Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto in San Jose del Monte , Bulacan

Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto complex ,  San Jose del Monte City – Bulacan province

I woke up early morning and quickly packed my things, this is like a yearly retreat to the famous Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto Shrine in San Jose del Monte City of  Bulacan.

Our Lady of Mercy Shrine in Novaliches

I then rode a jeepney going to the town of Novaliches visiting Our Lady of Mercy Shrine in the heart of the town.   I would visit the place on a regular basis.  This is my first time to bring a camera to document the pilgrimage together with some friends waiting at the grounds of the church.

When I was in elementary, my classmates and teachers in school would always ask me if I was able to go to the famed grotto.  Knowing my roots, I would tell them that we always visit the place during summer time and the place was quite rugged then with asphalt-paved roads leading to the shrine.

statute of Blessed Immaculate Concepcion within the main plaza

My aunts and uncles always tell me that they would come in the 1960’s and 1970’s to the place to participate in Via Crucis (way of the cross) on their way to the shrine. They would recount that they would buy fresh vegetables, fruits, live poultry and native orchids after they visited the place.

Our Lady of Lourdes Church complex located in Barangay  Gaya-gaya , San Jose del Monte City , Bulacan

Novaliches Grotto

Most people in Metro Manila and even in Novaliches area will always refer the place as Our Lady of Lourdes Novaliches- Grotto  rather than  San Jose del Monte, Bulacan.  I tried to ask some old –time residents of the town. Some say that before the development of the San Jose del Monte area, Most of the public utility vehicles would ply the route of  Quirino Highway ( formerly called Manila -del Monte Garay Road or Ipo road before 1960’s  )  passing Novaliches, Quezon City area of Fairview, Barangay Pasong Putik , Barangay Nagkaisang Nayon, and then passing the Caloocan – Novaliches areas of Tala, Amparo, and Tungkong Mangga ( Tungko ) of  San Jose del Monte .

trash are left within the ground by thousands of devotees , while camping tents showed that some of the visitors held over night vigils at the premises

Another resident told me , That due to the proximity of the grotto to Novaliches and during old days ( since there are no proper demarcation lines dividing Novaliches to San Jose del Monte City ) Most people would recall Novaliches as a reference. The journey from Novaliches ( town proper ) to the shrine would be anywhere between 45 minutes to 1 hour and 20 minutes .

Bicycle groups from different parts of Metro Manila and nearby areas would come to the grotto


enterprising residents of nearby subdivisions rent their garage and vacant lots  for minimal fees for those who brought their cars, bicycles and motorbikes.

” Noong 1960’s and 1970’s hindi pa konkreto ang daan papuntang grotto ,  ang kalimitang daan ng mga namamanata ay mula sa Quirino Highway dating tawag na Manila -del Monte o Ipo Road  , Novaliches bago pa maayos ang Commonwealth Avenue. ” ( During the 1960’s and 1970’s when the road are not yet concrete going to grotto most of the devotees would use Quirino Highway  formerly called Manila-del Monte or Ipo Road , Novaliches  before Commonwealth Avenue was finished) .

main plaza as viewed from  the second floor of the church

Another popular route is via Fairview – This is the jump-off point going to the famed grotto. There are jeepney routes , bus and AUV plying the route .  there are buses from Baclaran which have GROTTO or Tungko signage .

welcome arch of  Barangay Graceville , San Jose del Monte, Bulacan

Tungko Grotto

Residents of Tungkong Mangga would rather dispute the name  ( Novaliches Grotto ) . They  would  recount that the area boast of  big mango orchards and market , Hence the name of the place was derived .

The famed grotto is near Tungkong Mangga  so we normally called the shrine as ” Tungko Grotto” or even ” Santa Maria Grotto”  . It must be the visitors  which probably named the grotto as part of Novaliches , since there are regular jeepney route going there  . This was according to one of the resident of Barangay Graceville .

Eventually bus and jeepney drivers would shorten the name to Tungko   .

Other Names:  Grotto- Bulacan , Grotto- Spring ,  Grotto- Vista Church , Grotto Church , Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto , Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto and Church  , Guanzon Estate Grotto , San Jose del Monte- Grotto ,  Santa Maria Grotto  , Bulacan Grotto , Lourdes Shrine .

This mango tree is located within the property and long lines of devotees trek the hilly terrain going to Calvary hills

Aside from mangoes ,  There are vegetables , camote , cassava, rice fields , corn, banana ,   ilang-ilang plantations in the locality  .  Native orchid gatherers would peddle their orchids on the roadside.

plant peddlers selling ornamental plants, flowering plants, liliums and orchids near the grotto

Now,  most of the area are highly urbanized and most of the old plantations are now converted into  subdivisions or commercial zones.

main altar of the church

Another route going to the grotto is riding the bus from different parts of Metro Manila .  There are also special buses and private vans for hire that ply the route during Holy Week.  Another route is via Trinoma , and SM North Edsa .

Saint Bernadette of Lourdes statute within the ground

We quickly lined-up and rode the jeepney going to GROTTO. We were amazed that all the people were also pilgrims like us!

arch leading to stations of the cross, calgary and rosary hill , spring water , grotto and picnic grove and amphitheater


Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine Complex located in Barrio Gaya-gaya , San Jose del Monte City , Bulacan  .The six hectares Lourdes Shrine Complex was formally inaugurated on February 11, 1965 . Some local say that  there were  already pilgrims  going to the shrine as early as 1963 .

Our Lady of Lourdes grotto replica within the complex

 Several thousands of people from all walks of life came to give thanksgiving, gave flowers and to offer prayer. Some would also came to bathe in the natural spring, located below the statute of Our Lady. According to her biographer, it was the happiest moment of Mrs. Anita Guanzon’s life after over 4- years of hard and backbreaking works that stands her faith –copying the exact replica of the Lourdes Grotto in France to her native land for all people to witness and experience the miracle that healed her. It was her greatest gift to all humanity in this part of the world.

discarded crutches seen on the left side of the grotto, these are apparently left by the devotees who were cured of their disabilities upon visiting the place.


It was on February 1961 when Mrs. Anita Guidote-Guanzon had barely 6 months to lived when she went to Lourdes, France on a pilgrimage . When she was declared cured of her cancer upon her return from France , she decided to built a grotto as an act of her Thanksgiving.   From the early 1960’s till her death on March 31, 1990  Mrs. Guanzon and her husband would try to supervise the improvements , fund raising and construction of the church within the property.

benefactors who donated for the causes , construction of the church and complex.

Among the notable contributors are Doña Josefa E. Marcos  mother of President Ferdinand E. Marcos , Doña Trinidad de Leon vuida de Roxas, Doña Leonila vuida de Garcia, Doña Luz Banzon vuida de Magsaysay, Secretary and Mrs. Jose Aspiras , Reverend Father Patrick Peyton , Don Gonzalo Puyat and Family , Don Vicente Madrigal and Family , Mr. and Mrs. Juan A. Nakpil Sr. , Elizalde and Company , Guanzon family and long list of contributors.

The property is now being supervised by her daughters . The heirs also recognizes Bishop Cirilio Almario Jr. of Malolos , Bulacan who approved the complex to have their own chaplains . His eminence Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin had performed mass in the church twice . President Gloria Macapagal -Arroyo inaugurated the carillon bells in the church in 2010 .

Attraction and Landmarks :

Aside from the spring water which is believed to be miraculous that is located just beneath the grotto  , pilgrims can visit the other attractions  like life-sized statutes of the stations of the cross.

devotees light blue and white candles in front of the crucified Christ

Rosary Hill with 155 giant concrete beads, Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes where people can pray in silence for good health, the Grotto of the Resurrection.

life sized statutes of the crucifixion

The area is also good for photographers and bird watchers , They can easily spot lowland bird species during early in the morning or early evening within the complex.

scale model of the Basilica of Lourdes in France

There is a Little Poland Museum which features the house and the basement where Pope John Paul II lived, the chapel where St. Faustina had a vision of the Divine Mercy and the eerie Prison Cell of St. Maximillian Kolbe where he was martyred. The complex is now run by Mrs. Marietta Guidote-Guanzon viuda Picache de Holmgren.

mini- amphitheater and picnic grove where families can use for eating and picnic activities.

Grotto Religious Store located within the complex sells religious item, calendar, rosaries , candles , spring water from Guadalupe chapel near the grotto , books  and postcards.

native delicacies for sale within the vicinity

Interesting  Note : It is best to come early to visit the site  ( especially during lent , summer months and weekends )  , some streets may be closed to traffic due to increase number of people visiting the pilgrim site.  Jeepneys plying Novaliches route would park about 500 meters from the gate of the grotto while bus will only allow up to Tungkong Mangga ( Tungko) and visitor to the site may walk for about 1 kilometer .  Traffic is heavy along the Quirino Highway .

References and Bibliography:

The Grotto  Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes by Ms. Marietta Guanzon -Holmgren copyright February 11, 1992

Ruth Harris, Lourdes: Body and Spirit in the Secular Age, Penguin Books, 1999, p. 52.

Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto pamphlets

personal interview with some residents of San Jose del Monte , Novaliches- Bayan, Novaliches – Caloocan city and Tungkong Mangga

Website : San Jose del Monte government : http://www.csjdm.gov.ph/

Website : Bulacan Government : http://www.bulacan.gov.ph/sjdm/

Website: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lourdes_grotto

55 Responses

  1. Hi, ask lang po kung ano sskyan papunta grotto kung galing ako ng trinoma or sm north edsa. Kung dun po ako sskay. Dun ba ako mismo ibaba s groto or dadaanan lng.? Kung nova bayan po. San nmn po ako mkksakay ng nova-bayan from monumento po. At San po ako baba dun? And also mron po bang mga comfort rooms dun and mga first aid volunteers or clinic.thank u so much. Email me nlng po answer. Thank u so muchpo.

    • Hi , Thanks for visiting this site . If you wish to go to San Jose Del Monte City – Bulacan- There are several ways to go there . You can take the bus which had a signage ( Tungko ) Baclaran to Tungkong Mangga or simply Tungko or there are AUV taxi area within Trinoma Mall or SM North EDSA.

      Another alternative route : from Novaliches – Bayan ( near the Our Lady of Mercy Church ) there is a jeepney route which ply the Novaliches – Grotto / SJDM route .

      Another alternative route: from SM Fairvew , there are buses with San Jose Del Monte , Bulacan route / jeepney ride

      Another route going to Novaliches ( I presume that you are from Monumento area ) – There are regular AUV route from Monumento to Bayan ng Novaliches

      There are ample comfort rooms within the Grotto ( for a minimal fee )

      • pwede ko malaman nag number sa grotto church office para po makapgschedule for house blessing and at the same time mass po for 40th days of my lola. taga pakwanan lang po kami

      • They do not have a regular church service and mass. If you want to have house blessings and other personal activities . Please try to contact the nearest church that is located in your locality .

  2. Hello. I have been to his shrine in 1972. I was very young then. I recalled that in the grotto, i saw crutches of healed devotees.
    Just today I have been searching in the net for that shrine in Novaliches, since I relate it to the feast of our lady of Lourdes, the birthday of my daughter, and the 4th anniversary of the diagnose of my granddaughter for CML, a kind of leukemia. i can’t even recall how I found this blog when I was already about to rest. I was so glad to see the info I found here.
    You see, just four days ago her lab result showed very high wbc and we are at our lowest now. This has been our sword of Damocles and has affirmed realities- that we all live borrowed time. It’s been our faith that keep us and we’ve been praying for her natural healing. If it is His will.
    May I request the readers to please help pray for the healing of a beautiful lady, Cookie. God is so good we do not need to let Cookie undergo more pain of further treatment. I believe that through Our Lady’s intercession, she will be healed. We need more prayers.
    Thank you so much.

    • Thanks for visiting this blog

    • Emilia, I just read your message and I said a prayer for your granddaughter and for your entire family as well. May God give you peace of mind and strength and keep your faith. God bless…

  3. Peaceful greetings to you all. I also got inspired upon reading this blog. What made me “discover” this is my interest to find a Fr. Joseph – all I know about him is he is still young, very effective, energetic priest who when he officiates a mass, holds the church-goers spiritually captivated. I was in one of his masses at the Divine Mercy church in Bulacan because my son really wanted me to attend a mass that Fr. Joseph officiates. I heard that he was transferred in Tungkong Manga – Novaliches/Bulacan.

    I would highly appreciate it if you could help me with my search for that awesome Fr. Joseph. I do not know his last or complete name. Thank you and God bless us all…

    • Thanks for visiting the blog Toni. I will try to ask the (grotto) people about Fr. Joseph on my next visit there next month (holy week).

    • fr. Fidel Joseph Roura po name nya.
      Parochial Vicar at:
      (current) Basilica Minore of the Immaculate Conception (Malolos Bulacan Cathedral)

  4. Prayers been offered to Cookie. I wish i can go to Grotto this Holy Week 2014.

  5. is it true that the Lourder Grotto is no longer under the catholics but rather under the aglipays now?

    • There are Catholics and Aglipays who visit the church and the shrine . However the only regular mass there is held once a day and on saturdays and sundays

      • Is there a convenient parking lot for the private vehicle? we are planning to visit today,maundy thursday….thanks …

      • Try to park your car about 1 kilometer from the site. there might not be enough parking space

  6. Is there a convenient parking lot for the private vehicle? we are planning to visit today, maundy thursday…thanks

    • Hi, there are a lot of people going to Grotto, Try to park your car at least 1 kilometer – Tungkong Mangga , then try to walk going to the main entrance.

  7. ano oras ang mass pag sunday

  8. ask ko lng po kung ano sasakyan ko para makarating s grotto s novaliches?

  9. kapag galing ako s gil puyat lrt…..pano ako makakarating s novaliches grotto?

    • Hi, there are bus plying the route – They have TUNGKO – Fairview, EDSA signage or Tunggkong Mangga , San Jose del Monte City from Gil Puyat , Makati.

  10. I used to be suggested this blog by way of my cousin. I’m now not positive whether or not this post
    is written by wway of him as no one else realize such
    designated approximately my difficulty. You’re incredible!Thanks!

  11. i wanna ask if how to contack the admin of grotto church to ask and to book a prenup photoshoot

  12. Hello Sir/Madam,
    We are planning to go there on a private vehicle. Kindly give us a guide on how to get there? Thank you

    • I’m not fmiliar with the area either. Try using google maps or just follow the jeepneys with “grotto” signs from novaliches bayan.

  13. hello/ sir madam,

  14. Plan min bumisita etong holy Thursday, pwede b mg overnyt dun? Tsaka pag gling EDSA tungko signage sskyan nmin tas San kme sakto bbaba?

  15. March 29,2015 dto kmi ng anak ko nagpapabendita ng palaspas,and ever since mula ng maliliit pa ang mga anak ko lagi ko clang dinadala rito,den one time may nakagpagsabi sakin na,na turn over na daw tong grotto sa pamamahala ng mga pareng aglipay…ask ko lng po kung totoo po ito?at khit nman po totoo po ito,habang ako ay nabubuhay,yearly po at hanggang kaya ko pang magbyahe dto pa po ako magpapabendita ng palaspas:)

  16. hi fellow devotees…can anyone
    confirm whether the grotto is open everyday like today Holy Monday? my family and i plan to go there today and i would hate travelling all the way just to get there and find out its closed?

  17. An alternative route for those coming from south of manila: Take LRT1 and get off at D. Jose station. Almost accross the street (RIZAL Ave.) is the terminal of SANTRANS bus plying the D. Jose – San Jose del Monte route. The bus can take you to within a short jeepney ride away the grotto.

  18. Is it ikay if we go there on sabado dw gloria?

  19. Watvtym po mass schedule?

  20. UPDATE: We went there last week with a family friend.

    Hi to all,
    Mr. Freddie Mariano – Agree with Mr. Freddie Mariano ,- There is a bus route ( Santrans ) near Doroteo Jose LRT line 1 station to San Jose Del Monte City , Bulacan . ( for Manila residents and those who do not want to take long bus ride from Gil Puyat Avenue aka Buendia Avenue to Tungkong Mangga ) .

    Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto had a daily mass at around 7:00am , There is only 1 official mass per day . There is no resident priest .

    A Tip, For those who wanted to visit the shrine, There are ample parking space within the compound , I suggest to go there early morning to avoid the traffic as parts of Quirino Highway is being paved and the bridge connecting the area is being renovated. You can bring water container to get water from the spring at the back of the Lourdes Grotto.

    For weekend , especially on sundays – Roads going to the Grotto might be clogged -up due to traffic.

    Holy Week – This is were bulk of people usually come, There are some pilgrim which walk for several kilometers as an act of penitence or sacrifice . I have seen people walking along Quirino Highway to Grotto .

    Overnight stay- I have seen some people who camp-out during holy week and weekends.
    There are also some quaint hotel that is located within San Jose Del Monte City .

  21. Ask ko lang po paano makakarating diyan, Angeles City Pampanga po kami manggagaling. salamat po.

    • There are many ways to go there. You can commute going there – You can ride a bus going to Avenida, Rizal – Manila or Victory Lines in Monumento.

      From Avenida-Doroteo Jose station, there are mini-bus going to San Jose del Monte , Bulacan.
      Or UV express going to Bulacan .

  22. ask ko lang po sana number ng office nila, we plan to visit the place for a field trip. we would like to coordinate with them. thank you

  23. ask ko lang po, pwede po ba magvisit sa place any time?

  24. Hi !
    We’re planning to go there on Saturday morning. I wanted to ask if there are other places aside from the grotto na pwede namin pasyalan? I tried looking at the google map but i’m not familiar kasi sa place so hindi ko alam kung saan dun. Makati pa kasi panggagalingan namin kaya gusto sana namin sulitin ang pagbisita sa Tungko after sa Grotto . Thaaaanks 🙂

    • I been out for a while , There are some places of interests within San Jose del Monte City .
      Here are some of the water resorts located within a few kilometers from Tunggkong Mangga

      1.) Los Arcos Hermanos Resort
      2.) Tierra Fontana 12 Waves Resort
      3.) Los Arcos de Hermanos Resort

  25. Hi just wanna ask how to get here from caypompo sta maria. bulacan? Thanks in advance

    • Where are you coming from ? There are many ways to go there.
      By Bus – with Santa Maria signage

  26. hi! ask ko lang po kung mayroong mga malapit na hotel para maka stay for just 2 nights,at magkano ang per night, kasi dito pa kami sa gen.trias cavite.gusto ko po sana dalhin anak ko si mark ericeson, para sa ikagagaling ng kanyang mata..thanks,,,and amen…

  27. if we will go there na may sasakyan what route to take if we’re from Laguna. Thank you

  28. […] Blog worth reading: https://renz15.wordpress.com/…/pilgrimage-to-our-lady-of-l…/ […]

  29. Hi Po, kindly to ask if it is possible to stay inside the “Grotto” to spend holy week days from (Wed afternoon till of Saturday morning) that was dated from (March 28, 2018 in the afternoon until of March 31, 2018 morning) I mean like spending a camp inside the “Grotto Lourdes Shrine Area” and not spending the night in any hotel.

    Thank you so much.


  30. I have seen people camping at the grotto, basta huwag kayo magkakalat po doon.

  31. […] Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan was a favorite pilgrim site among local devotees who cannot afford the airfare going to France. […]

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