Stamp Collecting – It’s More Fun in the Philippines!

 Manila, Philippines

The Philippine Philatelic Federation in partnership with the  Philippine Postal Corporation together with Chinese Philatelic Club of the Philippines (CPCP),  Cebu Philatelic Society ( CPS), Filipinas Stamp Collectors’ Club ( FSCC) , International Philippine Philatelic Society (IPPS), Quezon Philatelic Society (QPS) , Naga Philatelic Society and other guest stamp clubs from across the country will mount this year’s biggest stamp show  dubbed as PHILPEX 2012 .

Poster of  PHILPEX 2012 National Stamp Exhibition and Competition

   The event will be held from January 24 to February 3, 2012 at the Philippine Postal Corporation main lobby, which will be joined by various stamp organizations all over the country. The stamp will feature our annual exhibit that will comprise of past winning entries of Federation of Inter-Asian Philately (FIAP) International Stamp Exhibition , Fédération Internationale de Philatélie (FIP) and will stage a national competition. Winners of this event will represent the country in various international stamp competitions for 2012 to 2013.

The opening  ceremonies will be on January 24,2012 at 9:30 am in the  Philippine Postal Corporation main lobby within Liwasang Bonifacio, Ermita, Manila

The Theme of the event is “ Knowledge and Fun through Stamp Collecting” which targeted the general public. Stamp collecting can enrich one person’s knowledge through learning their country, history, culture, arts, heritage, nature, and industries among others.

The exhibition will run from January 24 to February 3, 2012 at the lobby of the Philippine Postal Corporation Building in Liwasang Bonifacio 1000 Manila.

In line with this event, a Special FREE Guided Exhibition tour within the site will be conducted by Postal Heritage Tour guru Mr. Lawrence Chan on January 28, 2012 SATURDAY 9:00 am to 12:00 noon and another one from 1:00pm to 3:00pm  for more information and booking for this special tour please contact  :

Email:  or  mobile: (0919=3901671)

For more information about the event, please contact the Philippine Philatelic Federation secretary Mrs. Josefina T. Cura at 735-5001 / 0917-9800708.

Media Partners Included: Philpost media website, National Broadcasting Network channel 4, Tulay forthnightly newspaper, People’s Tonight, People’s Journal, UNTV cahnnel 37, sonshine television channel 39, Buy and Sell newspaper among others.


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  1. Happy to note of the event. I collect stamps before and wish to continue. For two years sometime in 1990 & 1991 direct from Manila Post; Kudos to the organizing group. Thanks.

    • Hi sir i have an old stamp from 1940-1945 ist day covers.if you are interested please contact me at 09496039237.

  2. Thanks for visiting this blog-site, Nice meeting you during one of the lectures at the Philpost

  3. Hi! My Dad left us 3 stamp books with Philippine & overseas stamps from the 1950’s to 1960’s. I’d like to inquire where I could sell and how I could price them. Thanks!

    • There is a small community of active stamp club which meets at the Manila Central Post Office every third sunday of each month. You can drop-by in one of their meetings.

      There is also the Postal Museum and Library located at the 3rd floor Security Services Inspection Building aka Philpost annex building . There are ample reading materials and stamp catalogs in which you can make research on your stamp which may include its current market value.

  4. Hi, I’m looking for a stamp club up in Baguio city if anyone can help me out kindly send me a message. I am also interested in buying stamps (PI or foreign). Please send me an email – or visit our page where we also buy and sell coins – banknotes – medals and other numismatic and philatelic ephemera –

    thank you in advance

  5. im looking for stamp album where i could find one?

    • Thanks for visiting this site ! There are several stamp specialty stores in Metro Manila that sells stamp albums ( most of them are imported from USA, Taiwan and Germany ) but it is a little bit more expensive . However if you have time to attend the FSCC public lecture , The organization usually teach budding collector on how they can make inexpensive stamp albums purchase from Divisoria.

      Another recommendation , If you have OFW relatives , friends or even acquaintance in those countries mentioned above , you may try to order from them, there are still a lot of stamp albums still being manufacture in those countries.

      Most popular bookstores stopped selling locally made stamp album , due to rising cost of production and declining stamp collectors .

      • Sir can u name some of the stamp specialty store that sells stamp albums,and their location or contact numbers, thanks.

      • Hello and Good Day, Some of the stamp specialty stores had already closed down and downsized their operations. Plus most of them have gone online. The best recommendation that i can give you if you have relatives living in USA, Canada, Germany , Uk or Taiwan -Try to order from them , those countries have some specialty stores which sells cheap stamp album or vario pages .

        Or try to visit our stamp club meeting every third sunday of the month , we meet past 12:30pm at the Manila Central Post office main lobby.

  6. sir if you don’t mind i would like to ask specifically this specialty stores in manila that i could purchase stamp album…

    • There is Josie’s Stamp Shoppe ( Inside the Anjo’s Print Shoppe ) 3946-B Ramon Magsaysay Boulevard . Sta. Mesa , Manila , please try to call them first (0917-9800708) or 881-1431 land line Tuesday, Thursday Saturday from 10 am to 3:30PM Near SM Sta. Mesa

      There is another one in SM Megamall 5th floor , but i doubt if they have stamp album on sale.

  7. Kindly visit my store in facebook.

    • Mr. Bonjovi Hodreal, Thanks for visiting my blogsite. If you intend to sell your stamp collection, it is between you and the seller ( since i do not know know you personally) So any transaction between you and the buyer is purely at their own risk . I have approved your links in my blog.

  8. renz please advise me on how will i sell my stamps and i have a lot of it, local and international and most of them are very old. Please do contact me at my cell number 09178348107

  9. My grandfather left us his stamps collection, i want to sell them. stamps from US, Germany, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines, Canada, and Etc. Contact me if anyone is interested.. those stamps are really old. here’s my email. or text me. 09155050811

  10. Gud day… im goin to sell my collection of stamps… more than 1000pcs of stamps, stamps are from argentina, australia, italy, rome, angola, somalia, qatar, singapore, madagascar, paraguay, many to mention… 09063193226 look for carlo

  11. Hi Does anyone know where I could buy stamp albums with black background? Yung maganda and matibay. I don’t like the ones in National e.

    • It is available in some specialty stores ( selling stamps and coins) , however if you have relatives abroad- It is cheaper to purchase there.

  12. I have found it very difficult to get latest stamp issues from the Post Office in Manila. Whats the best place where I can get latest stamp issues of the Phillipines (I live in Taguig)

  13. I have some old Philippine Stamps circa 1960-65, about 60 pieces (golden jubilee 1911-1961, Jose Rizal – centennial 1961, cuatricentenerio de la evangelizacion, panunumpa ni pangulong macapagal, olimpiyada ng 1964 atbp… I want to sell it. Just email me at if you are interested to buy.

    • Hi, this is not a selling site. Try to contact local stamp clubs like Filipinas Stamp Collectors’ Club if there are takers.

  14. S>Russian stamp album dated 2001

  15. Hi, is there as stamp/philately shop within Metro Manila aside from the PhilPost in Lawton? I went there this afternoon and was bit dissapointed with the limited stamps they have…

    • That was what every stamp collector from all over the country are clamoring long time ago. PHILPOST must try to distribute stamps especially the new ones and FIRST DAY COVERS to all major branches and postal stations that are near tourist zones like the ones at SM MOA, ARANETA -Cubao , Greehills Shopping Mall-Ortigas etc.. When i visited some of the Metro Manila post offices , the postal clerks and even postmasters would tell me that the stamps that i am looking for are unavailable. This adds more frustration to stamp collectors from far flung areas of the archipelago , where not a single recent issue commemorative stamps are reaching their local post offices. This is a big wake -up call to the PHILPOST .

      Postmaster General Josie Dela Cruz last week was at a morning show Unang Hirit -GMA channel 7 being interviewed by Mrs.Abrera , when she was asked the question by the host , if the Pope Francis stamps can be bought ONLY at the main post office, she quickly told them that it is available nationwide . BUT collectors are telling otherwise.

      PHLPOST had also an e-store where recent issued stamps are being sold . However some buyers had a hard-time ordering .

      There are a lot of recent issuance of Philippine stamps for 2014 , but most of the important details and technical write-ups are published by a private website even more updated than PHLPOST website . The site contributor of that private website is always at the PHLPOST and got all the latest information of all the supposed stamp issuance. Even beating a lot of traditional media practitioners.

      Unfortunately for this author, Some irresponsible section heads do not give give any technical details on their recent stamp issuance . So even if they have a lot of beautiful stamps and publicity . The biggest obstacle to stamp collecting is proper distribution of their products . Thanks for reading and visiting my blog!

  16. I would like to sell stamp album(philippines) issued 1946 – to date and its complete
    if you are interested i can give you images.
    add me on facebook

  17. hello to everyone…/i have hundreds of old stamps and i want to sell them now…old /poststamps from 1940’s including stamps of different countries….please contact me at 09125098118 or send me an email at you

  18. My sister have more or less 100 pcs of stamps in different country and its very old she wishes to sell this hopefully someone wants to buy it. if anyone is interested heres my email.

    • Thanks for visiting this site , There is not assurance that someone will buy your sister’s stamp collection .

  19. need a buyer for my 100’s old stamp plaese contact me 09750499612 ask for mark

  20. I have genuine 1960’s stamps from Israel. Anyone interested? Pm me at 09179855889.

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