Dr. Hermogenes Lorenzo stamp exhibit

Dr. Hermogenes C. Lorenzo Malacañang doctor and once served from the time of President Ramon Magsaysay to President Fidel V. Ramos mounted a one -man solo stamp exhibit .

The exhibit was opened to the public last February 15, 2010 (monday)  at the Manila Central Post Office lobby . The one  month  exhibition aims to foster awareness of the value of stamp collecting to the public and in the eyes of a medical practitioner and expressing his love and passion in the art of philately.

The highlight of the opening ceremony is the attendance of officers and members  of major philatelic associations from all over the country and the presence of  Postmaster General Mr. Hector Villanueva.

These kind  of exhibit was the first to be hosted by Philpost, given the collector’s rare collections that Mr. Lorenzo accumulated from his frequent travels to different countries over the past several decades !

On display are stamps depicting that of Alexander Fleming, the inventor of penicillin; Dr. Christian Barnard, the doctor who conducted the very first successful heart transplant in 1967; Copernicus, the Polish astronomer who proved that the world is round; and Mr.  Rudolf Diesel, the inventor of diesel.

These famous  scientists  seen at the one-man exhibit were born from 1700 to 1950s,  when many discoveries transpired. Except for Barnard’s achievements, all other inventions and discoveries seen at the exhibit were done before 1920.

“We’re so grateful that there is somebody like Dr. Lorenzo who is willing to let the public see his rare collection. His stamps may be small in sizes but their value is really immense,” Villanueva said.

Scientific Discoveries & Inventions through the eyes of Philately

The stamp exhibit is open for Free to the general public until last week of  March 2010. Everybody is invited to come to view his one man exhibit . This feat is quite rare , since the cost of mounting an exhibit may fetch a handsome tag!!!

Copernicus on Polish stamps

The friendly doctor took his time in talking with the participants attending the opening ceremony adding his personal experiences in stamp collecting. His passion for stamp collecting span over 50 years and still counting . He hoped that his children and future stamp collectors would continue in collecting and studying the wonderful art of philately.

Aside from stamps, Dr. Lorenzo had a collection of Coca-cola toys , bottles and other collectibles with the brand name of the soft-drink company which was accumulated over several years!

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