Diecast Car Collectors of the Philippines eyeball and swap meet

Robinson’s Place- Activity area, Ermita , Manila-Philippines

Robinson’s  Robinson Place activity area

Diecast Car Collectors’ of the Philippines in partnership with Robinson’s Place , Richwell Trading  was posted about a week or so before the swap meet .

swap meet

The activity consisted of table bourse where toy sellers are actively seeling or trading their toys, an exhibit area , where rare hot wheels cars and limited edition series were displayed to the mall goers.

activity area were children and even adults can play their racing cars

There is a stage area where short program is being held.

hot-wheel die cast cars on exhibit

This hot-wheel toy car display attracts collectors and passers-by .

Mr. Thaddeus C. Anatalio- die cast car collection

a rare treasure hunt

Richwell trading had a promo during the swap meet, A collector must buy 3 hot-wheel toy car and can buy  1 piece  limited edition treasure hunt

hot wheel truck

This hot wheel van or truck adds color to the swap meet.  I had to buy some hot wheel toys before leaving the area.

Facebook event page: http://www.facebook.com/events/190529451084719/


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  1. Just in case somebody’s interested I am selling Hotwheels cars.I just really need the money right Now. selling it for Php 80.00 I’m not a collector but it was my brother who sent me this cars. It’s made of diecast material and plastic By Mattel. It’s all brand new and inside the case. Hav en’t use any of it. Hope to get a feedback.

    Thank you.

    My contact no is 0926 7525335 / 0927 2144437 / 0915 3454324

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