65th Annual Orchid Show

February 24, 2011 was the opening of the 65th annual orchid show held at the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City.

selected group of judges and volunteers

The author was one of the volunteers (clerk) during the judging process of the annual show. The judges were from a selected group of reputable people from the field of horticulture, landscape architects, landscaper, and plant connoisseurs among others.

Commerical section of the show

The process went on smoothly and the deliberation process for the winners also set the mood on whom among the plant owners, exhibitors won the respective categories.

After lunch, When all the final tabulations and ranking were already finished. The author helped in putting the ribbons in the orchids and landscape exhibit booth  winners.

Then, several netizen friends came and visited the show among them is Mr. Ivan Anthony Henares , Mr. Ronald Estayan , Atty. Bom Gomez ( Plant Chaser ) among others. There were also architecture students from the University of the Philippines and  officers from other affiliated plant societies which graced the opening ceremonies.

Quezon City Circle management wanted a year-round show because of the impact it had on their parking revenue.

The bright afternoon sun did not dampen everyone’s mood even if the guests of honor are more than half an hour late! Philippines who’s who in the plant industry ,¬† experts and media¬† were there in gracing this momentous event.

L-R Photo caption: Ms. Vangie Go ,Ms. Herlene Bautista- Sarmiento ( sister of Mayor Herbert Bautista ) , Mr. Kelvin Manubay , members of Philippine Orchid Society, distinguished guests  and media.

After all the preparations and ribbon cutting ceremonies, winners were announced and all smiled went to the tandem of Mrs. Ana Purificacion- Conde and Mrs. Corazon Purificacion¬† which won ” Best in Orchid Landscape” .

First Place in Orchid Landscape

Ms. Mary Ann-Wu and Rap Eugenio tandem landscape exhibit came in second

Mr. Modesto Manglicmot landscape entry won ” Best in Ornamental Plant¬† Landscape¬† “

” Best Orchid in Show ” went to Mr. Kelvin Manubay which entered Trichoglottis latisepala a native orchid .

L-R Photo caption

Ms. Harlene Bautista – Sarmiento- sister of Mayor Herbert ” Bistek ” Bautista , Ms. Dorie Fadriquela ( Allied Botanical Corporation – Metro Manila Marketing and Sales , Ms. Mylene Qui√Īones¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Philippine Orchid Society -Corporate Secretary, Ms. Chit¬† Mamangun – member of Philippine Orchid Society pose for a souvenir shot during the opening ceremony.

Mr. Manubay said that the 3rd Flora Filipina slated on February 2012 will be held in Quezon Memorial Circle . This will make Quezon City a host City for the second time since 2009. Flora Filipina International Horticulture Show 2012  is not a regular annual event but a held every 2- year gap period .

Dischidia pecteniodes or ant plant in interesting snail containers on sale

There are about 70 commercial stalls which participated in the event , This  is more than the two previous orchid shows  held at the Manila Seedling Bank in 2010 . Everyone in the commercial section seems happy and contented with their brisk sales ! The orchid show is until March 8, 2011.

Floral Designer Circle of the Philippines – flower arrangement competition

Here are the winners:

Best in Show: Trichoglottis latisepala by Kelvin Neil B. Manubay

Best Cattleya: BLC. Mahina Yahiro by Malvarosa Orchids and Nani Perez

Best Dendrobium: Dendrobium smilliae by Purificacion Orchids

Best Oncidium: Flying High ‘Stars & Stripes’ by Purificacion Orchids

Best Paphiopedilum: Paphiopedilum haynaldianum by Purificacion Orchids

Best Phalaenopsis: Phalaenopsis amabilis ‘variegated’ by Purificacion Orchids

Best Vandaceous Alliance: Vanda Pimsai x Vanda Pakchong (New Long) by SUL Orchids

Best Philippine Species: Trichoglottis latisepala by Kelvin Neil B. Manubay

Best Philippine Hybrid: BLC Rolly Perez by Malvarosa Orchids and Nani Perez

Best Foreign Species: Dendrobium smilliae by Purificacion Orchids

Best Cultured Plant: Trichoglottis latisepala by Kelvin Neil B. Manubay

Best Other Genera – Sympodial Orchids: Gram. multiflorum by Purificacion Orchids

Best Other Genera – Monopodial Orchids: Trichoglottis latisepala by Kelvin Neil B. Manubay

Ornamental Booth Exhibit:

1st place – Mody Manglicmot
2nd place – Constel Nature’s Garden
3rd place – Mett’s Plant Art Shop

Orchid Exhibit Booth:

1st place – Purificacion Orchids
2nd place – Mary Ann- Wu
3rd place – Purificacion Orchids & Ornamentals

Floral Arrangement:

1st place –¬†¬† Mr.Egay Littaua
2nd place – Ms.Ella Gutierrez
3rd place – Ms. Florence Ojeda


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  1. A belated thank you for the mention.

  2. Magandang araw Po sa inyo gusto ko lang malaman Po Kung Sino nag exhibit ng Dischidia Pectinoides KC interested Po ako sa plant pwd Po makuha ung contact nya,or email nya at o Kung saan Po Ang location nya KC gusto ko Po bumili ng plants nya salamat Po

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