FEU- Silang tour

Last February 27, 2010 saturday. FEU alumni affairs office led by Mr. Matin Lopez, Mr Rafael Jamison, Ms. Estrella V. Supan -Ampatin  and about 35 other faculties, staffs, students, alumni went to  FEU -Silang in Cavite.

The tourist bus was already waiting for the group at around past 1pm , Due to a political rally held at  Plaza Miranda in Quiapo almost everyone except those already in FEU came in late.

We were introduced to each other by Mr. Martin Lopez to each other and after the usual formal acquaintances , the group went in for the much needed ride . The bus passed-by the historic Quiapo district , Ayala bridge , Luneta then to Manila coastal road going to Cavite.

We arrived past 3:00 P.M. at Far Eastern University- Silang , Cavite . The campus was  designed by Archion Architects while the  College Building B was  designed by Architect Pipo Garcia. The building is almost half complete with only the furnishing , electrical layout and landscaping job that are needed to make the complex fully operational by June 2010 .

There was also another small group led by Dr. Jose U. Uranza – an FEU NMRF board of trustees who also inspected the site.

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