Horticulture 2011


poster of Philippine Horticultural Society  Show 2011


The Philippine Horticultural Society established in 1976 , invites everyone for their annual garden exhibit which will feature native plants.

This year’s  show will highlight the much needed use of native plants compared to the foreign species which may in the long run causes disruption to the native wildlife.

With various landscape exhibits from various well-known landscapers , organizations and hobbyists from all parts of the country . This event is the opening salvo for all garden and environment lovers. There will also be a commercial ” flea market” style plant bazaar from different parts of the country .

Here is the event information :

Exclusive Opening : January 28, 2011 friday at 4PM members, guests, vips and media

Show date: January 29 to February 7, 2011

Venue : Manila Seedling Bank Foundation , EDSA corner Quezon Avenue

Exhibition Site: Greenhouse #2

Organizer: Philippine Horticultural Society , Inc. (PHSI)

Contact Information: Mr. Macky 377-02-34 /Ms. Wendy  506-27-69

Lectures are scheduled as follows:

29, Jan

10 am Native Aroid by Dr. Melanie Medecillo

2pm Flower Arranging Demonstration by World Flower Council by  Ms. Nikki Chatto

30 Jan
10 am – Philippine Medinilla by Mr. Fernando Aurigue, Jr.
2 pm – Morimono/Saikei by Mrs. Fely Gupit

31, Jan

10 am – Gardening tips on the care of aerial plants – orchids, bromeliad, nepenthes by Mr. Andres Golamco Jr.

2pm- Fruit Trees in Gardens by Mr. Zacarias Sarian

1 Feb
10 am – Zero Waste Gardening by Ms. Norma Villanueva
2 pm – Native Trees for landscaping by Architect Andrew Patrick Gozon

2 Feb
10 am – Philippine Hoyas by Ms. May Tolentino
2pm – Introduction to Philippine Pitcher Plants by Mr. Wally Suarez

3 Feb
10 am – Fern Spore Propagation/ Workshop  by Architect Patricia ” Wendy ” Regalado
2 pm – Philippine ferns by Mr. Anthony Arbias

4 Feb
10 am – Vegetable Urban Garden by Mr. David Balilia
2 pm – The Wildlife Act, Mr. Norby Bautista

5 Feb
10 am – Philippine Begonias: Megadiversity under threat, Professor  Rosario Rubite
2 pm – Asplenium ferns by Ms. Vangie Go

6 Feb
10 am – Basic Gardening, led by Mr. Jorge Sahagun
2 pm – Indoor Gardening, Mr. Serapion Metilla

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