Los Baños Orchid and Garden Show 2010

signage of the show posted at the entrance

The Los Baños Horticulture and Orchid Society (LBHOS) hold its mid-year show from October 8 to 17, 2010  in  University of the Philippines -Senior Social Hall within Los Baños, Laguna. This year’s theme was ” Christmas in October.” With various Christmas themed garden from parol decorated landscaped, Nativity scenes on landscaped garden, simple green , white and red colored cloth dotted the whole exhibition area.

Senior hall with  complete with  nativity scene   , poinsettias , bromeliads, ferns

Usually , the LBHOS held their show around March to coincide the graduation day rites and around late September to October to coincide UPLB loyalty day. The society started their shows during early part of 1974 and is considered as one of the biggest horticulture  shows , south of Manila.

Cattleyas hybrids proudly displayed by Malvarosa Orchids

native parols complement with cattleya, vanda and oncidium hybrids -executed by Malvarosa Orchids – Batangas

The landscape exhibits of  VS Orchids,  Valesol Orchid and Ornamental Plant , Flower Box, Gintong Talulot, Exotica, Varunee Garden, Robelle Garden, Malvarosa, Earth Keepers, DAP Flower and Ornamental Plants ,   Allied Botanical Corporation, East West Seed Company , King Louis ,  Tony Pajaro, Mabuhay Orchids , Genesis showcases their arrangements in the center hall and exhibit area.

The commercial section boast of over 60 traders from different part of the country.  Our group had a chance to visit the show on October 9, 2010 however a sudden downpour during lunchtime promoted the group  which consists of Mr. Frandel Recto with his driver ,  Ms. Lucy Tan , Mr. Ronald  and the author  to seek shelter in the canteen . The author took some time  picture- taking .

Raffle items displayed at the entrance of UPLB Senior Social Hall

As part of the show, There are dozens of raffle prizes from electric fans , flat iron, television sets  and home appliances that a separate tickets were sold by some of the exhibitors . According to them , this is some sort of fund raising projects of the society and part of the proceed will go to DSWD.

students sat patiently waiting  for the lecturer  at the Senior Social Hall

We saw several dozens of students from University of the Philippines, Rizal Technological University  together with some garden enthusiasts  who went in the  garden show. The author saw a big specimen sized clump of Vanda merrilli variety rotorii being displayed at the Mabuhay Orchids booth.

Vanda merrillii variety rotorii

There are also  lectures and planting demonstration that were conducted during the show.  As Christmas spirit began to lighten the mood of everyone , Christmas jingle songs were played across the senior social hall grounds, reminder that Christmas season had already begun.

Before we went home to Manila  , our group and newly found barkada  bought  several varieties of  sansieveras and variegated calamansi , colocasia, tillandsia ionantha variety druid  and took some time to eat in the home-style eatery within the exhibit grounds.

schedule of weekend lecture – posted at the entrance of the exhibit

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