Los Baños Horticulture Annual Show 2012

Senior Social Hall , University of the Philippines, Los Baños , Laguna -Philippines

The centerpiece of 2012 UPLB garden show exhibit was landscaped by Mr. Carlos Valeriano C. Lazaro of Laguna.

The Los Baños Horticulture  Show which is going on from  March 23 to April 1, 2012 at the Seniors Social Garden at University of the Philippines- Los Baños, Laguna . The show is adopting a theme dubbed, “Gardening: A Lifestyle.” Featured Plant: Flowering Plants

PCARRD booth selling books, brochures , Philippine hoya poster

The event is under the auspices of the Los Baños  Horticultural Society in cooperation with Department of Trade and Industry ( Laguna ) , Philippine Council for Agriculture , Aquatic and Natural Resources Research Department – DOST  PCARRD and the University of the Philippines ( Los Baños ) .

 Annie’s Famous Espasol and Native Delights

 Annie’s Espasol and Native Delights booth at the show, DTI-Laguna is helping the small and medium scale business enterprises  thru marketing and promotion of their products. Most of the customers are students and faculty members of the university, while local tourists  like those from nearby towns and cities are also enticed to buy for “pasalubongs ” take home treats  when they return home from the show.

Kabinsili booth

Kabinsili is a brand of chili powder which is made from  powdered chili pepper from the town of Cavinti , Laguna. The company battle cry ” One Green Thumb Asia ” The company aim is to uphold sustainable development in the production and processing of prime agricultural commodities , embracing the three -prong sustainability approaches .

cute hat shaped native crafts adds beauty to the packaging

According to the manager of  Kabinsili , what makes them different from imported brands is that aside from they provide  social responsibility for sustainable agricultural techniques . They would also promote native handicrafts from the town of Cavinti in Laguna by incorporating in the product packaging .  They are also planning to open their chili pepper farm in the near future for field trips and lectures.

Contact Address : Barangay Silangan Talaongan , Cavinti , Laguna 4013

Email: onegreenthumbasia@gmail.com

Contact Persons : Mr. Melbert Oliveros ( President CEO) 0918-9859461 /0922-9769763

Mr. Noel Villodres ( VP for operations ) 0928-2993362 / 0922-8177318

Exotica – exhibit booth # 9

  Dr. Ben S. Vergara  ( Exotica )  exhibit  won ” Most Educational Booth ”   and ” Special Prize for Booth Construction”  . One feature of the show is  a display of a Practical Living Wall that one can easily put up, especially in a garden with very limited space.

Exhibit booth # 11  won Special Prize for Booth Construction , Most Creative

The use of old window panels, wood  panels, adobe stone blocks with mokaras, semi-terete vandas , ferns , bougainvillea, Ixora from Bangkok.

Exhibit booth #2 landscaped  by Mr. Carlos Valeriano C. Lazaro

This booth won 1st Prize in Booth Construction , Most Outstanding booth . The careful placement of ferns, flowering plants, bamboos , tillandsias, variegated bamboos, euphorbias  and other fixtures made this exhibit popular not only from the judges but also photographers, students and tourists .

Malvarosa Orchid exhibit booth # 8

Malvarosa Orchids and Ornamental Plants is known for their quality and celebrity cattleya orchids that were named after famous Philippine celebrities and presidents.

Their booth had colorful arrays of cattleyas species and hybrids, Phalaenopsis, Dedrobium anomum variety dearei / alba , Paphiopedilum, Oncidium hybrids  . The booth won 3rd prize in booth construction and special prize of booth composition.

The orchid landscape exhibit was done by VS orchids with Ixora or Santan which is imported from Bangkok , Thailand , most of the santan were propagated in their Bulacan farm.

Native orchids such as  ( Sanggumay ) Dendrobium anosmum , phalaenopsis hybrids are used in this part of the landscape exhibit .

Hanging flowering plants complement the white trellis

Booth #6 Won Special Prize for Booth Construction and Most Original Design

Mr. Joseph M. Salacup is one of the youngest board member of LBHS

Mr. Joseph M. Salacup started to collect plants , tillandsia , cactus, aroids, succulents , orchids, begonia,  bromeliads since the late 1980’s . Most of the first plants he acquired were given to him as presents. He started growing and propagating the plants in his backyard. Whenever relatives and friends visits their house, Mr. Salacup would give excess plants. He never thought of venturing into a backyard business since he is gainfully employed in one of the IT companies . His passion for growing these exotic  plants led him to become a member of the society. According to his supportive parents , They just tried selling their excess propagation during plant shows .  Plant hobbyists and enthusiasts would buy his plants  ( Our group always buy tillandsias, dyckias , bromeliads, guzmanias and cacti from his stall whenever we visit the show .) We first met him during the 2010 annual show .

Dyckia platyphylla – ” Cherry Cola ” or ” Cherry Coke ” bromeliad from South America  . This is a nice terrestrial bromeliad preference is fast draining medium . When grown in full sun, the leaves take on a striking burgundy or reddish color hence the name ” cherry cola” was coined.  Mature plants can make a stunning , bright orange flower stalk which can reach 4 to 5 feet tall.  This is a focal point in any plant collection . This unique plant is highly sought after by plant hobbyists due to its color and interesting height of its inflorescence .  Just like in any plant show , this is one of my perfect souvenir . However , we have bought some of this bromeliad  species when we last visited the show in 2010 and my own Cherry Coke had a lot of pups waiting to be divided ! I would like to personally thank Mr. Joseph Salacup and the rest of the board members of LBHS who personally toured me during the event.

For those interested in buying  plants and  landscape job
Contact information: SMART 0919-819-8966

Email: joseph_salacup@yahoo.com






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