2nd Warehouse Sale in Juan Luna Street, Binondo


Press release by the event organizer :

After the successful staging of the 1st Binondo Warehouse Sale ,  last year, shoppers and exhibitors alike can’t wait for the 2nd BINONDO WAREHOUSE SALE.  It will be a week-long event from March 26 to April 1, 2012 at the Ground Floor of the State Center Investment Building, along Juan Luna St. and across the Plaza San Lorenzo Ruiz aka ( Plaza Binondo )  near  Basilica Minore de San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila .  The event promises to attract thousands of shoppers because it is right at the heart of the Binondo district that bustles daily with trade and commerce among Filipino – Chinese, local folks and those looking for a real bargain deals !

vicinity map to City State Center Building in Juan Luna Street

The first staging of the event last November of 2011 drew overwhelming praises from over 30 brand owners and managers, as well as from shoppers from around the metropolis who enjoyed huge discounts on great selections.

This year’s event promises to be bigger in terms of more brand participation and wider choices of summer wear, accessories and other specialty items.  Exhibitors will find the event rewarding, and shoppers will be delighted to find many more brands and bigger discounts.

As usual, admission is free and all major credit cards are accepted.

So before the summer heat begins, make your way to the #binondowarehousesale to get cool summer outfits, trendy and comfy flip-flops, sports and fitness accessories, electronic gadgets and cell phones. You’ll be surprised that with the wide array of choices, you can find something that you’ll need long after the summer is gone.

For more information about the event, call MCT Events Management at 502-1546 or 399-2935.

Contact Person: Mr. Elmer Dela Cruz

You may also follow us through Facebook Fanpage: www.facebook.com/MCT

Events Management or in twitter: @mcteventsmngmnt.


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