Mr. Carlos Valeriano Calma Lazaro : A tribute to a landscaper and plant lover

Mr. Carlos Valeriano C. Lazaro holding a cockatoo on a POS field trip in Meralco Foundation compound in Antipolo, Rizal  dated September 19,  2009.

The author received an unconfirmed sms message late Saturday afternoon March 24, 2012 that Mr.  Carlos Valerinao C. Lazaro suffered a stroke during the afternoon lecture  .  I thought that it was a prankster message. I usually get a lot of sms and unsolicited calls since my number was published in several internet and social networking sites so I always got short message service and calls from real estate agents, insurance underwriters, promotions and other things. I was on my way home when I again received several sms message later that night.

Mr. Carlos Valeriano C. Lazaro wearing a  striped  light blue shirt during the 63rd Mid-Year Orchid and Garden Show opening ceremony at the Quezon City Hall grounds dated August 27, 2009

I told myself, since I am going to the LBHS show tomorrow March 25, 2012 Sunday, it might be good to confirm straight from the people at the show.

Early next day on March 25, 2012, I took a bus ride going to Laguna. My first intention was to see the landscape exhibits, orchids, and plants at the ongoing UPLB plant show.

Traffic is quite moderate along EDSA and SLEX and I arrived shortly before 8:00 am at the show site.

There was a gloomy news that hit me by surprise, “ Alam mo na ba ang balita ? ”, Do you know the news , this was the first greeting that I have receive when I arrived at the show site . Then I told the suki plant trader that I got some sms last night. I thought that someone had been doing prankster things.

Everyone at the show site was very sad. They even invited me to have prayer for Mr. C.V. Lazaro . I joined them for several minutes and after about 3 hours within the show site; Ate Pearlie then approached me, we must try to visit him at the hospital.

We quickly went to the hospital ICU area where we saw about a dozen relatives, Mr. CV’s brother and Mrs. Josephine Lazaro ,  Dr. Ben Vergara and Ms. Vernie Lucero. After a few minutes, his brother sadly announces his demise.  We almost broke into tears, but we need to break in the news to others, no matter how painful and sad.

Mr. Valeriano Calma Lazaro or as he is simply known, “CV,” succumbed to a stroke last March 25, 2012. He was 46.   He is a board member of the Philippine Orchid Society, Los Baños Horticulture Society and an active member of various plant societies. His passion on orchids, plants, tillandsia, gardening and landscaping led him to join these plant societies.

He took up Industrial Engineering at the Colegio de San Juan de Letran in Calamba, Laguna . Plants and gardens were his real passion.  Even as a child, He always accompanied his mom whenever she attended garden shows.  Their residence off UP Los Baños is surrounded by a beautiful garden. This serene house made almost entirely of bamboo became a popular gathering place for friends, colleagues and even film producers.  The house is almost 60 years old now and it’s still a popular attraction and location shoot place in Los Baños. School children on field trips and tourists often stop to take a look and take pictures. The house was also featured in several travel, lifestyle and home magazine.

House was featured in 2009:

It was back in 1985 when CV and his mother turned their plant hobby into a backyard business called Valesol Orchids, which specializes in Vandaceous orchids.  CV studied orchid breeding and bought community pots of orchid seedlings and raised the baby plants over the years.  It was a great challenge but he succeeded and he eventually bred his own Vandaceous orchids.

He had also won numerous awards in orchids, plants and landscaping competition in local shows as well as international shows. His last works are the centerpiece landscape exhibit and winning first place in ornamental landscape competition.  His untimely death during the show was a big loss in the horticultural communities not just in Laguna but also in the country.

Hoya lazaroi

Hoya lazaroi :

Dr. Simeona “Monina” Siar and Mr. Dale Kloppenburg  named a hoya species after him in 2009. The author had pleasant memories of Mr. Lazaro and his warm smiles.

                                                          a slightly different color variety of Hoya lazaroi

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