Brazil World Stamp Exhibition- Brasiliana 2013

logo of Brazil World Stamp Exhibition to be held in 2013

WORLD STAMPS EXHIBITION – It will be held in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 11th to 17th November, 2013. It will be organized by the Brazilian Posts & Telegraphs Enterprise (ECT) and the Brazilian Federation of Philately (FEBRAF), with the patronage of the Fédération Internationale de Philatélie (FIP).

Rio de Janeiro ,  one of the largest city in Brazil  was chosen to host  this momentous event  . Brazilians philatelists will be  celebrating the 170 years of the bull’s eyes (the first Brazilian stamps) and the 350 years of the creation of the Brazilian Posts.

The Bull’s Eye ( Portuguese  Olho-de-boi) postage stamps  were the first stamps issued by Brazil  on 1 August 1843, having face values of 30, 60, and 90 reis. Brazil was the second country in the world, after Great Britain , to issue postage stamps valid within the entire country (as opposed to a local issue). Like Great Britain first stamps, the design does not include the country name.

Brazil first set of stamp issue

The unusual name derives from the ornamental value figures inside the oval settings and the arrangement of the stamps in the sheet permitted se-tenant pairs that looked like a pair of bull’s eyes. The unusual naming of Brazilian stamps continued with the later issues of smaller, but rectangular design, were nicknamed snake’s eyes, and the smaller but similar design to the Bull’s Eyes were called goat’s eyes (blue colour) and cat’s eyes (black colour).

There were 1,148,994 30 Réis stamps printed, 1,502,142 of the 60 Réis value and just 349,182 of the 90 Réis stamp.

This stamp issued on July  6, 2011 tribute to Brazil’s Tijuca National Park with the logo of  World Stamp Exhibition dubbed as Brasiliana 2013 logo on the upper right side of the stamp. only 200,000  souvenir sheets were printed

Green in different tones was used to create a harmonious effect by overlapping the elements portrayed in the stamps, which represent typical fauna and flora species: the violet-capped woodnymph (Thalurania glaucopis), the green-headed Tanager (Tangara seledon), the hairy dwarf porcupine (Coendou insidiosus) and the orchid (Hadrolaelia lobata), which is the symbol of the Tijuca National Park, an endemic species threatened by extinction. On the upper left corner, one can see the logo of the International Year of Forests and the logo of the World Philatelic Exhibition Brasiliana 2013.



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