66th Philippine Orchid Society Mid- Year Orchid & Garden Show opening highlights part 2

Hardin ng mga Bulaklak, Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City -Philippines

Mrs. Luz Santa Ana

Mrs. Luz Santa Ana a member of the Philippine Orchid Society who started to collect orchids and various ornamental plants.  According to her, growing plants is her passion and it gives her relaxation.

She prefers growing semi-terete vanda hybrids, dendrobium orchids, cattleya , Dendrobium anosmum ( sanggumays ) and aglaonemas .

Ms. Erly Egargue and Ms. Rona La Torre orchid landscape exhibit

Ms. Erly Egargue pose for a souvenir shot at her Dendrobium Thongchai Gold X C.K.Ai ” Oka” – Winner for ” Best  Dendrobium in Show “

Ms. Erly Egargue is known to many as Ms. Erly , proprietor of EnR Orchids located in Manila Seedling Bank . She started as a sales lady of plants and orchids before venturing into a plant business. A first time landscape exhibitor , She almost missed entering her Dendrobium Thongchai Gold X C.K. Ai “Oka” in the competition if not for the persistent pleading from her friends who think that her orchids had a big chance of winning in the competition. Her last minute decision in entering the competition rewarded her with ” Best Dendrobium orchid ” in the Philippine Orchid Society’s 66th mid-year orchid and garden show.

Malvarosa Orchids landscape exhibit

Malvarosa Orchids landscape exhibit

This landscape exhibit showcase  yellow colored orchid flowers

Mrs. Delia Pionela landscape exhibit showing different kinds of commercially used bromeliads , neoregelias , tillandsia, medinillas and oncidium orchids.

Dendrobium orchid hybrids in native baskets by Atty. Rudy Sanidad

potted flowering orchid arrangement is slowly gaining popularity in most parts of the world which included the Philippines . Now posh hotels, hospital lobby , presidential palace , private residential places often uses live flowering orchids or ornamental plants for their main focal point, wedding display, funerals and even special occasions.

Live potted Dendrobium  candy stripe display serves as a flower arrangement in Manila Peninsula Hotel

Having live potted flowering plants as display had its own advantages – first they provide a flower arrangement during the occasion ( live flower arrangement can last  from 2- weeks to 1 month ) compared to cut-flower arrangement  ( which can only last for days ).

White Phalaenopsis hybrids serves as a focal point in the main lobby and reception area of the Manila Peninsula Hotel in Makati City, Philippines

Second, They improve the air quality indoor. Third, after the event, The potted plants can also serve as a token gifts or give-away for the guests .
Although having a potted plants arrangement can be a little bit more expensive than cut-flower arrangement.

orchid landscape exhibit of Mr. Jun Golamco , Mr. Mike Espeso and Mr. Edwin Francisco

Third Place – ” Best Orchid in landscape exhibit ” by Mrs. Anna Ruth Purificacion-Conde

Second Place – ” Best Orchid in landscape exhibit ” by Mrs. Corazon Purificacion and Mrs. Anna Ruth Purificacion- Conde

First Place – ” Best Orchid in Landscape exhibit ” by Ms. Evangeline ” Vangie ” B. Go -president of the Philippine Orchid Society

Varunees Garden -ornamental landscape exhibit

Ms. Vangie Go ornamental landscape exhibit

Her exhibit consists of rare Tillandsia xerographica , variegated dracena , bromeliad , exotic ferns

Mr. Jun Golamco and Mr. Mike Espeso for a souvenir shot

This ornamental landscape exhibit was done by the tandem of Mr. Jun Golamco , Mr. Wilfredo Macawile and Mike Espeso , they incorporated various pither plants, ferns, tillandsias , bromeliads and other ornamental plants . They won Third Place in Ornamental Plant Landscape exhibit.

Second Place in Ornamental Plant Landscape exhibit

First Place in Ornamental Plant Landscape exhibit ( Mett’s Plant Art )

This ornamental vertical landscape exhibit was done by the landscape team of Professor Serapion Metilla . With limited spaces in urban areas and limited growing space. growing vertical garden is popular abroad and is slowly gaining popularity in the country.

Floral Designers’ Circle of the Philippines is a group of flower enthusiast and  hobbyists which provides an alternative style in their flower arrangement . Their members are often invited in several garden related events , ikebana association and flower arrangement competition in the Philippines and abroad.

Flower Arrangement Competition Winners  Theme :

( Treasures from the Sea )

Third Place : Mr. Egay Littaua

Second Place: Ms. Dhory Alvendia

First Place: Ms. Miles Hilario

Ms. Miles Hilario is a multi-awarded floral designer and a member of the Floral Designers` Circle of the Philippines. She is also an eventologist, caterer, fashion designer and beauty consultant. She teaches all kinds of floral arts and crafts on hands-on group lessons or individual tutorials (by schedule). Her flower-shop-cum-boutique-and-beauty-salon Miracle Flowers and Avante Garde Salon is located at Barangay Cooperative Bldg. cor. Esteban Abada, Loyola Heights, Q.C. Tel. nos. 4261007, 4363336, CP # 09176273038 and Florera Flower Shop, 79 Sta.Rita, Guiguinto, Bulacan.

This is a non-winning floral arrangement which imitates an underwater jelly fish and ship sailing with the use of dead sea shells, sands and rocks as accents .

close-up view of the jelly fish style of flower arrangement

This is one of the most popular flower arrangement among the visitors and the members . If there is a special prize for this competition, this arrangement  will win an award for  ” Crowd Favorite “.

Capping the two -week long orchid and garden show is the daily lectures on different gardening topics from orchids, bonsai, landscaping , fruit trees, nutritional requirements for plants, flower arrangements , tillandsia and other related fields .  For those who wanted to link this article , please do so .

Mr. David  Astley -editor and photographer of Growing Orchids in the Tropics is a member of the Philippine Orchid Society and a photo enthusiast

Note : After several years of blogging , I have increase the size of pictures being uploaded in my site and hopefully with much support from the blogging community and several avid readers and followers  from around the world .  My heartfelt Thanks and Maraming Maraming Salamat sa inyong pagbasa at pagtangkilik .

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66th Philippine Orchid Society Mid- Year Orchid & Garden Show opening highlights Part1

Hardin ng mga Bulaklak , Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City – Philippines

After several days of torrential rains, the big day happened just few hours ago with the invited guests of honor led by Quezon City officials, Bureau of Plant Industry , president of various horticultural societies ,  plant enthusiasts, media, bloggers were treated into an afternoon of fun and excitement as the much anticipated opening of the 66th Mid-Year Orchid and Garden show unfolded .

L-R Mr. Kelvin Manubay , Ms. Vangie B. Go , Atty Oscar Hilado and Mrs. Marilon Hilado of PHINMA Properties , Dr. Victor Endriga ( represented office of the mayor) ,  Professor Serapion Metilla, Mrs. Adoracion S. Bernabe.

members  admire the orchid exhibit

PHINMA Properties is one of the major sponsor of the event . One of the three company corporate social responsibilities is “ Bagong Buhay ” which  involves Environmental Stewardship. PHINMA Properties makes sure that green practices are implemented not just in its architecture but in other aspects of its business as well. Their new projects will feature use of solar panels, rain water recycling, glass-to-sand processing and waste segregation.

Atty.  Oscar Hilado on his inspirational talk during the opening

  He is now into growing of ornamental plants and an advocate for growing of native orchids. One of his favorite is Vanda sanderiana aka Euanthe sanderiana  locally called ( Waling-waling ) .

crowd listen to Atty. Ocsar Hilado  inspirational talk


Atty. Oscar Hilado and Mrs. Marilon Hilado received a special token gifts from Ms. Vangie B. Go -president of the Philippine Orchid Society and Atty. Rudy Sanidad

Their  environmental practice is to recycle old tarpaulin materials into eco-bags which are hand-crafted in our community livelihood programs.

Please visit the link : http://www.phinmaproperties.com/index.html

                                    People’s Television Network channel 4

PTV channel 4 ( Telebisyon ng Bayan )  staffs and crew were among the media partners which covered the opening day ceremonies.

L-R Mr. and Mrs. Romeo Gutierrez , Mrs. Adoracon S. Bernabe , Dr. Victor Edriga and Ms. Vangie B. Go – president of the Philippine Orchid Society

Ms. Delia Pionela from Quezon province together with Ms.Norma K. Villanueva  pose for a shot at the landscape exhibit executed by Ms. Delia Pionela and her son

Ms. Norma K. Villanueva is a health advocate and a plant enthusiast , She is one of the organizer in the upcoming QC country fair this coming October 17 to 21, 2012 .

Mr. Jun Golamco in his acceptance speech

After a  tour of the exhibit area, the guests and vips were treated to a short program in the pavilion area of the Hardin ng mga Bulaklak ( Flower Garden )

Mr. Norberto Bautista, Mrs. Laura Bautista , Ms. Imelda Sarmiento and Mrs. Cel Tungol -photo enthusiast and writer

after the short program the guests and vips had an afternoon meal courtesy of resident caterer Ms. Baby de Leon

BLC. Princess Ishtar ” Landerdale ” a tri-generic Cattleya alliance hybrid exhibited by Malvarosa Orchids

Here are the set of Major Winners :

Best Cattleya ” BLC. COED Malvarosa ” exhibitor Malvarosa Orchids

Best Other Genera -Sympodial Orchid ” Cycnoches Jean E. Monniers ” exhibited by Mrs. Corazon Purificacion and Mrs. Ana Ruth Purificacion – Conde

Best Dendrobium – Dendrobium Thongchai Gold X C.K. Ai ” Oka”  exhibitor Ms. Erly Ergargue

Best Phalaenopsis – ” Phalaenopsis gigantea ”  and  Best Foreign species Exhibitor: Ms. Vangie Go

Phalaenopsis gigantea is native to the island of  Borneo. This orchid is found in the states of  Sabah, Sarawak in  Malaysia , Brunei Darussalam  and in Kalimantan in  Indonesia and was described in 1909. Named for its gigantic leaves that can grow more than 70 centimeters in cultivation while there are some unverified reports that some specimen can reach up to more than 100 centimeters ! The massive leaves are pendent , leathery , broadly rounded, pale silvery green and shiny on both surface.

The colors of this species may be rather variable and the flowers have delicately scented.  The color may vary from cream, whitish , yellow , yellow -greenish found clearly at the base of the sepals and petals.

close-up view of the flowers of Phalaenopsis gigantea

Phalaenopsis gigantea produces the biggest leaves of the genus and is the bulkiest leaves of its kind . This Phalaenopsis species is called ” Elephant ears ” in its native habitat of Malaysia and Indonesia because of its large- sized  leaves which resembles elephant’s ears .

In the Philippines, there are some growers and orchid hobbyists which grow this particular orchid species for curiosity and for breeding purposes.

Best Other Genera – Monopodial Orchid ” Renanthera philippinensis ” Exhibited By Ms. Vangie Go

A medium sized , monopodial orchid found in many parts of the country particularly near mangrove swamps and lower elevation forest with erect to semi-pendulous stem carrying unequally bilobed apical leaves that can bloom in any time of the year . In some parts of the country , this orchid species is called ” fire orchids ” since the bloody red color of the flowers which looks like blazing fire.

Renanthera philippinensis  is called FIRE Orchids or Red Waling-waling

Folklore :

In parts of Real , Quezon province people there called this orchid species as ” red waling-waling ”  Aside from the beauty that this orchid processes, There are a lot of superstitious belief which associate the widespread growing of this species in its native range . Some people believe it can be a lucky charm or good luck plant. Some people believes that the orchids can ward -off evil spirits because of its reddish flower, While some people preserve the flowers for rituals .

Best Vanda sanderiana , Best Philippine Species and Best Orchid in Show exhibited by Mrs. Corazon Purificacion and Mrs. Ana Ruth Purificacion- Conde

 Vanda sanderiana

Vanda sanderina or Euanthe sanderiana is an endemic orchid found in the southern parts of the country.  There are some recognized varieties of this orchid species , some of which are exhibited in the ongoing 66th Mid-Year orchid and garden show.

 Closer view of the flowers of Vanda sanderiana aka Euanthe sanderiana

Note : I will be posting a part 2 of this event for landscape exhibits, flower arrangement competition , noteworthy plants and orchids for collection !

 Please visit the link for the second part : https://renz15.wordpress.com/2012/08/30/66th-philippine-orchid-society-mid-year-orchid-garden-show-opening-highlights-part-2/

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