20th National Trade Fair

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Explore the riches of the Philippines. Discover how a variety of indigenous materials can be fashioned into functional and creative pieces. Witness the innovation of new designs and products in line with the global trends only at the National Trade Fair.

Welcome to the  Philippine National Trade Fair this 17-20 March 2011 (Thursday РSunday) at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines!

National Trade Fair is led by the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) and the Department of Trade and Industry’s Regional Operations and Development Group (RODG) together with the Bureau of Domestic Trade (BDT).

The Philippines is a Fiesta country, with extravagant and colorful celebrations hinged on a variety of interesting themes occurring all year round. These Fiestas embrace culture and tradition, encourage unity among the people, and serve as regional attractions that draw local and foreign tourists alike.

Known for their spectacular displays of cultural performances, Fiestas also offer opportunities for trade and a taste of the local cuisine. Tiangge, which means bazaar in Filipino vernacular, is one of the staple features found in fiestas that promote the town’s products as well as its local delicacies.

The Fiesta Region Program is NTF’s initiative to highlight a particular region and its corresponding fiestas as the theme for each succeeding edition of NTF. On its 20th year, NTF will celebrate the first SCARECROW FESTIVAL IN MANILA sponsored by Region II.

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IndiPex 2011 World Stamp Exhibition – India

Website: http://www.indipex2011.com/

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INDIPEX 2011 is organized by India Post, Government of India in collaboration with the Philatelic Congress of India (PCI) under the patronage of the Federation Internationale de Philatelie (FIP) and the auspices of the Federation of Inter-Asian Philately (FIAP).

India Post

The Department of Posts is a government operated postal system in India. The Indian Postal Service, with 155,333 post offices, is the most widely distributed post office system in the world. The large numbers are a result of a long tradition of many disparate postal systems which were unified in the Indian Union post-Independence. Owing to this far-flung reach and its presence in remote areas, the Indian postal service is also involved in other services such as small savings banking and financial services.

The Organising Committee

1. Ms. Radhika Doraiswamy, Chairperson, Organising Committee, Secretary, Department of Posts
2. Maj. Gen V. Sadasivam, Vice Chairman, Organising Committee Member HRD
3. Ms. Kavery Banerjee, Chairperson, INDIPEX2011
4. Ms. Annie Moraes, Joint Secretary & Financial Advisor
5. Ms. Rameshwari Handa, CPMG Delhi
6. Ms. Devika Kumar, DDG Philately
7. Mr. N.K Tyagi, Chief Engineer (Civil)
8. Mr. Subash C. Barmma, Convenor, General Manager INDIPEX 2011
9. Mr. Dilip Shah, Co-Vice Chairman, Organising Committee, President PCI
10. Dr. R.S Gandhi, Philatelist
11. Mr. Vispi S. Dastur, Philatelist
12. Mr. Manik Jain, Philatelist
13. Mrs. Damyanti Pittie, Philatelist
14. Mr. Ajit Singhee, Philatelist
15. Mr. Tay Peng Hian, FIP Consultant
16. Mr. Rajesh Kumar Bagri, Commissioner General, INDIPEX 2011
17. Mr. Yogesh Kumar, PCI Member

The Steering Committee

1. Maj. Gen V. Sadasivam, Chairman, Steering Committee Member HRD
2. Ms. Kavery Banerjee, Chairperson, INDIPEX2011
3. Ms. Suneeta Trivedi, CGM BD
4. Maj. Gen A.R.A Sah, Addl. D.G APS
5. Mr. Subhashish Sarkar, Director PSCI
6. Mr. Monojit Kumar, CPMG Assam
7. Ms. Kalpana Tiwari, CGM MB
8. Mr. Faiz-Ur-Rehman, CPMG Maharashtra
9. Ms. Rameshwari Handa, CPMG Delhi
10. Mr. S.K Sinha, CGM PLI
11. Ms. Shanti Nair, CPMG Tamil Nadu
12. Ms. Shoba Koshy, CPMG Kerala
13. Mr. L.N Sharma, PMG Delhi
14. Mr. S.C Barmma, G.M INDIPEX 2011
15. Ms. Manju Kumar, Director Philately
16. Mr. Harpreet Singh, Director INDIPEX 2011
17. Mr. S.N Upadhyay, Dy. Director Finance
18. Mr. Dilip Shah, President PCI
19. Mr. R.S Gandhi, Philatelist
20. Mr. Rajesh Kumar Bagri, Commissioner General, INDIPEX 2011

Allotment Sub-Committee

1. Mrs. Shoba Koshy, CPMG Kerala, Chairperson
2. Sh. A. S. Kala, AD, INDIPEX 2011, Convenor
3. Sh. S. C. Barmma, GM INIDPEX 2011
4. Mr. Tay Peng Hian, FIP Consultant
5. Sh. Dilip Shah, President, PCI
6. Sh. R. K. Bagri, Commissioner General, INDIPEX
7. Sh. Dhirubhai Mehta, Mumbai, PCI Member
8. Sh. Ajeet Singhee, Hyderabad, PCI Member
9. Mr. Yogesh Kumar, PCI Member

Technical Sub-Committee

1. Sh. S. K. Sinha, CGM PLI, Chairman
2. Sh. Harpreet Singh, Director INDIPEX 2011, Convenor
3. Sh. Charles Lobo, PMG MM Mumbai
4. Sh. S. C. Barmma, G M, INDIPEX 2011
5. Sh. Rajinder Kashyap, DDG PG &QA
6. Mrs. Manju Kumar, Director Philately
7. Sh. Ajay Singh Chauhan, Director Technology
8. Sh. N. K. Tyagi, CE Civil Wing
9. Ms. Madhavi Singh, Sr. Architect, P&T Civil Wing
10. Sh. K. G. Garg, S.E. Electrical
11. Sh. P. K. Tripathy, Sr. Manager, MMS
12. Sh. Dilip Shah, President, PCI
13. Sh. Rajan Jaykar, Mumbai, PCI Member
14. Sh. Ajay Kumar Mittal, Philatelist, PCI Member

Trade Sub-Committee

1. Sh. A. S. Prasad, DDG(FS) Chairman
2. Sh. S. C. Barmma, GM INDIPEX 2011, Convenor
3. Sh. K. K. Tripathi, Director, Accounts
4. Sh. Satish Kumar, Director(FA)
5. Sh. N. Vinod Kumar, Director, International Parcel, Mumbai
6. Sh. Adnan Ahmad, AGM, PLI
7. Sh. Pradip Jain, Patna, PCI Member

Exhibit Sub-Committee

1. Sh. Faiz ur Rehman, CPMG Maharashtra, Chairman
2. Sh. Harpreet Singh, Director INDIPEX 2011, Convenor
3. Sh. O.S. Veerwal, Addl Director PSCI
4. Sh. S. C. Barmma, GM INIDPEX 2011
5. Sh. L. N. Sharma, PMG, Delhi Circle
6. Sh. P.N Ranjit Kumar, Director GB & IR
7. Sh. R. Anand, Director MB
8. Sh. Sanjay Singh, DPS Dehradun
9. Sh. Umesh Verma, AGM, BD
10. Col. Arvind Verma, APS
11. Sh. Raj Kumar Mishra, Director RB
12. Sh. N. K. Tyagi, CE Civil
13. Sh. Ajay Kumar Mittal, Philatelist, PCI Member
14. Sh. Dhananjay Desai, Ahmedabad, PCI Member

Youth Activities Sub-Committee

1. Sh. John Samuel, GM BD, Chairman
2. Ms. Meera Handa, DDG PO&I
3. Sh. Harpreet Singh, Director, INDIPEX, Convenor
4. Sh. S.C. Barmma, GM INDIPEX 2011
5. Ms. Sukhvinder Kaur, Director PTC Saharanpur
6. Sh. Rajesh Singh, DPS Ghaziabad
7. Sh. Amarpreet Duggal, DPS, Delhi
8. Ms. Indu Madhavi, DAP,Karnataka
9. Sh. Vikas Singh, Ghaziabad, PCI nominated
10. Sh. Pulok Gupta, PCI Member
11. Sh. Pallab Bose, Delhi, PCI Member

Ceremonies and programmes Sub-Committee

1. Sh. Subhashish Sarkar, Director PSCI, Chairman
2. Ms. B. P. Sridevi, Director Staff, Convenor
3. Ms. Devika Kumar, DDG Philately
4. Sh. Sanjeev Thapar, PMG BD, Delhi
5. Ms. Manju Kumar, Director Philately
6. Col. Suresh Gupta, APS
7. Ms. Manisha Sinha, Director FS
8. Sh. Satish Jha, DAP, W.B.

Reception, Transport & Accommodation Sub-Committee

1. Ms. Rameshwari Handa, CPMG Delhi, Chairperson
2. Sh. Harpreet Singh, Director, INDIPEX 2011, Convenor
3. Maj. General A. R. A. Sah, Addl. DG, APS
4. Sh. L. N. Sharma, PMG, Delhi
5. Ms. G. Madhumita Das, Director Admin & CP
6. Col. Jaleshwar Kadhar, Commandant 1 CBPO
7. Sh. Ajay Singh Chouhan, DPS Delhi
8. Sh. R. K. Sharma, Director MV
9. Mr. Dinesh Kumar, SSPO West Division, Delhi
10. Mr. Manoj Kumar, SSPO South West Division, Delhi
11. Ms. Heena Usman,AGM,PLI
12. Ms. Savita Jhingam, PCI Member

Publicity & Marketing Sub-Committee

1. Ms. Sunita Trivedi, CGM BD, Chairperson
2. Ms. Harpreet Singh, Director INDIPEX 2011, Convenor
3. Sh. John Samuel, GM BD
4. Sh. Alok Sharma, GM (SP & M)
5. Ms. Alka Jha Mishra, DDG Post Tech 2010
6. Sh. Alok Saxena, DDG Technology
7. Dr. Kushal Pathak, Director, PMU
8. Dr. Brajesh Singh, Director, Budget & Admin
9. Sh. Vijay Kumar, DAP, Punjab
10. Sh. Vijay Seth, Delhi, PCI Member

Publication Sub-Committee

1. Ms. Devika Kumar, DDG, Philately Chairperson
2. Ms. Anula Kumar, Director Training, Convenor
3. Sh. O. P. Sethi, Director OL
4. Sh. V. B. Yadav, ASPO, Philately

Award Sub-Committee

1. Sh. Monojit Kumar, CPMG, Assam, Chairman
2. Sh. A. S. Kala, Asstt. Director, INDIPEX 2011, Convenor
3. Ms. Achla Bhatnagar, GM PLI
4. Sh. Gautam Bhattacharya, PMG Kolkata Region
5. Ms. Manju Kumar, Director Philately
6. Ms. Rashi Sharma, ADG IR
7. Sh. Dilip Shah, President, PCI

Security & Housekeeping Sub-Committee

1. Maj. General A.R.A. Sah, Additional DG ,APS
2. Col Jaleshwar Kanhar, Commandant 1 CBPO, Convenor
3. Sh. Harpreet Singh, Director, INDIPEX 2011
4. Sh. Ajay Singh Chauhan, DPS Delhi Circle
5. Sh. R. K. Sharma, Director MV
6. Sh. N. K. Tyagi, S.E. Civil
7. Sh. Pranav Kumar, DPS, Allahabad
8. Sh. V. K. Singh, ADG Philately
9. Sh. R. K. Bagri, Commissioner General, INDIPEX

Jury and Commissioners Co-ordination Sub-Committee

1. Ms. Shanti Nayar, CPMG, Tamil Nadu, Chairperson
2. Sh. Salim Haque, DDG (P)
3. Sh. S. C. Barmma, GM, INDIPEX 2011, Convenor
4. Sh. Rishikesh, Director, Mail Management
5. Sh. Dilip Shah, President, PCI
6. Sh. Rajesh Kumar Bagri, Commissioner General, INDIPEX
7. Sh. G. Balakrishna Das, Chennai, PCI Member

Finance and Accounts Sub-Committee

1. Sh. P. K. Sinha, DDG, PAF, Chairperson
2. Sh. Vinod Kumar, Sr. A.O., WPE Secretariat
3. Sh. A. S. Kala, AD, INDIPEX 2011
4. Sh. Ramniwas Kumar, IPO, WPE Secretariat

Volunteers Sub-Committee

1. Sh. L. N. Sharma, PMG, Delhi, Chairman
2. Sh. A. S. Kala, AD, WPE Sectt., Convenor
3. Sh. V. K. Tiwary, DDG Rectt. & Petitions
4. Ms. Pratibha Nath, Jt. Director PSCI
5. Col Jaleshwar Kanhar, Commandant 1 CBPO
6. Sh. Ajay Singh Chauhan, DPS Delhi Circle
7. Sh. V. B. Yadav, ASP, Philately
8. Sh. Ajay Mittal, Delhi, PCI Member


INDIPEX  Secretariat

Smt. Kavery Banerjee
+91 11 23036267
+91 11 23096097

Sh. Subash Chandra Barmma
General Manager
+91 11 23753993

Sh. Harpreet Singh
+91 11 23096004

INDIPEX 2011 Secretariat

Room 523 B, Dak Bhawan
Sansad Marg
New Delhi-110001
+91 11 23096160

Sh. Rajesh Kumar Bagri
Commissioner General
C/o Binani Industries Limited
Mercantile Chambers
12, J N Heredia Marg,
Mumbai-400001, India.
+91 22 22690506/7/8/9/10

Mr. Tay Peng Hian RDP
FIP Consultant
3 Kian Teck Way,
Singapore 628732
+65 62612421

Horticulture 2011 a plant show with a mission

Plant connoisseurs and garden lovers flock to this year’s Philippine Horticultural Society garden show at the Manila Seedling Bank Foundation in Quezon City. After all, the event is showcasing the creative landscape designs by some of the country’s leading plant growers and aficionados.

members , officers, special guests pose for a souvenir photo shoot at the entrance of greenhouse #2 within the Manila Seedling Bank Foundation compound

The exclusive opening ceremonies were held last January 28, 2011 , friday at around past 4:00 pm .The  very important guests list includes Mr. Lucito Bertol ( Manila Seedling Bank Foundation chair)  Madam Katsura ( wife of the Japanese ambassador to the Philippines ) ,Hon. Raquel S. Malangen (councilor  4th district of Quezon City)   , representative  of the Vice Mayor Ms. Joy Belmonte , members of other affiliated plant societies , members, media and others.

ceremonial cutting of the ribbon by invited guest of honor

The colorful opening ceremonies marked the societies’ 35th anniversary , with most of the guests wore beaded Filipinana inspired formal wear . The show’s mission is to educate the people on how important conservation and using native plants in gardening . After all the country is one of the riches in terms of floral diversity in this part of the world.

Ms. Wendy Regaldo in her opening speech

Through its daily lecture – people from all walks of life learn the importance of a green environment and its ability to somehow combat climate change .

Madam Katsura – wife of the Japanese ambassador to the Philippines received a token ( Platycerium grande) from Architect¬† Patricia ” Wendy ” Regalado -President of Philippine Horticultural Society Inc.

Mr. Noel Vincent ” Botchie ” Canicula pose in his landscape exhibit

The highlights of this year’s event was the awarding of the¬† best landscape exhibit , best in show, best Philippines species . The show also paid tribute to Mr. Leonardo Co -founder and president of Philippine Native Plant Conservation Society, Inc. which was killed¬† in Leyte last year.

Philippine Native Plant Conservation Society , Inc. exhibit booth


Mr. Leonardo Co memorabilia exhibit

A candle lighting ceremonies also capped the emotional opening .  Special mention to Mr. Karl Aguilar a blogger friend who also went to the show .

candle lightning ceremonies by Mr. Botchie Canicula, Professor Serapion Metilla and Mr. Modesto Manglicmot

The list of participants include the members of the Philippine Orchid Society, Malvarosa Orchids, Philippine Native Plant Conservation Society,  King Louis Plants and Flowers, Aroid Study Group,  Hoya Study Group and Fern Study Group of the PHSI, Cactus and Succulent Society of the Philippines , Professor Serapion Metilla, George Mendoza, Botchie Canicula, Vic De Rona, and the group of Jun Golamco, Bong Makawile, and Lawrence Chan.

Landscape exhibit made by the tandem of Mr. Jun Golamco, Mr. Wilfrido G. Macawile and Lawrence Chan

Dominating the show are our very own Philippine plant species such as tree ferns, birds nest ferns, cycads, aroids, bonsai trees, orchids, Hoya (flowering vines), flowering and shade trees, fruit trees,  and the colorful plant hybrids.

Mr. Vic de Rona and his wife received the plaque ( first place landscape exhibit )

Surrounding the exhibit are  about 70 commercial stalls selling various garden plants, orchids, bonsai, bromeliads, fruit trees, cacti, and an assortment of garden accessories.

Mr. Norberto Bautista Рboard member of Philippine Orchid Society received the  award from the organizers for winning the  second place in landscape exhibit

Ms. Susan Calo Medina – television host – Travel Time and media personality

BLC. Christine Bersola- Babao Рa cattleya hybrid -named after ABS-CBN channel 2  news person by orchid breeder Atty. Hernando Perez

Mr. Jun Golamco lectured on native orchids, ferns, pitcher plants

Here are the list of the winners of the 35th annual Philippine Horticulture Society , Inc. show

Landscape Exhibit booth

Most Innovative Landscape Exhibit – Cactus and Succulent Society of the Philippines

Third Place- Mr. George Mendoza ( Booth #3)

Second Place- Malvarosa Orchids / Philippine Orchid Society ( Booth #10)

First Place – Lugar Huerta – Mr. Vic de Rona

Liparis condylobulbon

Best Philippine Species -Mrs. Teresa Baldonado

Angiopteris palmiformis “variegata”

Best Plant in  Show- Mr. George K. Mendoza

Other Lists of Winners

Horticulture 2011 Winners
Category (Sub-category)   / Plant Name  /  Owner

Monopodial       No-Winner

Sympodial ( Species)    BLC. Olga Severino  Martel  Malvarosa
Local Species    Liparis condylobulbon    Teresa Baldonado
Aroid¬†¬†¬† Raphidophora sp.‚ÄĚvariegata‚Ä̬†¬†¬† George K.Mendoza
Aroid A    Aglaonema Sirimanee Red    Georgae K.Mendoza
Aroid B    Alocasia cuprea    Botchie Canicula
Aroid C¬†¬†¬† Raphidophora sp.‚ÄĚvariegata‚Ä̬†¬†¬† George K.Mendoza
Cactus and Succulent¬†¬†¬† Agave agustifolia ‚Äúalba‚Ä̬†¬†¬† Adoracion S.Bernabe
Cactus     Astrophytum myriostigma    Adoracion S.Bernanbe
Succulent    Agave parviflora    Adoracion S.Bernanbe
Variegated & Mutant¬†¬†¬† Agave angustifolia ‚Äú alba‚Ä̬†¬†¬† Adoracion S.Bernanbe
Fern/Fern Ally¬†¬†¬† Angiopteris palmiformis ‚Äúvariegata‚Ä̬†¬†¬† George K.Mendoza
Fern A    Asplenium colubrinum    George K.Mendoza
Fern B    No Winner
Fern Ally    Psilotum nudum    Botchie Canicula
Variegated & Mutant¬†¬†¬† Angiopteris palmiformis ‚Äúvariegata‚Ä̬†¬†¬† George K.Mendoza
Foliage     Sorombrom    Serapion Metilla
Tree    Sorombrom    Serapion Metilla
Shrub    Leea species    Botchie Canicula
Herbaceous    Brown spiderwort (Sederasis friscata)    Botchie Canicula
Miniature    Dypsis lutescens (mutant palm)    Fely Gupit
Variegated& Mutant    No Winner
Local Species    Loheria sp.    George K.Mendoza
Flowering Plant    Indian Beads Clerodendron    RodrigoEugenio
Perennial     Indian Beads Clerodendron    Rodrigo Eugenio
Annual    No entry
Bonsai¬†¬†¬† Desmodium sp.‚ÄĚBlueBell‚Ä̬†¬†¬† Vic de Rona
Single    No Winner
Grouping    Malabayabas    Vic de Rona
Local Species¬†¬†¬† Desmodium sp.‚ÄĚBlueBell‚Ä̬†¬†¬† Vic de Rona
Palm/Cycad   No Winner
Palm  No Winner
Local Species    Korthalsia laciniosa
Bromeliads    Tillandsia ( xerographica x chiapensis )    Rene Dofitas
Bromeliads A    No entry
Bromeliads B (Special)    Variegated Aechmea hybrid    Botchie Canicula
Variegated & Mutant    No entry
Other Species & Hybrids    Tillandsia ( xerographica x chiapensis )    Rene Dofitas
Curiosity/S.I. Plant    Nepenthes globosa    WilfridoG. Macawile
Large    No entry
Medium    Nepenthes globosa    WlfridoG. Macawile
Small    No entry
Variegated and Mutant

65 years of love affairs with Orchids


In celebration of its 65th Year Anniversary as the premier orchid and garden club of the country, the Philippine Orchid Society will be staging its much awaited Annual Orchid and Garden Show on February 25 to March 7, 2011 at the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City. The aim of the show is to transform part of the QMC grounds into an orchid paradise in order to promote orchid conservation and environmental protection. This shows will carry the theme ‚ÄėGreen Living with Orchids‚Äô and will focus on environmentally friendly ways of orchid growing to lessen our carbon footprints on mother nature.

The show will feature the best orchid blooms of the season set in landscaped exhibits executed by the country’s top orchid collectors and landscapers. A competition will also be on hand to select the best orchid and the best garden landscape of the show. Free lectures on orchid care will be given daily at 2 p.m. by orchid experts and a plant bazaar will be set up for those who wish to buy orchids direct from the growers. The topics for the lectures are as follows:

























University of Santo Tomas Quadricentennial Stamp launch

University of Santo Tomas started its jubilant celebration last January 27, 2011 . This school marked its 400-year anniversary and taking another  milestone in Philippine history.

Arch of the Centuries – The arch is presently locate some 15 meters from the main building and serves as one of the landmarks of the university .

it serves as the link of the campus with its Intramuros roots and its Spanish heritage. It has become a symbol of learning‚ÄĒthe portal to greatness under which students and alumni (such as Rizal, Mabini, Manuel Quezon and Sergio Osme√Īa) have passed.¬†

The Arch of the Centuries was originally erected in 1611 at Intramuros , where UST was originally found. After the war ,  the historical arch was transferred to its present location at Sampaloc , the Arch was also carried piece-by-piece and was re-erected at the front of the main vehicular entrance of the University.

The original Arch ( which was originally¬† faces the main building was built from Philippine adobe or volcanic tuff¬† quarried from Makati and Bulacan ).¬† The¬† arch served as a¬† main passageway to the university building before it was destroyed during the closing days of the Second World War ,¬† when it was still at Intramuros. A newer arch facing¬† Espa√Īa Boulevard, which is a reconstruction of the original arch.

The Arch contains Doric columns¬† but is Baroque¬† in its details. The inscription on the arch says “Gateway to the History of the finest breed of Filipinos,” a reference to the numerous alumni¬† who have made an impact in Philippine history. On the left pillar of the facade facing Espa√Īa Boulevard is commemorative plaque honoring National Hero Dr. Jose Protacio¬† Mercado Rizal y Realonda , and on the right pillar is another plaque honoring President Manuel Luis Quezon , both being UST alumni. The arch was recently been declared in 2010 as National Treasures by the National Museum of the Philippines.

On the sides at the top of the Arch are panels depicting the life of Saint  Thomas of Aquinas , the patron saint of the University and of all Catholic schools.

All incoming students (freshmen and transferees), as parts of their initiation rites into the University, known as the Thomasian Welcome Walk are required to pass through under the Arch. Candidates for graduation, on the other hand, also pass through under the Arch during a parade after their Baccalaureate Mass.

This tradition started on June 2002. Fireworks display ends the passage and signals the party afterward. The parade, either of freshmen or graduating seniors, is done per college/faculty in random order. There is an old superstition that while studying at the University, one should not pass under the arch until he graduates. If done so, an event will happen that will bar his graduation from the University.

National Artist for Literature 2001 – Mr. Francisco Sionil Jose and wife were among the VIPs , He is also an outstanding UST alumna

Part of the celebration is the unveiling of a 10-meter sculpture commissioned by the UST management by a well-known UST graduate Architect Ramon Orlina to create the “ Quattro Mondial which consists of four human figures each representing four centuries of excellence.  Upon the four figures rest like GLOBE, it tilts 23.5 in constant motion and at the same time perpetually facing the North Star, which is the brightest star in the constellation.

The globe represents the event of globalization of the university in which produced several Philippine Presidents, alumni from all over the world, foreign students from different parts of the world.

UST quadricentennial flag

One of the male sculpture which symbolizes ‚Äú EXCELLENCE‚ÄĚ was modeled after Mr. Piolo Pascual a famous actor and a commercial endorser, While another female sculpture which symbolizes ‚Äú ERUDITION‚ÄĚ was modeled after Mrs. Charlene Gonzales- Muhlach a B.S. Psychology graduate and a top 6 finalist in the Miss Universe beauty pageant held in Manila on May 21, 1994. After all, this prestigious university had produced some of the country‚Äôs top beauty pageant winners to name a few.

Mr. Orestes Ojeda, whose real name is Mr. Luis Pagalilauan , a veteran actor , artist and  entrepreneur  pose for a souvenir shot with Philpost employees

Mr. Orestes Ojeda was introduced in the movie, ‚ÄúZoom Zoom Superman,‚ÄĚ starring Ariel Ureta in 1973. From then on until ‚ÄúSanib,‚ÄĚ directed by Celso Ad. Castillo in 2003, the actor acted in films of all genres‚ÄĒaction, comedy, sex, drama, horror¬† (almost 70 films in 38 years)! He has been directed by important filmmakers like Ishmael Bernal in ‚ÄúBroken Marriage‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúCity After Dark,‚ÄĚ Celso Ad. Castillo in his trail-blazing ‚ÄúNympha,‚ÄĚ and Lino Brocka in ‚ÄúInay.‚ÄĚ

Mr. Ramon Orlina’s sculpture before the unveiling ceremonies

Another statute that symbolizes¬† ‚Äú SPIRITUALITY ‚ÄĚ a Dominican Priest, by Rev. Father Rolando dela Rosa, O.P. Rector of UST and the fourth statute that symbolizes ‚Äú TRADITION‚ÄĚ for academics had Ms. Monina Orlina ‚ÄďMr. Ramon Orlina daughter as a model.

According to Architect Orlina, It took over one and a half year to finish.  The statute that he himself had conceptualized, designed, executed. The statute was made from cast bronze, solid glass blocks and the base is from marble.  His works was unveiled formally to the public just in time for his birthday. Lavish fireworks capped the ceremonies, while famous UST alumni, faculties, friends, media, ambassadors among others.

Over 50 flea market style tents which  sells from commemorative t-shirts to pre-paid cellphone load. There were some promotional booths  giving away freebies like bottled energy drink , chocolate wafer , candies and vitamins.

Just like any celebration, the  bazaar which enterprising students , corporation can realize their entrepreneurial skills  .  Some of  tenants  are also alumni of the university, Like Perfume magnate  Mr. Joel Cruz   and various UST institutes had been selling a lot of memorabilia’s from commemorative key chains, T-shirt, caps, mugs, books,  pre-paid load, UST SIM cards , perfume and  even an on- the spot job fair !

A proud Thomasian wore a UST Growling Tiger head gear with matching yellow t-shirt

The festive atmosphere, with hundred  thousand  Christmas lights dangling from the  old- acacia and narra tress.   Thousands of alumni and invited guests  from all walks of life filled the campus grounds. There was a concert at the nearby track and field .

Philippine Postal Corporation employees led by Mr. Luis Carlos , Mrs. Elenita San Diego, Mrs. Josefina T. Cura – Filipinas Stamp Collectors’ Club founder¬† and the author¬† pose for a souvenir shot

While waiting for the stamp launch, the author had some time having some private conversations  with some Philpost employees and the  alumni . The author  took the opportunity in taking some photograph of the special  framed  commemorative stamps. There are only 100,000 stamps and about 10,200 pieces of  souvenir sheet stamps with Mr. Ramon Orlina’s  “ Quattro Modial “ sculpture  was featured on the issue.

Ms. Cory Quirino , Mr. Piolo Pascual and Architect Ramon Orlina

Ms. Cory Quirino is a fitness , health and wellness guru ,  a lifestyle television host , crime crusader and now Miss Philippines РWorld franchise holder were  among the hundreds of VIPs invited to grace the event.  Beside is Mr. Piolo Pascual a television host , actor, commercial model and Architect Ramon Orlina .

Mr. Orlina was once a board member of the Stamp Advisory Committee of the Philippine Postal Corporation.

The UST commemorative stamps issue were almost sold-out already at the Philpost.

‚Äú It is a pity that they only issued few thousand pieces of UST commemorative stamps‚ÄĚ according to one of the alumni who wanted to buy the stamp during the launch.

Mrs. Carlene Gonzales- Muhlach with throngs of reporters, adoring fans

The official time of the ceremonies was further extended to past 6:00 pm  due to the huge crowd and media that gathered in the event. With much anticipation, screaming and  giggling voices from the students and guests  that accompanied the arrival of Mr. Piolo Pascual and Mrs. Charlene Gonzales- Muhlach.

With much fanfare and lavish ceremonies , The¬† formal unveiling of the stamps and¬† of the statute was almost held simultaneously. The ceremonies¬† also coincide with Mr. Ramon Orlina’s¬† birthday celebration.¬† There is portion within the centennial plaza were an evening buffet was served to the selected guests and alumni.

The author had a memorable experience in this stamp launch .


‚ÄúThe University of Santo Tomas gratefully looks back to July 24,1605, when Bishop Miguel de Benavides, O.P., the third Archbishop of Manila bequeathed a modest amount from his personal funds and his personal library collection for use in the establishment of a ‚Äėseminary-college‚Äô to prepare young men for the priesthood.

“Thus, on April 28, 1611, the Colegio de Nuestra Senora del Santisimo Rosario, later named Colegio de Santo Tomas, was born in its original campus within the walled city called Intramuros.

‚ÄúOn November 20, 1645, the College was elevated to the rank of a University by Pope Innocent X. King Charles of Spain granted the title ‚ÄúRoyal University‚ÄĚ to UST in 1785, for the exceptional loyalty shown by its administration and students who volunteered to defend Manila against the British invasion.

‚ÄúOn September 17, 1902, Pope Leo XIII made the University of Santo Tomas a ‚ÄúPontifical University‚ÄĚ and in 1947, Pope Pius XII bestowed upon it the title ‚ÄúThe Catholic University of the Philippines.‚ÄĚ

“The continuing increase in enrolment prompted the administration in 1927 to relocate the University in its present site in the Sampaloc district, along Espana St, Manila, which covers 21.5 hectares.

“Inspired by its rich history, spurred on to impart wisdom and knowledge, enthused by noteworthy accomplishments, the University has remained steadfastly responsive to the needs and issues of the time as they occur, whether in the Philippines or elsewhere in the world.

‚ÄúToday, the University campus is considered a historic site and is a recognizable landmark in Manila and the country.‚ÄĚ

Technical description of the University of Santo Tomas (UST) 400 Years (1611-2011) ‚ÄúUnending Grace‚ÄĚ stamps are as follows:

Kind of Issue: Commemorative

Denomination and Quantity: Php7.00 / 100,000 pieces

Date of Issue: January 25, 2011

Last date of Sale: January 24, 2012 (or as stocks allow)

Size: 40 mm x 30 mm.

Sheet Composition: 40 (4 x 10)

Souvenir Sheet: Php 37.00 / 10,200 pieces

Size of Souvenir Sheet: 110 mm. x 75 mm.

Perforation: 14

Printing process: Litho offset

Paper: Imported Unwatermarked

Printer: Amstar Company, Inc.

Designers: UST Quadricentennial Committee headed by
Rev. Fr. Rolando V. de la Rosa, O.P.
Rector, University of Santo Tomas

Photos: Donald Tapan

Design Layout Artist: Jesus Alfredo Delos Santos

Designer of Souvenir Sheet: Ramon Orlina
Designer of Souvenir Folder: Jonathan Gamalinda

Design Coordinators: Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak
Jonathan Gamalinda

Designs: Three of the block of four stamp designs of the 400 years Commemorative Stamps for UST are edifices or buildings which are considered National Cultural Treasures.

The Main Building of the¬† University of Santo Tomas¬† (UST) in Sampaloc, Manila functions as the university’s administrative center and home of the Faculty of Civil Law, Faculty¬† of Pharmacy¬† and the College of Science. The Main Building is also the home of the Museum of Arts and Sciences.

Design 1 which shows the Main Building during at night time

Design 2, featured  UST Central Seminary and Chapel

Design 3, shows Arch of the Centuries with 400 year logo

Design 4 features the Painting entitled, ‚ÄúThe Foundation of the University of Santo Tomas,‚ÄĚ by Archbishop Benavides.

The Souvenir Sheet features the design of Ramon Orlina that shows the Quattro Mondial Monument and Benavides Monument done in 1889 by Tony Noel with the University of Santo Tomas logo and the Main Building.

commemorative items

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas will be releasing 10 million copies of the bill amounting to P2 billion, and 400 commemorative medals. BSP officials said the 200-peso bill will be legal tender but the medals will have no value.

Interesting note is that former President Diosdado Macapagal that is  featured on the 200-peso bill is one of the university most distinguished alumna.

The bills feature the Quadricentennial logo (tongues of fire forming the letters U, S and T emanating from the Main Building) on the dorsal portion, while the medals bear the engraved image of Msgr. Miguel de Benavides, O.P., founder of UST and third archbishop of Manila. The central bank will also release 400 special copies of two uncut 200-peso bills equal to P400, matching UST’s years of existence.

Both the commemorative paper bills and stamps are highly collectible since they are only issued on a limited number. But it totally depends on the budget of the collector.

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