Flora Filipina 2012 Pre-Opening

Hardin ng Bulaklak, Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City – Philippines

Hardin ng mga Bulaklak

The preparation in one of the biggest gardening in Metro Manila and perhaps in the country  is slowly on its way , massive tarpaulin posters were hung in several strategic areas within the city, ingress started several days before and tents were set -up by the physical arrangement committee staffs, while electrical lines were also installed at the exhibition site.

 a worker  rush  the Flora Filipina 2012 signage in a vertical garden

Almost everyone is on a hurry and on a massive landscaping spree.  potted plants and live orchids were carefully unpacked , while the plant registration committee members and the SECRETARIAT were also busy in its preparation.

Flora Filipina 2012 tarpaulin poster

Some of the volunteer members were already there since the morning , Plant registration had also begun by noontime.

Commercial section  Рsome stall holders enjoyed good sales a day before the opening

Everyone who had a quality plant, rare plant ,   big specimen sized plant  and unusual plant  are eligible to join. Unlike other competitions, most of the owners entering their prized-collections wait until the late evening to  wee hours of the morning to register their plants and orchids . It was like a big secret ! For a minimal entry fee , these plant owners carefully unpack their plants.

Ms. Doreen Dofitas puts tillandsia species and other finishing touches on their exhibit booth

This is definitely the venue to exhibit those rare , valuable and specimen sized- plant.  Some of the plants were carefully nurtured and been propagated in farms or in private homes by hobbyists and plant growers.

array of Cattleya hybrids and species

Plants came  from different parts of the archipelago , beautiful cattleyas and cattleya hybrids came from the towns of  Malvar , Lipa and Santo Tomas in  Batangas  province .

Some Cattleya hybrids came from the farms from the towns of¬† Cabuyao , Calamba and Los Ba√Īos in Laguna province . While some came from the farms from the towns of Tagaytay , Amadeo , Silang in¬† Cavite province .

orchids being unpacked as workers rush the hard-scape of Malvarosa orchid exhibit 

Sanggumay orchids ( Dendrobium anosmum )were brought from Bulacan , Isabela , Kalinga and Batangas provinces.  Bromeliads and its allies from Rizal, Bulacan , Cavite , Quezon and as far as Cagayan de Oro and Davao provinces . A lot of the plants were flown via commercial airplane flights !

Mike Espeso and a friend caught in a light moment while mounting pitcher plants , tillandsia and orchids on a tree stump

Flowering Dendrobium hybrids came from the big farms in Bulacan , Quezon, Batangas and the nearby  Manila Seedling Bank .

Architect Bimbo Santos , Mr. Noel Vincent ” Botchie” Canicula together with their team of workers in a candid¬† moment , while doing their landscaping jobs.

Cacti and Succulents were carefully brought to the exhibition site from the personal collections of Mrs. Adoracion S. Bernabe , Mr. Noel Vincent¬† ” Botchie ” Canicula , Architect Bimbo Santos, Ms. Aileen Bernal , Arids and Ariods , Atty. Pepito Mercado , Mr. Serapion Metilla and other well-known collectors of these plants.

Specimen sized ferns ,¬† Some of them have been well-taken cared off for¬† several years if not decades were brought in to be publicly displayed from the personal collections of Mr. Modesto ” Moody ” Manglicmot of¬† UP Bonsai Garden , Mr. Serapion Metilla , Mr. George Mendoza , Ms. Vangie Go , Mr. Jun Golamco .

flowering plants on sale at the commercial section

bonsai , suiseki  in stone pedestal are already in place ,  waiting  final touches from the landscaper

workers on their finishing touches and planting of bermuda grass

Prized not only for their beauty and shapes , Bonsai and potted plants from the personal collections of Mr. Manuel Lee and Susan Lee Garden in Makati,  Mr. Vic de Rona personal collection at Lugar la Huerta in Manila Seedling Bank .

Ms. Vangie Go busy arranging her prized anthuriums, bromeliads , variegated plants and other rare collector item plants from different parts of the world.

This Is It !,¬† By the time i left the exhibition site at around past 7 :00 pm , Most of the exhibits have just started its work¬† .¬† Most of the landscape exhibits will be rush by late evening in order to be finish before the 6:00 am deadline tomorrow,¬† This is just in time before the judging of the exhibits by both local and international plant and landscape jurors at around 8:00 am . Most of the landscaper and owners of the exhibits will literally stay awake until wee hours of the morning. Just like what Mr. German Moreno¬† ( a famous entertainment host ) would say in his show ” Walang Tulugan ” NO Sleeping .

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