6th Christmas Toy Fair 2011

6th Christmas Toy Fair 2011

1.) Collectibles Auction (3 days)
2.) Toy Drive (3 days)
3.) Games segment organized by different hobby groups ( 3 days)
4.) Christmas Cosplay Parade and Show (no contest) (tentative: Saturday 4pm)

1st Philippine Die Cast & Custom Car Show
1.Die cast Exibit ( for 3 days )

2.Gravity Race ( for 3 days for adults/kids ) 3 DCPH SWAPMEET on third day Dec 18, 2011 Sunday
3.Custom Car Show Competition ( 1st day Submission and viewing , 2nd day viewing 3rd day judging and awarding )

Rules for the Contest:
Two Categories:

A. Mild : “Any Brands” casting can be submitted

In the mild category only repaint and wheels changes are allowed.

No body modifications are allowed.

For Wheel changes any wheels can be used from any Diecast brand.

simple graphics and decals can be used.

Ist Prize : 3,000 cash plus die cast
2nd Prize : 1,500 cash plus die cast
3rd Price : 1,000 plus die cast

B. Wild : Only “Hot Wheels” casting can be submitted

In the Wild Category Anything and Everything goes. Outer and Interior cutting , stretching , adding parts , Wheels , Paint Etc. Nothing Held back.

The Main casting must be from Hotwheels , other parts used for customizing in the Wild Category can be from any Brand of Diecast Vehicle or item.

Detail and Imagination is most important.

ISt Prize : 5,000 plus Diecast
2nd prize : 3,000 plus Diecast
3rd price : 1,500 Plus Diecast

 Press release from Mr.  Azrael Coladilla

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