Melchora Aquino Bi-centennial celebrations

Melchora Aquino or more popularly called Tandang Sora is said to be the mother of Katipunan . Part of the citywide celebration is that the body of the heroine will be transferred from her final resting place to be transferred to the  Tandang Sora shrine located at Banlat in Quezon City.

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On January 5, Tandang Sora’s remains will be exhumed and placed in a flag-draped casket that will be carried by a horse-drawn carriage during a funeral procession from the Himlayang Pilipino to Quezon City Hall.

Military and police personnel will provide escort assistance during the funeral procession.

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There will be a funeral ceremony within the city hall compound  where people will have the opportunity to offer their final respects to Tandang Sora, who has been recognized for her exceptional heroic contributions in the struggle for Philippine independence and liberation despite her advanced age.

City hall officials will be joined by descendants of Tandang Sora, especially officers and members of the “Mga Apo ni Melchora (Tandang Sora) Aquino Association Inc., in welcoming the heroine’s remains.

An overnight vigil will also be held at QC Hall hosted by the cultural and tourism affairs office, office for senior citizens affairs, scholarship and youth development program, general services department and the Liga ng mga Barangay.

On January 6, the 200th birthday of Tandang Sora, a memorial mass in honor of heroine will be held 8:00 am at the QC Hall before her remains will be finally transferred to the Tandang Sora shrine for re-interment.

Tandang Sora’s remains will also be carried by a horse-drawn carriage during a funeral procession, this time, from QC Hall to the Tandang Sora shrine.

Tandang Sora100 peso- bill (image taken from

Tandang Sora was featured in local Philippine paper bills, 5 centavo coin and stamps.

1969: Melchora “Tandang Sora” Aquino – Melchora Aquino, 50th Death Anniversary; Set of 3 stamps

(images taken from

“5 Sentimo” coins

( taken from papercoinage‘s website)

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