3rd National Discus Competition

Last May 27, 2010 – I personally went to SM San Lazaro in Santa Cruz, Manila where the author saw various kinds of tropical aquarium fishes and tropical discus.

Stage area with trophies and freebies

organizers and judges

Part of the objectives of the PDS’ PETFish is to elevate the level of fishkeeping in the country to a more responsible and science-based hobby, the seminars will be well-researched and based on the practical experiences of experts/speakers. it will be fun while learning something new everyday. the seminars are a series of lectures really. so that one shouldn’t miss out on any although attending just one will already ensure that more knowledge is gained.


There are also some international discus fish and tropical fishes judges who were invited during the event. Dr. Sun See Seng of Singapore Discus Club and Mr. Na Chun Yong of Discus Society of Malaysia.


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