M.V. Logos Hope : bringing knowledge , help and hope

Pier 15- South Port Area, Manila- Philippines

M.V. Logos Hope dock at pier 15, South Port Area, Manila

Personal Experience

The Philippines is one of the favorite stop-over of then M.V. Doulos ,  which has visited Manila seven times since 1988, Until the ship was force to retire due to high maintenance cost . As a child , my parents would accompany me before whenever the M.V. Doulos visit the port of Manila.

steamer of the event  beside the Manila City hall

We would buy a lot of foreign books such as fairy tales, natural history , inspirational books and even cook books most of which are not available in the local market . It also started my book collecting spree at a tender young age.  I can remember that i  was given a hand me down colored -picture guide books by my cousins and aunts when i was few years -old. Although most of my first books are hand me down i always give premium care , treating them with out most respect .   A lot of them are still around in our mini-library at home.  In-fact , i would become a DE-facto  librarian whenever neighbors and playmates would often borrow our books for research and reference.

customers from all walks of life cue to see the latest books

Book Borrowers

I would still clearly remember up to this day, When my second year high school teacher ( Mrs J. )  borrowed 2 books and was never returned ( allegedly lost or was it deliberately lost ? ) Since those books cannot be replaced ( out of stock in the local market) HUH ! .  Another incident was a ( friend ? )  from a school bus service who borrowed my textbook  ( biology book ) when i was in third year high school, Since she will be using the book for her biology subject .  The textbook was returned  back  2- years later after relentless begging from her. The textbook was held like a hostage !  I had to keep on calling everyone else in her family , circle of friends and even teachers. To think that we had no relationship what so ever ! Hehehe

I would also remember in college days when a group of so called¬† ” friends” or just “friends for convenience ”¬† it was a term that our group would coined for those people who would normally became your instant friend the moment they needed something from you . They borrowed a book about Philippine orchids for their¬† feasibility studies / thesis writing only to found-out that parts of the book had pencil writings¬† and a lot of dog ears on the pages. Although some of them get a grade of flat 1 ( which means a grade equivalent to 97 above) and I was acknowledge in their thesis ,¬† I would prefer being anonymous .¬† ¬† Since then, I would¬† not allow strangers and even friends ( unless very close ones) to borrow our books to be brought into their homes. It seems that i have met a lot of lousy people who do not know how to appreciate and take good care of¬† books that they do not even own ! TSK TSK TSK .

M.V. Logos Hope in Manila

MV Logos Hope is the newest vessel in the GBA Ships fleet. She carries the world’s largest floating book fair and  visit Manila, Cebu and Subic  on her maiden voyage around the world. This newer and larger ship features a greater space for visitors and more comfortable browsing in the air conditioned book fair , restaurant and café area.

Activity area where children accompanied by their parents or relatives can spend their time playing with educational toys

There is also an activity center where children can play , an audio visual presentation and a room for counseling.

A counselor discussing the HIV scenario and public awareness on the issues.

Ms. Emily Tan from Singapore

Ms. Emily Tan is a certified book lover and collector , She is one of the 460 plus crew of the M.V. Logos Hope. Ms. Tan  is 22 years -old and graduate of Psychology . Her parents came from Indonesia ( Indonesian- Chinese ) before they settled in Singapore.  Her passion for books and travel led her to apply  for a crew position  when M. V. Logos Hope had open their application .  She had worked as a  volunteered in this ship for about  1 month.   I also saw a group of students from Polytechnic University of the Philippines interviewing her , which she graciously obliged .

greetings from the visitors are posted in the ship’s bulletin board


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