Green Living with Orchids – 65th Mid-Year Orchid and Garden Show

Mrs. Amelita ” Ming ” Ramos , former Philippines First Lady ( 1992 to 1998) , an educator, sports enthusiast, badminton player , horticulture lover , orchidophile ,  and an honorary member of the Philippine Orchid Society was the guest of honor during the opening ceremony held last August 25, 2011

L-R Professor Serapion Metilla, Mr. Kelvin Manubay , Mrs. Amelita Ramos, Mr. Ponchit Enrile, Dr. Romeo Gutierrez

Philippine Orchid Society marked their 65th Mid-Year orchid and garden show with the theme” Green Living with Orchids”  , the theme was chosen in order to promote orchid growing as a good alternative for those people  with limited space , apartment- type and cramped living areas in order to combat global warming .

Mrs. Vangie Go together with Mr. Kelvin Manubay and Mrs. Amelita Ramos pose for a souvenir shot at Lambana Tropical showcase landscape exhibit done by Ms. Vangie Go

Mrs. Vangie Go’s vast celebrity clientele includes senators, congressmen, first ladies from different countries, dignitaries and even presidents .

2×3 showcase landscape exhibit booth – 2nd place in the category

Her exhibit won her second place in 2×3 square meter landscape category, Mrs. Go is a trend setter in Philippine horticulture, an antique collector, orchid collector, bird collector , an entrepreneur among others. Her worldwide fame led to international plant breeders to name her outstanding plant varieties and cultivars like Alocasia Vangie Go among others.

Mr. Neil Boyet Ganigan one of the proprietor of Arids and Aroids received the award from Mrs. Amelita Ramos for winning Best Vandaceous Orchid, Best Waling -waling and Best Orchid in Show.

Mr. Ganigan is a plant and orchid collector. His vast collection included some of the rarest plants from around the world.

Her lectures about Cattleya orchid  growing is jam-packed with crowd, Mrs. Go had a 1 hectare farm in Cavite where she grows her orchids and other rare exotic plants.

Mrs. Vangie Go, Atty. Apolonio B. Anota , Jr. (executive director and board of trustees -Nayong Pilipino Foundation ) and Mrs. Maria Victoria Jimenez

First place in the 2 x 3 square meter orchid showcase landscape exhibit

This showcase booth was exhibited by the husband and wife tandem of Mr. Manuel and Susan Lee, according to the happy winners , they spent approximately  Php 25,000 for this exhibit, which also includes bougainvillea bonsai, tillandsia , ferns, adobe  blocks , coconut choir dust and other fixtures.

Mrs. Susan Lee pose for a souvenir shot at her winning booth

Orchid growing needed only very small space compared to other plants.  In fact ,  hotels, schools, convention centers  , hospitals and even homes are already growing orchids indoors. Buying orchids with flowers is also a good alternative to cut-flowers and flower arrangements in which cases  most of the blooms wither within just a matter of few days, while having a live orchid flower display  can last for almost  three weeks to almost one month in an indoor condition. add to the benefit that these plants emit oxygen which is very vital to our daily lives.

3rd place 2×3 square meter orchid showcase by Mrs. Delia Pionela and Bong Pionela

This showcase 2x 3  sq. meter  exhibit booth was landscaped by Mr. Bong Pionela and Mrs. Delia Pionela of Quezon province. The showcase exhibit booth won 3rd place. old window panels,white pebbles, dendrobium hybrids , bromeliads , anthuriums and ornamental plants complement each other .

Mr. Reinald A. del Valle -Market Development Executive of Allied Botanical Corporation

The lectures conducted by Allied Botanical Corporation during the show is a crowd drawer, The company is known for their fertilizer , potting media and seed products. Their slogan “Kaagapay ng mga Magsasaka” , shows the company commitment in  being partners  with the farmers by sharing technologies and trainings to their clientele  .

2nd place winner in  ornamental landscape exhibit executed by VS orchids ( Mark Spowart)

Unlike in the previous orchid shows, There is a special 2 x 3 square meter category orchid showcase  landscape competition . This is in order to encourage backyard and small- time orchid growers to compete .

3rd place winner in ornamental plant exhibit executed by : Constel Garden

While the 4 x 8 square meter regular landscape exhibit normally is allotted to  the big time farm owners . Sometimes this discourages small time hobbyists to compete and even participate in local orchid shows. The last time POS had this special 2×3 square meter landscape exhibit was in 1999 held at the EDSA Shangri-La Mall in Mandaluyong City.

4×5 square meter landscape exhibit done by Malvarosa Orchid Farm ( First Place)

Times are quite hard and compared several years ago where orchid growing is a fad not only among the rich but also among the ordinary people.

an array of tillandsias , bromeliads and ferns

Now a days if a person live in a small apartment or condo that barely has any free space, or none at all.  Having a small orchid showcase or a flower showcase is not a bad idea !

Mr. Noel Vincent Canicula pose with Mrs. Amelita Ramos

Mr. Noel Vincent Canicula , a member of the Philippine Orchid Society and a board member of Philippine Horticultural Society  is also a landscaper , restauranteur , entrepreneur and a plant collector.

Mr. Carl Balita together with Ms. Joy Belmonte ( Quezon City -Vice Mayor) tapped a television segment , the tandem had a regular television show at Studio 23

How to start a pocket  and indoor garden

Just because your place is small you don’t have to steer clear of your local florist or give away every bouquet or plant you receive. All you have to do is to utilize your space smarter.

Get rid of the clutter. Keep your home free of anything that isn’t needed or wanted, or put it away in storage. That way, there will always be space for a bouquet or plant.

Orchids and Plants Arrangement indoor:

The author would recommend to buy flowering potted orchids and plants whenever there is a  special event maybe  party , important guest or anniversary around the house ,  It is also advisable to use gentler light from lamps is better for smaller condos and apartments. Take advantage of natural light as well by keeping windows free and unblocked. Choose a focal area maybe within the living room or near a good source of natural light , let us say near the windows ,  that you can start having a small pocket garden.

Mirrors can really open up a space. It can also make flower arrangements look bigger (especially if the flowers are placed in a corner where two mirrors meet), making more of an impact. Some may use different live orchid species , some may use the same orchid genus . It totally depends on the creativity of a person .

And if you want to make your place look bigger, avoid bold colors and stark contrasts. You want to stick to paler colors (cream and beige are good) with little contrast. That way, there’s no dramatic start and end – everything just flows gently into each other creating the appearance of a larger space.

Plus choose a ceramic container  to put all those live flowering orchids , It is okey to trim down a few coconut husk and roots in in order to have a nice display of the live orchid display  plus do not forget to put moss in order to retain  the moisture . Humidity is indoor is  lower compared to outdoors .

Manila Bulletin booth – one of the media partners of the event

Here are the Set of Winners:

Best in 2x 3 square meter- Showcase Landscape exhibit:
First Place: Mr. Manuel and Mrs. Susan Lee
Second Place: Mrs. Vangie Go ( Lambana Tropical)
Third Place: Mr. Bong and Delia Pionela ( Quezon province)

Best in 4×8 square meter- Orchid Landscape exhibit
First Place: Malvarosa Orchids by Atty. Hernando B. Perez
Second Place: Mr. Carlos Valeriano Lazaro, Mrs. Mable Chua, Mrs. Linda Lim, Boyet Ganigan
Third Place: Mrs. Cora Purificacion and Mrs. Ana Purificacion- Conde

Best in 4x 8 square meter-Ornamental Landscape exhibit
First Place: Metts Plant Art by Professor Serapion Metilla
Second Place: VS Orchids and Ornamental by Mr.Mark Spowart
Third Place: Constel Nature Garden By Mr. Constacio Basis

Best Monopodial Orchid : Trichoglottis brachiata of Purificacion Orchids
Best Sympodial Orchid and Best Foreign Species : Epidendrum floribundum of Vangie Go
Best Philippine Species : Aerides lawrenceae of Vangie Go.

Best Vanda sanderiana: Vanda sanderiana ” immaculata ” of Mr. Neil Ganigan (Arid’s and Aroid )
Best Vandaceous alliance and Best in Show : Mr. Neil Ganigan

Best Cattleya : Bc. Mt. Hood Delco Point of Malvarosa Orchids by Atty. Hernando B. Perez

Best Dendrobium: Den. UH 800 x 306 x KB White of VS Orchids and Ornamental

Best Oncidium: Onc. leucochilum of Purificacion Orchids
Best Phalaenopsis: Phal. Sogo Yukidian ‘ V3’ of Purificacion Orchids
Best Cultured Plant: Den. UH 800 x 306 x KB White of VS Orchids and Ornamental Plant



Atrium -SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City

Lego Philippines in cooperation with SM Mall of Asia , Department of Tourism staged the first ever Philippine map complete with scenic spots  fully made by Lego.

18 Feet X 30 Feet Relief Map of the Philippines

The event is well-received by the crowd and even legion of foreigners were amazed on the exhibit.  One of the foreigner said that the exhibit is very colorful.

Lighthouse in Basco, Batanes

Paoay Church , Bangui Wind Mills in Ilocos Norte

colonial houses in Vigan , Ilocos Sur complete with horse drawn carriages 

World Famous- Banaue Rice Terraces

SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City

Mayon volcano and Butanding (whale shark )

Another eye catching exhibit was the attraction from  Bicol region , the region  is world re-known for their Mount Mayon and Cagsawa Church ruins,  also on display is the Pating – Bulik  popularly called Butanding  on display . Whale watching had become a favorite tourist attraction in the towns  of Pilar, Donsol in Sorsogon province.

crocodile farm in Palawan

Social Responsibility

  Aside from creating awareness about the beautiful tourist spots in our the country , The exhibit also allowed  visitors to make a concrete contribution to our country through the SM Foundation. In the “Brick House for Children” corner, guests are asked to donate P1,000 and in the donor’s name, a Lego house is displayed to symbolize the donation. The SM Foundation will be the lead agency to identify Department of Social Welfare and Development or DSWD’s centers for children who will benefit from this project. According from a reliable source,  the event had already collected more than one hundred thousand pesos !

Bohol chocolate hills and tarsier

Museo Iloilo

Davao Pearl Farm , bust of  Davao Eagle  , Samal houses and Bukidnon provincial capitol

close-up view of vinta from Zamboanga

stilt houses of Sitangkai , Tawi-tawi province

The colorful lego exhibit is until August 27, 2011 and everyone is invited to come and see the many tourism spots , festivals , natural  ,  architectural and man made  wonders of our country. A friend who collects a lot of lego toys  invited the author to come to the opening of the event last August 12, 2011 but the author manage to went to the  venue   a few days later.

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