RD Farm tour

10657 Demarces Village, 4031 Los Baños, Laguna,  Philippines

Mr. Yet Reyes with his Vanilla  orchid  variety bourbon cuttings

Despite of the heavy rainfall on August 4, 2012 – our group convoyed from Dr. Roberto Coronel house to Mr. Yet Reyes for a short lunch.  Some of the gracious members brought organically grown salad , ube- halaya , mango cutney , organically grown grilled chicken ,  pandesal, cheese ,  while some brought young coconut straight from the  farm.

group having a lunch together with Mr. Yet Reyes

I was thrilled to see vanilla orchids being grown by Mr. Yet Reyes, I have grown some native Vanilla orchids in our backyard , but not the Vanilla orchids which produces the essential extract.

Vanilla orchid climbing a trellis

He started growing Vanilla pompona and bourbon varieties a little over a year -ago while  some of the vanilla orchid had started bearing flowers. He started developing his farm about  4 years ago and started planting them with cocoa variety and other fruits trees .

cocoa tree seedling

Most of the first clientele were based from Kamag-anak, Kaibigan , Kakilala or  KKK system and referrals from satisfied clients , backyard hobbyists , weekend farmer , fruit tree collectors  and members of  several plant and organic groups.

latex-less grafted jack-fruit

 Mr. Yet Reyes gladly toured the eager group to his mini-demonstration farm at the back of their home.  The group was amazed on the number of fruit tree varieties , citrus varieties and even dragon fruit cuttings  that are being grown .

members and guests are busy selecting fruit tree seedlings

Greek oregano

He also have several herbs like  Origanum onites  ( Greek oregano  ) and  Origanum vulgare  ( Italian oregano ) .  The Greek variety is rare in cultivation here in the Philippines because of the climate with high mortality rate and low germination rate of its seedlings, thus propagating the Greek variety in the country possesses a challenge to the growers. Also known as wild oregano. This is a sub-species of the widespread wild oregano, and is found only in Greece, Turkey and the islands of the Aegean Sea. The flavor is strong, and hotly aromatic compared to other oregano . This is the strongest flavored ‘oregano’. This is the species used for extraction of essential oils (oil of oregano).

Italian oregano

A great remedy for the flu or cold. And a great addition to salads and various dishes. The Italian oregano is more commonly grown variety in the Philippines. Italian oregano is favorite ingredient for Italian pasta, pizza and for aroma therapy.

Before the group went to the next destination, I told Mr. Reyes that i will be back together with a blogger friend who is interested in cocoa plants . For those who wanted to order quality fruit trees  and Vanilla orchid cuttings.

Contact Information:

 Cellphone : 0922 832 9183

Facebook: vetreves@facebook.com

Website: http://www.first-vita.com/

4 Responses

  1. Hello! I’m interested in growing vanilla orchids. Do u offer training on how to plant it? how much are u selling the plants?
    Also, is there a potential buyer in the laguna-batangas area? My farm is in Rosario, Batangas.
    Thank you very much

    Raffy Selga
    Email; raffy_selga@yahoo.com
    Cell no: 0917 821 0234

    • Thanks for visiting this site. Please try to contact Mr. Yet Reyes of UPLB, He also provide technical knowledge to those person and companies buying saplings and seedlings.

      When we visited his demonstration farm in Laguna, there are several visitors looking for cocoa trees and fruits trees .

      His contact information is listed in the site. Glad to be a help. Happy growing !

  2. […] have visited RD Farm several times , The name RD Farm stands for Reyes Despacio family surname . The first one was way […]

  3. Hello im interested in vanilla orchids and cacao ..did you have fixe date or schedule to visite your farm? Would you please send me sôme informations .thank à lot.find attachés my email add.blenda 66hotmail.fr

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