saw the trauma of young lovers, so he met them in a secret place and joined them in the sacrament of matrimony. Claudius learned this and arrested Valentine and executed him on February 24, 270.

the custom of sending greeting cards or gifts to express affection to a chosen partner. The cards – valentines – are generally sent anonymously and are often designed with hearts to symbolize love.

Another theory by historian  derived  from the ancient Roman feast of Lupercalis (February 15).  Originally a festival for shepherds, it was celebrated in honor of Faunus.  Its primary purpose was to secure fertility for the fields, the flocks, and the shepherds themselves.

But the tradition of   calling oneself a “valentine” and asking ones beloved to be the same, was  referred to in the Paston Letters, the largest surviving collection of 15th-century English correspondence written by the Paston family and their neighbours in Norfolk.

Valentine’s Day 2010 stamp

The U.S. Postal Service has issued Love stamps for Saint Valentine’s Day  annually since the 1973 issue  which was designed by  Mr. Robert Indiana . The first issue was an 8 cents stamp with a printing production of 320 million stamps.

Several countries have issued love  stamps for Saint Valentine’s Day, such as Belgium, France, PhilippinesSweden, Norway and Denmark. Collectors will often try to collect covers  from romantically named towns. Perhaps the most well known, servicing more than 200,000 each year around Valentine’s Day, is Loveland, USA.

The Philippines started to issue Valentine day stamps on February 9, 1996 .

1996, February 9. Greetings Stamps. Series 5. Happy Valentine’s Day. Stamps inscribed “Happy Valentine”.

  • 2p Love Birds.
  • 6p Cupid.
  • 7p Chocolates.
  • 8p Roses.

Postal patrons can avail themselves of the flowers and chocolates that the mailman will deliver for them or to their loved ones. The special limited edition of Valentine’s Day stamps to be issued by PhilPost, Filipinos can definitely relate with their love ones through love letters.

Valentine’s Day message in different languages

“Despite  modern technology, such as the use of (text messaging), it is still different when love is expressed through the sending of flowers, chocolates and Valentine’s cards,” according to one of the Philpost employees.

Come what may, romance will never be lost to Filipino . As long as there are people falling in love, love letters will always be written, cherished and enjoyed forever by the grateful recipient.

These cards and letters sent through mail, are most of the time kept through the years for sentimental reasons.

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