First Laguna Blogging Summit: My Top 10 Learning Experience part 2

Cultural Center of Laguna , Capitol Grounds, Santa Cruz , Laguna province -Philippines

Cultural Center of Laguna or CCL

After a highly successful first day of the Laguna Blogging Summit, We arrived a little bit late at the cultural center on the second day .  There were at least 1,000 students, media practitioners , IT professors , bloggers , province of Laguna officials and employees were on hand to attend the summit,  Almost double the 600 plus attendees from the first day .

students having a great time listening

I took the chance of interviewing some students and guests on the second day  , some of them told us that they are different group from the first day . A lot of them are taking I.T. courses, Mass Communication, Web Technology , Business related  courses , Computer Science , Marketing , Education and even Biology .

6. ) Learning thru History – Laguna is a province known for a lot of historical sites some of them dates back at least 1,000 years even before the arrival of the Spaniards.

old American style colonial house in Pila , Laguna

bust of former Laguna governors

After the Mr. Norito Cabotage of  Philippine Information Agency and Dr. Nestor De Vera -president of Laguna State Polytechnic University , lucky winners of gift packs courtesy of Gardenia , Krispy Creme gift certificate, t-shirts, pins , booklets are given to the lucky  winners.

Engineer Grace- Nicolas together with the student who won a Gardenia gift pack , Gardenia representative and Mr. Florencio Jusay Jr.

7.) Learning with the use of Technologies

 Ms. Jinkee Umali

I must say that learning especially with the use of technology like internet , with just one click on key board is very fast.

Ms. Jinkee Umali is a well -known writer , blogger , entrepreneur , active member of Los Banos Horticultural Society . She gave some insights blogging and her experiences . She is the founder and Digital Publisher of Calamba Online – and Live Life Fullest –, Jinkee Umali is an I.T. practitioner by profession for almost a decade that runs and owns a family business, VirtualBIZ – which focus in developing e-commerce, business websites and blogs. :

Calamba On-Line :

Engineer Grace Bondad Nicolas , Honorable Niel Andrew Nocon , Ms. Jinkee Umali  received token of appreciation and gift  courtesy of  Gardenia, Tiny Buds and Mer- Nel Bakeshop .

Ethics and Etiquette in Blogging ( Juned Sonido)

He described the different types of blogger

1.) Diarist 2.) Story Telling/ Chronicle 3.) Opinion Maker 4.) Propagandist / Advocate 5.) Business

L-R Mr. Florencio Jusay Jr. , Engineer Grace- Nicolas,  Mr. Juned Sonido ( speaker ) -received  token gifts and certificate of appreciation   from Gardenia,  Tiny Buds and Mer- Nels Bakeshop .

He differentiate Ethics and Etiquette – Mr. Sonido  also cited Mr. William Graham Sumner an American Social Critic   ” Mores distinguished the difference between right and wrong , while folkways draw a line between right and rude ” 1906.

William Graham Sumner  :

Actionable Start-up SEO Blogging Strategies by Mark Acsay III

Mr. Florencio Jusay Jr. , Engineer Grace Nicolas, Mark Acsay III , representative from Gardenia and Mr.  Rod Magaru

Dean Jorge Bocobo, historian , professor, rocket scientist and national scientist  in his military outfit

Dean Jorge Bocobo according to his self introduction is one of the more elder blogger , His passion for writing and blogging led him to be an influencer in the blogging community.  Mr. Bocobo is a physicist by training and education, with a Masters Degree in Applied Physics from Harvard University (1980) and undergraduate degree from California State University at San Francisco (1977). He is a product of La Salle Green Hills High School.

L-R Engineer Grace Nicolas , Dean Jeorge Bocobo , representative from gardenia and Mr. Rod  Magaru  during the awarding of certificate of appreciation and token of gifts 

Since returning to the Philippines in 1995, he has dedicated his efforts to public
education–as a regular contributor and columnist for the Philippine
Daily Inquirer; as a writer and publisher of textbooks for the public
and private schools; and presently as a developer of digital learning
materials and e-books. He was a Bronze Medal Winner in the Epic Poetry
category of the National Centennial Commission’s Heritage Prize
Literary Contest (1998) for his poem in English, The Bells of
Balangiga. His principal advocacy is for the delivery of affordable, high quality education for all Filipinos.

 Dean Jorge Bocobo :

Krispy Kreme

There were Krispy Kreme boxes on each of the tables , While gift certificate was raffled-off  to the participants. Krispy Kreme is now celebrating their 75th anniversary ( diamond jubilee)  1937 to 2012 and part of the the organization advocacy is to support 12 organizations like Philippine National Red Cross, Philippine Native Plants Conservation Society , Incorporated ( the author is a proud founding member, officer ) thru their projects, proceed from their sales will be shared with these organizations. I must say , buying donuts and other products from the company will go a long way ….


Mr. Jayvee Fernandez

8. ) Learning that our country is very rich in biodiversity and photography sites .

Being a member of a lot of environmental NGO groups , I must say that our country is  rich in biodiversity , But when our next speaker Mr. Jayvee Fernandez  presented his pictures and slides . It blew me away ! With over 36,289 square kilometers of coastlines , the Philippines is the 4th longest coastlines in the world ( Source : )

Mr. Jaypee  Fernandez

Those sea creatures  he presented are indeed very spectacular and the richness of our country’s biodiversity extend beyond the land and the sea .

9.) Learning Thru Tourism and Hospitality( It’s More Fun in Laguna )

Mr. Jaypee David audio- video presentation  awed the audience, but was slightly interrupted by the frequently lagging Internet connection. He had visited some countries like Vietnam, Thailand , Cambodia , Singapore.

Link :

Tourism and Hospitality goes hand-in hand , I have been to a lot of provinces and cities in many parts of the country, I must say that one of the most hospitable people and places that i have been is in Laguna. From friendly government employees,  officials , students to even the simplest folks. They would show their smiles and warm greetings to all of the participants.

When the bus passed-by several towns and municipalities , you can see the province colorful past from its old churches, quaint houses, horticultural towns like Bay and Los Banos , Heritage towns like Pila,  Calamba, Binan, Pakil, Nagcarlan. Agricultural towns and its industries from embroidery, wood carvings, native delicacies, fruits  and among others. I must admit that i am a regular visitor in the province, I have some aunts, cousins and close  friends that are residents of Laguna . I must add to the nickname Laguna :  ” Horticultural Center ” of the South , which  plant lovers would definitely pick the province as their first choice whenever they wanted to showcase the richness and endemic flora of the country.

Mr. Jonnel-Uy

 Mr. Jonel -Uy is the blogger behind, and, among others.

He is a freelance social media consultant and has handled projects for Magnolia Ice Cream and SM Hypermarket, to name a few. Three of his blogs were recognized as Top 10 Emerging & Influential Blogs, one for each year of 2009, 2010, & 2011.

Mr. Florencio Jusay Jr. , Engineer Grace- Nicolas, Jonnel Uy ,  representative of Gardenia , Mr. Rod Magaru

Three more of his Blogger Manila Network blogs namely Cosmo Manila, Good News Manila, and Digital Manila were all finalists in the national categories of the Philippine Blog Awards recently. He now teaches in Grace Christian College.

10.) Learning how to share your blessings!

Ms. Janette Toral- Queen of Philippine Social Media

If Ms. Kris Aquino is dubbed as ” Queen of All- Media ” in the Philippines, I must say , Ms. Janette Toral is the ” Queen of Philippine Social Media” is she behind the very successful I – Blog Summit , An active blogger since the mid 1990’s , professional lecturer and top influential blogger of the Philippines and perhaps the world. I have heard so much about Ms. Janette Toral even before joining the 8th I -Blog summit last May 2012. I must say that all of her blogging tips were very helpful .  Janette Toral :

L-R Mr. Rod Magaru – emcee / blogger , Honorable Niel Andrew Nocon -councilor , second district in Laguna , Engineer Grace Bondad- Nicolas, Ms. Janette Toral , representatives of Gardenia and Mr. Florencio Jusay Jr. emcee and blogger . 

Ms. Janette Toral raffled some slots for the Digital Marketing Summit which her group organize the following day ( September 29) at the SMX Convention Center , Pasay City.

group picture of the participants during the second day of the summit

organizers of the First Laguna Blogging Summit

After the very fruitful First Laguna Blogging Summit , We hope that there will be another blogging summit in the province next year ! Kudos and More Power to all the organizers, volunteers , sponsors, donors , Governor Jeorge ” ER” Ejercito-Estregan Jr.  and other nameless individuals which made this event very successful !!!!

Please visit the the Laguna Blogging Summit : My Top 10 Learning Experience Part 1 :


First Laguna Blogging Summit: My Top 10 Learning Experience!Part 1

Cultural Center of Laguna , Capitol Grounds, Santa Cruz , Laguna province -Philippines

Governor Jeorge ” ER ” Ejercito Estregan Jr.

Laguna province is known as “Resort Capital ” , ” Silicone Valley ”  and ” Detriot ” of the Philippines “ as promoted in their tourism slogan. In fact , Laguna province is one of the most visited provinces south of Manila. The province was regarded by the Department of Tourism as one of the country’s Top Tourist Destinations of Choice .

Province of Laguna:

 Lucky students , professors and early birds were given breakfast meals and lunch  courtesy of the Laguna provincial government thru the office of Governor Jeorge “ER” Ejercito .  The governor aside from being known as a multi-awarded  film actor and producer. He is the only Laguna governor which was awarded  the ” Presidential Lingkod Bayan ” in 2011.

Gardenia’s mangoes creme filled rolls balloon  delighted visitors and guests to the blogging summit

The province is accessible to commuters in Metro Manila.   When I saw an advertisement about the blogging summit to be held in the province last July 2012, I quickly took the opportunity to register  at the on-line site. I also filed a leave in order just to attend the two-day summit.

old- provincial capitol building done during the American colonial regime under going restoration process

The 2-day summit is sponsored by the province of Laguna thru the office of Governor Jeorge ” ER ” Ejercito Estregan and the provincial council led by District II board member – Hon. Neil Andrew Nocon and other municipalities like Angeles City by Mayor Ed Pamintuan.

 replica of the carriedo fountain  and  the  pyramidal  shaped – Cultural Center of Laguna within  the capitol grounds.

1.) Learning is never ending process !  learning new  ‘things’ can always be never ending and often cyclical process !!! . When we arrived at the summit, we were greeted by the friendly staffs of the summit , vips , organizers and students from various colleges and universities from different parts of Laguna.  Some of the students took time taking notes on whatever inputs we can share to them, from personal experiences in school,  work experiences  , our advocacies and even blogging know how. We also learn something new from them  and same with the rest of the group. Just like sponge , We would tend to absorb water or in our case,  knowledge  into our system . Hoping not to squeeze it out .

students , faculties , media practitioners , bloggers, vips in the  jam- packed venue.

There were at least 600 attendees  from STI Laguna, AMA Computer College- Sta. Cruz branch , University of the Philippines – Los Baños, Laguna State Polytechnic University ( LSPU )  of Siniloan campus and Santa Cruz ,  Laguna State Polytechnic College , writers, bloggers,  media practitioners , industry experts and among othersSome of the early birds  were given exclusive seats , hand-outs , goodie bags, historical poster map of the province  together with those who registered in the summit . In fact , this is our chance to mingle with them and learn some of their stories.  These students will soon become the future bloggers , social media influencer ,  policy makers  ,  advocates themselves, and would eventually become the future leaders of the country, so it’s just appropriate that we should take care of their “social” and intellectual development. The professors and students told us that they are very fortunate to be invited by the organizers to the summit.  The topics are very informative and are also relevant to the syllabus in their courses.

Laguna State Polytechnic University :

Gardenia booth

Gardenia :

Since  most of the students came early and  from far flung places, the organizers  and Gardenia gave away great tasting muffins, creme rolls and sandwiches  .  The venue can accommodate  more than 1,200 people in any given event.  This is the cultural hub of the province,  According to the caretaker of the center , There are between 6 to 8 events that are being held at the  cultural center every month.  Events like Miss World -Philippines 2012 ,  Miss and Mr. Laguna 2012 , First Laguna Blogging  Summit  were  among the top crowd drawers at the convention center.  In fact,   just before lunchtime, the summit became one of the top trending topics  in Twitter , Facebook  and other social networking sites  ! This shows that even those people in far away provinces  like Davao , Zamboanga , Ilocos regions, Cagayan province  and even abroad are connected to the summit thru their social media accounts and are showing support to the summit.

Some lucky ones also got interesting freebies from Tiny Buds , one of the sponsors of the event. The company is known for their baby item materials such as cotton buds , hypo- allergenic hand sanitizer, baby powder and  many other items, which is very good for daily use and as  Chistmas gifts . I have personally bought several hand sanitizer and immediately use them, unlike the commercially available  brands , Tiny Buds hand sanitizer leaves no sticky residue on hands.

Tiny Buds at Face Book :

participants name  tag sponsored by COMELEC

2. Learning with the aid of celebrity– Celebrity can help promote one advocates, role model and in education .  Before the Honorable Mayor Of Pagsanjan was presented to the public, a video presentation about Laguna and its wonderful tourist destination was shown to the public.   Honorable  Girlie Maita Javier Ejercito, was exceptionally stunning in her  white outfit that morning when she welcomed the summit participants . One of the participant, told me that she looked like Ms. Kuh Ledesma .  I say what? , then  I told the participant that i think she used to play some  roles in movies and even commercials.

Honorable Mayor Girlie Maita Javier -Ejercito of Pagsanjan

Everyone was mesmerized with her short but very powerful welcome remarks , Then suddenly almost everyone shouted ” Sample, Sample ” ng kanta  .  It was then followed by an impromptu but surprisingly very energetic song number – complete with a backdrop music video entitled Bangkero, Lahat ay Masaya, and a few hints of dance steps. The promotional video highlighted the beauty of Laguna,with the focal point is the majestic Pagsanjan falls. She granted  few photo opportunity as the hectic schedule allowed her to stay at the summit for just a few minutes. She is to accept an award from the DEPED .

 3rd from the right top row -Engineer Grace Bondad- Nicolas, Mayor Girlie Maita Javier -Ejercito ( Pagsanjan ) Honorable Niel Andrew Nocon -councilor second district of Laguna , bloggers, media practitioners.

The honorable mayor  formerly  known as  Maita Sanchez,  the  wife of the Mr.  Jeorge  E.R. Ejercito Jr.  She recalled how she was part of the movie in the late 1980’s  and ”  Hindi ko na pinakawalan si Jeorge ”  referring to his husband and now with 4 kids.  She is like a walking promotional billboard , when she speaks , everyone stops and  listens .

Mr. Tony Ahn – an event organizer , blogger and website developer

Mr. Tony Ahn unique blend of education and experience makes him one of the most highly sought after social media evangelists in Asia.  His  degree focused on ethnography, a branch of anthropology that studies and describes contemporary human cultures. Ethnographers capture and communicate “webs of meaning,” defining the inter-working of cultures from an inside perspective.

Mr. Tony Ahn holding ” BLOG Like a Star ” Six Tips for Digital Fame booklet

Tony holds a master’s degree in counseling from Pennsylvania State University, giving him rich insights into human motivation and behavior. Simply put, Tony knows what consumers want and why. He has used this knowledge to reshape online customer service practices on two continents. While heading the digital team there, he designed a line of signature social media marketing products that has been used by Ayala Land Corporation, Krispy Kreme, Alaxan, and PSBank, among others.

Mr. Tony Ahn being interviewed by a television news reporter from TV channel 5 – Kapatid Network

Tony’s first entrepreneurial venture came in 2005 when he co-founded a publishing company. As CEO, He innovated new uses of social media for crowdsourced content creation. In May of this year he opened Tony Ahn & Co., as part of a new emerging class of agencies: hybrid traditional/digital marketing/PR firms. He’ll be drawing back the curtain and giving an insider view of the business of blogger relations, from an agency perspective.

                Business Address : 18th Floor PhilamLife Tower, 8767 Paseo de   Roxas Street  , Makati City , National Capital Region , Philippines

Land line : (632) 814-95-77

Website : Tony Ahn and Company :

 Mr Sonnie Santos wrote “W.A.V.E. Your Way To The Top!” a guidebook to keep a growth conducive work attitude, values and ethics, in the midst of corporate politics, misconduct and other issues.

 Mr. Santos had been tapped as a resource person in various corporations, academe-giving lectures on technology matters such as (1) Responsible use of social media and crafting of online policy (2) Cyber wellness and (3) Cyber Bullying. On people development, Sonnie gave seminars on (1) Leadership Development, (2) Work Attitude, Values and Ethics with Spiritual Intelligence as framework (3) Digital HR or HR 2.0 (4) Organizational and Personal Branding (5) HR for Non HR among many others.

Ms. Elizabeth Angsiaco

Ms. Elizabeth Angsiaco is a columnist – Manila Standard ,  RH bill advocate , mother and award winning blogger.  Ms. Angsioco is also the national chairperson of the Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines. She spoke to the audience about the role of social media and how to help those people from the depress communities . She also cited some examples on how bloggers can use in helping those in dire need  ” What we should have is social media ++  plus, plus ” I  must totally agree with her statement .

Honorable  Niel Andrew Nocon– board member 2nd district of Laguna

Mr. Niel Andrew Nocon is a councilor / bukal of the 2nd district of Laguna . He is a University of the Philippines, Los Baños graduate and handling the Tourism, History, Culture and Arts, Education and Public Works of the province. The current President under the Turismo Los Baños , Red Cross Volunteers, member of Board of Trustees HUMEIN Philippines and member of the Board of Regents-Laguna University.

Ms. Jasmine Cruz and Ms. Camille Abadicio

Before the noon time break , Ms. Camille Abadicio – a junior news correspondence of  TV channel 5 ( Kapatid Network ) interviewed some promising bloggers which includes Ms. Jasmine Cruz and her mom Mrs. Merceditas Cruz  , Tony Ahn and the organizers of the event . The interview was to be shown on September 29, 2012 on TV channel 5.

lunch sponsored  by the  Laguna government

3.) Learning with the Professionals – As they say , Nothing beats the pro,  technique on how to increase traffic on your blogsite,  advocacy bloggers, health bloggers, educational bloggers  and those people with the expertise  within the industry  .   Nothing beats getting first hand information from the blogging  practitioners ,  they are imparting valuable information which can aid newbies and aspiring future social media practitioners.

Nurse Alvin Cloyd Dakis

 Nurse Alvin Dakis is one of the few health bloggers in the country. He is the National President & Chief Executive Officer Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders & Advocates International Inc., Health Committee Chairperson National Anti-Poverty Commission, Youth & Students Sector, Office of the President and NCR Health Council Chairperson of the EDSA People Power Commission under the Office of the President.

Nurse Alvin Cloyd Dakis received a certificate of appreciation from Engineer Grace Nicolas, representatives from Gardenia and  Mer- Nels Pastries

Ms. Wenchie Flores Sabban together with the organizers of the First Laguna Blogging Summit

Ms. Wenchie Flores- Sabban is a congressional chief of staff and worked at the Senate of the Philippines for 12 years,  She is a Communication Arts graduate of University of Santo Tomas  and  served 3- terms as Kabataang Barangay Chairperson in Manila during her teens. She also worked in the Philippine Senate as Executive Assistant to the late Former Chief Justice and Senate President Marcelo Fernan, legislative staff to the late Senator Raul Roco , Now she is the  chief of Staff in Congress and consultants to some legislators.

Engineer  Fritz Gerard Villafuerte

Mr. Fritz Gerald – Villafuerte is an engineer,  blogger , entrepreneur  and a financial analyst expert, He is also good in drawing as shown in his power point presentation ” Bloggers Horror Stories ” tell stories on top bloggers who would go bankrupt overnight . financial planning and allocation is also very important .  He also conducts free seminars and lecture about financial planning – this is one of his advocates ( Financial Freedom )

Website link :

COMELEC- Director Mr. James Jimenez

 Mr. James Jimenez is a graduate of University of Santo Tomas with two degrees , received four awards, and learned zero skills that would have made him employable in a call-center.  With 52,000,000 estimated registered voters in 2013,  Using  traditional tools in voters education can take approximately  10, 400 sessions in 28 years !!! HUH such a long time !.

Mr. James Jimenez received a token of appreciation from the organizers of the event. 

That is where the need of Social Media on Voters Education comes along ,   He emphasized that there is an urgent need to  properly educate the voting public, and social media can help a great deal because of its increasing reach and usage .  The role of the social media in election campaigns of politicians. Mr. Jimenez  cited some examples of  election related – advocacy groups  formed thru the power of social media like the #Epalwatch and Anti-Epal movement where the COMELEC had recently formed an alliance with to become their arm in helping them identify the “Epals in the City.” and their campaign .

Website link :

4.) Learning from Fun,  Games and Trivias ! – The exciting part of  the summit is the fun and antics by ” comic ” speakers . While  contest giveaways,  question and answer portion , trivia  and gifts courtesy of the many sponsors like  Krispy Kreme, Tiny Buds, Chowking ,  Walk This Way Tours, Mary Pauline Salon, Star Salon, Microsoft Philippines, Mer-Nels Cake, Andrew Grace Home Builders among many others.   This part of the summit makes everyone’s adrenaline rush , mad dash to the microphone,  squeaky voices and a hell lot of  trivias about the host province. I do not know that some students somehow even forgot their basic history lessons ! Basta Bawal ang Pikon ! Puro laugh trip !!!

Mr. Pocholo de Leon Gonzales – Art of  Personal Branding ( Pochology 101)

Mr. ” Choy ” Gonzales , specializing in original character voice for animation and dubbing, voice impersonation, radio drama, radio and television ads, id’s, and children shows . His voice was already used in a thousand characters in anime, hundreds of local commercials in radio and television, and various children’s programs, films, foreign telenovelas, drama, and other TV shows,  earned him  various title like  ” The Voice Master ” , ” Man with a Thousand  Voice ” , ” Master Dubber ” , ” Comic Voices” among others . He was featured in more than 100 television shows from different television stations.

Bubu Chacha – a a story of a dog who became a car – a popular anime in the Philippines in the late 1999 – Choy is one of the dubber of the main character :

Choy is best known for his young, fresh, funny, different and friendly sound. He finished BA Speech Communication and MA Broadcast Communications at the University of the PhilippinesDiliman. Choy’s  talk on personal branding was a tough act to follow (complete with sound effects and various voices reminiscent of the radio dramas during the old days.) He is one of the best motivational speakers in the summit  which  brought the entire convention area down !

Mr. Pocholo ” Choy ” Gonzales received a token of appreciation from the organizers of the event and representatives from Gardenia , Tiny Buds and Mer – Nels Bakeshop

Choy also helped in founding Voice of the Youth (VOTY) one of his advocacies. This radio program aired for two hours each Sunday for more than four years. Voice of the Youth opened opportunities for young people to voice their ideas and opinions on an array of issues affecting their lives.

I could say it was like going to a comedy bar, stage play and at the same time learning thru being funny. I learned three ” things ” from Choy,  1.) Who are You ?  2.) What do you do ? 3.) What makes you unique ?  I guess everyone is unique.

 Pocholo Gonzales :

5.) Learning thru Perspiration and Inspiration

Mr. “John ” Lloyd Luna

Few proverbial sayings can be attributed to a named individual. In this case, we can name the coiner of the expression – the American inventor Thomas Alva Edison. Edison is first reported as saying “Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety-nine per cent perspiration” sometime around 1902, in the September 1932 edition of Harper’s Monthly Magazine.

But somehow, I must agree with this . However not all success in life in purely inspiration but also perspiration.

Mr. Lloyd Luna together with the student from the computer college, The student initially mistaken the speaker as the ” photographer ” of the summit , the student  was taken into a surprise of his life  when he was called unto the stage  becoming an instant celebrity .

Before the next  inspirational speaker was formally introduced to the crowd, a short video presentation from Balitang ” K” hosted by Ms. Korina Sanchez narrating the lives of  young millionaires .  Mr. Lloyd Luna was one of the 4 young millionaires that was featured in the story .  Mr.  Luna, the motivational speaker , book author , entrepreneur ,  blogger knows  how to catch  the attention  of the participants .  Wearing ordinary white-t shirt , jeans and unassuming ways .His non-formal attire and looks ,  He was able to bring  the entire convention center  down by just  his  funny antics and artista way of  delivery.  Just like having a short skit imitating the famous actor  ” John Lloyd ” Cruz . My great impression about the speaker  is that he was able to use his unusual encounters  to his advantage . He cited an example of once being seated in front of a summit when he tried asking for bottled water , the organizer at first glance refuses to gave him a bottled water, When he was called on to the stage  as ” speaker ” it was the only time that the lady gave her the bottled water.  Looks can be very deceiving.  This time around ,  a group of students  mistaken him as a  “photographer” before he was introduced as the speaker . The  scenario with the students became a comic relief  for everyone. He indeed caught everyone’s attention when he got the last laugh after he showed the students he was more than just an ordinary guy, By , now everyone is calling him ” John ” Lloyd Luna  a guy who despite of modest upbringing and initial hardship in life became of the most sought after motivational speakers in blogging conventions and lifestyle summits not only in the Philippines by also throughout the World !!!

Engineer Grace -Nicolas  together with representatives from Chowking , Gardenia, Mer-Nels Bakery  and Mr. Florencio Jusay Jr.  presented a token gifts to the speaker

His company speaks to more than half a million people on career, business, and personal development every year . From a simple publishing outfit, his company has grown to a full-service people development firm that helps entrepreneurs, business leaders, and political figures in the areas of human resource development, personal achievement, career improvement, internet marketing, sales, corporate imaging, and personal branding, and political strategy.

Thumbs -Up for the two speakers ! Mr. Pocholo ” Choy ” Gonzales and Mr. ” John ”  Lloyd Luna  together with the author

He also sponsor the printing of several school papers which helps students voice their opinion and other important matters.

Lloyd Luna :

Mr. Benjamin Vergel de Dios of Knowledge Community talks about  the GTS program of De La Salle University and CHED

The Graduate Tracer Study or GTS 2012 is a nationwide survey sampling graduates from 837 out of 1,691 higher education institutions. It seeks to investigate the employ-ability of higher education graduates and assess the relevance of higher education programs vis-à-vis expectations of employers.

Mr. Benjamin Vergel de Dios gave Engineer Grace -Nicolas a certificate of appreciation

The study will focus on graduates of 20 disciplines from academic years 2005/06 until 2009/10. The target number of respondents of the survey is 58,000.  Please try to take time to answer their survey in their website.

Commission on Higher Education

Knowledge Community :

group picture  after the first day of the summit

 Please visit the the Laguna Blogging Summit : My Top 10 Learning Experience Part 2 :

Website Links:

 1 LaBS :

Andrew Grace Builders :

Philippine Hotel Suppliers Show 2012

SMX Convention Center, Pasay City , Metro Manila -Philippines

This is the second year that Global Link Event Management  had initiated this event which primarily targeted the hotel and hospitality  industry , suppliers  and buyers.

representative from leading hotel, suppliers and industry expert were on had during the opening ceremonies at the lobby of SMX Convention Center

entrance to the SMX convention center with large bottle of wine

Dale Mathis Studio Incorporated

DMSI (Dale Mathis Studio Inc.) in the Philippines. The idyllic environment, people, culture and love of art have embraced him as much as he has embraced them.

table top ideal for bar – this wonderfully crafted table is modern and yet uses materials which are normally thrown away in junkyard.

Mr. Dale’s artwork is in private collections in London, Italy, France, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Philippines, Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Qatar, Dubai, Japan, China India and Mexico.

As of 2011, Dale is represented by 13 galleries throughout the world. Dale’s work has been seen on MTV’s Cribs and The Real World Las Vegas, HGTV’s Crafters Coast to Coast, Philippine Networks GMA channel 7  and ABS-CBN channel 2.

Dale Mathis :

Address: 220 Manibaug Libutd ,Porac City , Pampanga , Philippines 2008

Tel/ Fax +63 -45  -323-45-09

Contact Person : Mr. Cris Venzon


Queen termite

Jardine company is well-known for their wholesale distributor of popular  distributor of agricultural and applied construction chemicals.  Crop protection product range includes Insecticides, Molluscicides, Herbicides and Fungicides for use in a wide range of agricultural crops that include rice, corn, mango and other fruits and vegetables.

Jardine Distributor :

Global Link :

Eight reasons to visit the 33rd Manila International Book Fair

SMX Convention Center , Pasay City , Metro Manila – Philippines

SMX main lobby

It was a cloudy day when i went to the SMX Convention Center, I was not able to catch -up on the opening day of the 33rd Manila Intentional Book fair  due to a lot of work and prior commitments.

I was given some complimentary tickets from my regular buyers  “suki ”  and friends from the bookstore industry . Unfortunately , some of the regular participants during the book fair seems to be absent.

Goodwill Bookstore booth

1.) Great Discounts on Books and other Reading Materials.

Goodwill Bookstore is the first booth that i have visited during the exhibition, This is one of the oldest bookstore established in 1937  that is still existing in the country.  Last year we were invited to the book launching of “Philippine Native Orchid Species ” by  Mr. Jim Cootes  .


This year, while chatting with some Goodwill store marketing personnel – I saw ” Bonsai & SuisekiTrees & Stones … in Harmony  ( hardbound ) – This book was printed in 2004 and is being sold for just Php 150 ! I quickly check the hardbound book ( for any lost pages and quality check) and immediately  paid for the book . While paying , the cashier told me that I have an eye for books ! then quickly recognized me , ” Hindi ba ikaw ang parati kasama namin tuwing may -orchid show” ? LOL .  Yes! I quickly told ,   the cashier .  Goodwill Bookstore used to participate  in orchid shows as stall holders selling various orchid and gardening books  .   Then the cashier told me that the book that i have purchased is indeed a great bargain. They used to sell that for almost a thousand pesos !

Array of books being sold at a bargain price

2.) Meeting Friends and People within the industry 

Mr. Jojo Manzano  of Unveiled at Last revised by the author

CSM bookstore is one of the 200 plus bookstores , publisher and distributor which participated in the book fair. CSM is the number one provider of christian resources in the Philipines.

Church Strengthening Ministry, Inc. CSM Bldg., Pascor Drive ,Sto. Nino, Parañaque City , 1704 Philippines

Tel. (632) 852-7301 to 04

Fax. (632) 851-0170


Website :

3.) Meet Your Favorite authors, cartoonist and illustrators

Ms. Sharron Navera author of Haunted TV Shows

Went to the booth of PSICOM Publishing Company and  bought  3 books ,  2 books written by Mr. Stanley Chi  (Suplado Tips 1 and Pogi Points )

Website :

  Ms. Sharron Navera author of  ( Haunted TV Shows)  i got a chance to interview her despite her hectic schedule. Some of the books that she wrote are re-published again .   I left the 2 other books with Ms. Jem Doromal with the receipt and my business card hoping to let  Mr. Stanley Chi autograph the book, The book signing is scheduled tomorrow September 15, 2012.   I normally would buy books and leave them to the publisher for autograph signing, But this is my first time to leave the books with the  PSI company ( I have no idea if they will let the author sign it ? or will just put them in a corner ?)  .  The book is quite cheap, However since the paper is just like newspaper type , I am expecting that despite of nice storage facilities that i have at home, tropical stains and humidity would take its toll in this kind of newspaper type of paper.  Perhaps the company would take in consideration the quality of the paper ( so that it would last longer) rather than quantity .

 PSI Publishing :

4.) Interesting booths and displays – energy balls  from which  static electricity are generated  that people who touch the ball   make their hair stand on end. This is one of the interesting booths at the ongoing 33rd Manila International Book Fair . The Philippine Science Centrum had some collaboration with Goodwill Bookstore and is among the most frequently visited booth . Aside from learning thru books, students can learn practical science, math thru interactive displays .

                           Philippine Science Centrum -part of their awareness and promotion is a traveling exhibit


Child friendly booth

5.) Freebies and other Perks- Leslie’s Food Corporation is one of the companies which gave free snacks during the book-fair.  Some exhibitor booth gave interesting paper fans, bags , magazines  and book marks !

6.) Contests and Games- Diwa Publishing sponsored a battle of the brain type of contest which is called ” Pasiklaban” 

7.) Workshop, Story Telling and Lectures- Mrs. Maricel Laxa- Pangilinan conducting a story telling ” Kuya na si Bunso ”  last September 14, 2012. Almost every booth had its own book launching , story telling from celebrities, freebies and lectures.


8.) Cosplays and Costume party- some of the exhibit booths allows visitors to wear costumes and  have some time character playing . Cos-players is also a delight to all the visitors of the event, they have contest for best in costume presentation.

“Learning is Fun ” just like this exhibit booth , some of the books are price at Php 10.00 each

I would normally linger the whole day but due to busy schedule  .  I have to cut my visit to the event for just a couple of hours , enough for me to buy at least 3 dozen books ( at bargain prices !)  .  Bibliophile or book lovers/ collectors would definitely take time to attend this event. Unfortunately , i was not able to buy postcards from Book Mark which was absent during this year’s book-fair.

Admission FEE is Php 20 for the general public and Php 10 for student

The Book Fair opens from 10:00am to 8:00pm

The event is until September 16, 2012.

 Note:  Some bookstores , publisher and exhibitor would normally give away complimentary tickets to their “suki” regular customers .

Maxim’s Hotel -Manila and Newport City tour review

No 10 Newport Boulevard,Newport City Complex, Pasay City · Metro Manila, 1309- Philippines

roof top view of Marriot Hotel with landscape garden from Maxim’s Hotel

After the meet and greet  with  German Chef Frank Schmitt at the nearby Genting Star Cruises Academy , We were offered a quick but meaningful tour around the complex. Although this is not my first time to visit the complex, I have been watching some movies and theater plays in the past. This is more of a facility tour around the vicinity. Along with Pinoy Chocophile : , We were given an exclusive tour of the facilities , amenities and places to dine . Marriot Hotel is  located within  Newport City across Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 .The hotel had 8 floors which  boasts of 323  exquisite guest accommodations that offers luxurious bedding , 19 suits , 10 meeting rooms with a total of 12, 292 square feet of total meeting place.

exclusive villas with secluded jacuzzi and private polls awaits hotel’s vip’s clients .

Maxims Hotel

Maxims Hotel is the all-suite luxury hotel in the Philippines, setting the benchmark for high-end accommodations in the country. Catering to guests with the most discerning tastes, this first-class city retreat is equipped with 172 spacious and lavishly-furnished suites. For inquiries and reservations, please email :
Call :
+63(2) 908 8000 loc 7796 to 7797
+63(2) 908 8600

Maxim’s Hotel :

jacuzzi pool

The complex  is a convenient 15 to 20  minute drive from Makati Business District and Bonifacio Global City. Affording a splendid view of the adjoining 18-hole Villamor Golf Course,and AFP Air Craft Museum.  Leisure facilities includes Quan Spa, Health Club, Salon and Newport Mall. With a Grand Ballroom and several meeting rooms.

vertical garden using Tillandsia ionantha varieties

The hotel is said to open to the public in 2009 boast of being the first six star hotel in country. Aside from Marriot Hotel which is a six- star hotel , First in Metro Manila,   Maxims Hotel a six-star hotel, Remington Hotel a three- star hotel which is located within the complex.

wine  from different parts of the world  that is kept in refrigeration 

 According to our host , The wines  are kept away from sunlight and heat exposure, storing  them in  wine fridge which is  temperature controlled . Wide fluctuation in temperature will damage the wine and the cork. Ideal range of temperature for storing red wine is 50-55ºF or 10-16ºC. White wines can be stored at lower ranges at 45ºF.

wine stored in different levels

Another important factor is the humidity, which factors  important fine balance. If the humidity is too high, mold can grow and cellar woods and wine labels can be damaged. If the environment is too dry, the cork will crack and air will leak into the bottle, again ruining the wine. Ideal humidity for wine storage ranges from 60-75% Relative Humidity. Since i am not a wine connoisseur , i was stuck and awed by the wide array of wines from different parts of the globe.

 flowering guzmanias placed at the main escalator of the hotel

The hotel main escalator had potted-live flowering plants which also serves as a flower arrangement , the potted plants can remain fresh for several weeks ! I even overheard some guests were asking whether those plants are real .

chocolate centerpiece 

Marriott Hotel Manila is also the ultimate destination for meetings and events, from weddings to gala dinner celebrations., in-room safe, mini-bar, high-speed Internet, air conditioning, 40″ full high definition LCDs with IPTV, videos on demand and jack pack plug-and-play system. The hotel features excellent dining options such as Marriott Cafe, Cru Steakhouse, Java+ and Lobby Lounge.

array of chocolates and snack items

Among the hotel long list of celebrity clientele included Congressman Manny Pacquiao and among others. Maxims Hotel is also a perfect place to relax offering six- star amenities , while Remington hotel offers a 3 -star amenities .  Our  tour within the Newport City is not fully complete due to time constraints ,  We promise our contacts to return back and maybe feature some historical tid-bits and attractions that Megaworld , Genting and their partners are up to in the next few months to follow.  It is also wise to become a member of Resort’s World , They have exclusive membership cards which is like a reward plus, aside from getting points when you use the cards in any of Newport City establishments , There are also several pick-up points around Metro Manila where shuttle vans waits for those members . I guess with all those amenities and membership perks , no wonder ‘why’ this entertainment city can rival some of Asia’s best   and brightest cities !

Phone: 63 2 9889999
Fax:63 2 8369998
Sales:63 2 9889999 ext. 8014
Sales Fax:63 2 9889946
Marriot Hotel- Manila

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Megaworld :

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