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The World We Want is a project of the United Nations. Like any developmental org, the UN has a bunch of goals that they have set for a certain period, and the current set of goals will be reached in 2015.  They are beginning to draft their plans for 2015 onwards, but this time, they want input from people they would not otherwise reach.

To do this, they’re turning to the internet. They’ve put up a poll and are asking people like you and me to vote to nominate what we think are the six most pressing issues that the world is facing.

What we would need to ask you to is to vote on the poll, and then post about it on your blog and promote the same in social media, inviting your readers to vote too.

My top priority will be :

1.) Environment- protecting the forest, rivers, ocean

2.) Reduction of Poverty

3.) Improvement of Health services and care

4.) Good education

5.) Better Job Opportunities

6.) An honest and responsive government

7.) Freedom from discrimination and persecution

8.) Protection against crime and violence

9.) Access to clean water and sanitation

10.) Political freedom

 Please vote:

World WE Want :

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Director Peque Gallaga collection formal turnover to the De La Salle University library

13th Floor Henry Sy Sr. Building , Library – De La Salle University , Taft Avenue- Manila, Philippines

Henry Sy Sr. Building

Born as Maurice Ruiz de Luzuriaga Gallaga on August 25, 1943  is a multi-awarded Filipino filmmaker.

He is popularly called Director Peque Gallaga  His most significant achievement in film is “Oro, Plata, Mata“, which he directed after winning a scrip-writing contest sponsored by the Experimental Cinema of the Philippines.

ORO , PLATA , MATA – Rodel Cruz story board

He has received an award from the International Film Festival of Flanders-Ghent, Belgium in 1983; a Special Jury Award from the Manila International Film Festival; and the 2004 Gawad CCP Para sa Sining.

Gawad CCP medal and certificate


Gallaga spent his elementary and high school years at De La Salle University in Manila, then finished commerce and liberal arts at the school’s Bacolod campus. He taught theater and film at the University of St. La Salle. Upon moving back to Manila


BINHI film

 credit :from Director Peque Gallaga film archives

Director Peque Gallaga’s directorial debut in collaboration with Butch Perez from Larry Santiago Production in  1973 with Ms. Rosemarie Sonora and Mr. Ronaldo Valdez

movie posters

He got involved in television musicals and eventually co-directed the film Binhi with Mr. Butch Perez. He also directed the movies Virgin Forest, Scorpio Nights, Unfaithful Wife, and the “Manananggal” episode of Shake, Rattle and Roll I.

trophies from different award giving bodies

In 1986 he started co-directing films with Mr. Lore Reyes, with whom he shared directing credits for Shake Rattle & Roll 2, Shake Rattle & Roll 3, Shake Rattle & Roll 4, Baby Love, Magic Temple, and more than twenty other films to date.In the animated movie Dayo, Gallaga voiced the character of “Lolo Nano,” the resident sage of Elementalia.

Tiyanak script

Mr.Gallaga and Reyes won Best Director and Best Screenplay for Magic Temple in the 1996 Metro Manila Film Festival.


Learning Commons (DLSU Library) which includes  film scripts, movie posters, storyboards, photo albums, trophies, medals, plaques and other memorabilia, etc.

books  of Director Peque Gallaga

The collection will be houses in special room together with collection from two other well-known film director Del Mundo and Director Joey Reyes

De La Salle University – Harlequin Theater Guild members

Mr. Peque Gallaga short speech

Director Peque Gallaga short speech would recount his days in De La Salle University when the school is still an all boys school. He would also recount that the school library is his inspiration .

Director Lory Reyes and Director Peque Gallaga

“Why DLSU library? This is my way of giving back to my source. My source of inspiration, my source of passion,” says Gallaga, commenting on why he chose to turn a great number of his collections to De La Salle University.


 After completing his elementary and high school education at De La Salle University, Peque Gallaga finished commerce and liberal arts at DLSU’s Bacolod Campus. In 1973, he broke into the film industry with his production design work for Eddie Romero’s Ganito Kami Noon, Paano Kayo Ngayon?


A short invocation led by Mr. Rafael C. Del Mundo – Filipiniana Librarian then followed by Ms. Christine M. Abrigo -assistant director for operations .

L-R   Dr. Dominador Bombongan Jr., Dean of College of Liberal Arts, Director Peque Gallaga, Br. Bernard Oca FSC, Vice Chancellor for La Sallian Mission

group picture with the staffs and employees of De La Salle library

After the turnover ceremonies , the visitors and guests were treated for a light snacks

The De La Salle Library had the biggest collection of books in the country with at least 370,000 plus volumes of books and still growing. One of the aim of the project is to raise the number of volumes of books to 1,000,000

Note:   for non- De La Salle students who wanted to do some research studies , They must have a written letter coming from their school librarian or principal . They must also have prior appointment before coming to the library .


Galleria Taal Tour – a camera museum and heritage house in Taal, Batangas

 Galleria Taal , Agoncillo Street, Taal, Batangas province – Philippines

 This colonial house is also called Ylagan- Barrion house

Galleria Taal- is part of the jam-packed itinerary prepared by Mr. Derrick M. Manas- President of the Diwa ng Batangas  (Heritage Conservation Society -Batangas Historical Society) The group was recently formed last year and its aim to promote the beautiful heritage of Taal and the entire province of Batangas.  He is also the political, heritage and social development consultant to the governor of Batangas.

Sangley- Tagala

This photo of a Sangley-Tagala ( Chinese / Tagalog) mestiza is a rare example of the photography  late 19th century . What makes this  photo unique ?  The lady had a seductive pose with matching low cleavage  in an era where women must cover the bust area with pañuelo ( handkerchief  shawl ) . Speculation over this photo , Is that the Sangley- Tagala woman might be a mistress of the photographer or a prostitute !

gallery of old cameras


The  camera museum is considered as First in Southeast Asia  and one of the few camera museums in the world.  I first saw an exhibit of Mr. Manny Inumerable in Photo World Asia in 2010.  According to Mr. Inumerable , the museum can only exhibit some 60% of his personal collection which started when he was a teenager when his uncle bought him a film camera. Then he acquired his collection from relatives, friends from various camera clubs and local antique shops. Then,  He added more on his collections through bidding at local and  international auctions , in the internet or scouting them during the  yearly flea market fair  in Europe !  Aside from camera collecting , He had become an expert in camera restoration, cleaning , repair and even preservation .  Now , There are more than 120 cameras in the collection and still counting !

Mr. Manny Inumerable personally touring the group

History :

Galleria Taal used to be the ancestral home of Don Domingo Ylagan and Maria Martinez-Ylagan in the 1800’s. Composed of two sections, the early house, located at the back portion has a distinctive tiled roof and was built in 1870.  Approximately thirty years later, the facade fronting the main street was built, roofed this time with GI sheets. The house is also called Ylagan- Barrion house.

Royal 35-M circa 1957 made in Japan

Domingo and Maria Ylagan had six children, namely, Aniceto, Rosario ( Villanueva), Candida ( Barrion ), Concepcion ( Sison), Julita and Juan Ylagan.  The third child, Candida, married to Antonio Barrion, lawyer and a delegate to the 1935 Constitution Convention (1st District, Batangas), paid off her siblings and moved into this home in 1944 after their conjugal home in Batangas City was burned down by the Japanese army.  Candida lived in this home with their three (3) children, Nellie ( Inumerable), Corazon ( Rodriguez)  and Charito (Ahorro).  After her death in 1975, the once stately home fell in disrepair until 2004 when a grandchild, Mr. Emmanuel Inumerable ( Manny initiated its restoration together with the assistance of his brother, Roberto, a civil contractor.  Both painstakingly reconstructed the house, preserving the antiquity of the stately ancestral home.

Rolleiflex cameras

Rolleiflex cameras were manufactured in the 1930’s and up to the late 1950’s and is popularly used by news correspondence during the Korean war in the 1950’s  . The 500 pesos bill replica  shows Senator Benigno Aquino Jr.  during his correspondence in the Korean war .

Mr. Manny Inumerable personally greeted the group

In March 2010, Manny Inumerable opened Galleria Taal as an exhibition venue of antique cameras and antiquarian Philippines photographers.


 Nikon F-A Gold camera was made in 1984

This is one of the favorite collection of Mr. Manny Inumerable . This camera was made in 1984 in celebration of Nikon being declared as the European camera of the year . Only 2,000 pieces of this 24-K gold plated camera were made . The body is covered with lizard skin and had matching gold plated lens and is encased in a nice wooden box. This is highly sought by camera collectors around the world because of its beauty and rarity .

early prototype of camera -projector

According to a grapevine source, There are only 2 or 3 such collectors which acquired this camera in the Philippines and one of them is Mr. Manny Inumerable !

Contact Information :

Mr.Emmanuel Inumerable  -proprietor


mobile: +63 (918-9124051 )

Ms. Dolores Bautista -Museum curator

Mobile +63 ( 906-7632449)

There is an entrance fee of Php 100 pesos and special buffet meal can be pre-arranged.

Website link:

Galleria Taal:


SM Supermalls Job Fair 2013

poster of SM San Lazaro job fair

You are invited to join us at SM CITY SAN LAZARO’S Job Fair on May 1, 2013 – 10AM at the upper ground floor Event Center! This is in cooperation with Department of Labor and Employment ( DOLE) and Public Employment Service Office ( PESO)

Tell your friends and relatives of this good opportunity!
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Mr. Mario Feir Filipinana Books and other collections

Unit 11-A One McKinley Place , 26th Street Crescent Park West
Fort Bonifacio Global city , Taguig City -Philippines

Mr. Mario Feir together with his collection of Philippine books

I have known Mr. Mario Feir as a stamp collector ( philatelist ) rather than a book collector . We would occasionally bumped with each other during stamp club meetings , Bayanihan Collectors’ Club meetings once in a while . I would also notice had he would also bid for old books and postcards too!

an array of doll collection from different Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam from his trips abroad

Until one of our postal heritage tour participant,  an employee of NCCA told me that Mr. Feir and Mr. Stephen Feldman ( His best friend and also  an avid book collector)  had an extensive collection of Philippine books ( Filipinana)- The term is used by book collectors who specializes in Philippine published books. Normally the quantity of Philippine publication is not that big . While some local published books are meant for students ( mostly textbooks ) which are printed in recycled papers  meant to cater the students and masses.

part of his book collection  and a painting

Bibliophile ( technical term for book lover and collector) , Mr. Feir left New York about eight- years ago to return to the Philippines for good . He brought with him his growing Filipiniana collection, which, after settling into his Fort Bonifacio condominium unit , He decided to opened to students, researchers, collectors, readers. The library also includes ephemera like old postcards, posters, stamps, antique maps and prints, all of which Mr. Feir was kind enough to show to me during my visit. His book collection is about 10,000 volumes and still counting !

Rizaliana collection

The library had a good collection of Jose Rizal title books – aptly called Rizaliana ( Dr. Jose Rizal his life story and works ),  locally published literary works like Noli Me Tangere , El Filibusterismo among others.

old Philippine map

Mr. Mario had quite a good collection of Philippine maps and prints –Cartography Greek term khartes = papyrus (paper) and graphein = to write) The Yuchengco Museum in Makati would also invite him to their exhibit sometime last year . ( Old Philippine maps)

Fort William Mckinley postcards ( during the American regime ) now Bonifacio Global City

Mr. Mario Feir shows off his collection of rare stamps on covers

Collection :

Sir Mario Feir is an avid stamp collector, He started collecting stamps when he was still in his elementary days and still collecting Philippine and various stamps from all over the world. It is safe to assume that he had been a collector of stamps for more than 50 years !

 Spanish -Philippines stamps which dates back to 1854

He had some Spanish -Philippines stamp issued  in 1854.  For serious Philippine stamp collectors ( Spanish era stamps) are considered creme’ dela creme .

certificate of authenticity

With a certificate of authenticity from Comision de Expertos de Madrid this is a private group which are the experts in stamps issued by Spain and her colonies.  He also had a special de-humidifier devise installed in the air-conditioning units just to maintain the collection.

old document with beautiful  hand writing during the Aguinaldo revolutionary period


He was also featured in one of Tulay fortnightly digest about 3 years ago , several bloggers , bibliophile , newspapers like Philippine Star ,  and glossy magazines  featured him on several occasions.


Mr. Mario Feir library  have it share of  visitors from various schools , universities , associations , book lovers, heritage advocates, history buff s ,  well-known personalities like Mrs. Imelda R. Marcos , Mr. Butch Dalisay ,  Chef Claude Tayag , NCCA employees, Malacanan Palace-Media communication staffs, stamp collectors among others.   Due to lack of space , He cannot accommodate  big group of people to his condominium unit. On a monthly basis , The library would get 15 to 20 visitors on an average .

Mr. Mario Feir and the author

Anyone who wanted to make research, study or just some time to chat with Mr. Mario Feir must make an apportionment .   Soft-spoken and warm, His eyes brightened up as he proudly showed me his Filipiniana collection and other stuffs  like  various DVD’s movies which numbered a few thousand of pieces, newspaper clippings  ,several art works and a balcony  garden  .  It seems that time flies so fast that it was almost sundown . I told Tito Mario and Sir Stephen  that i will be coming back for more in-depth research and perhaps a quick chit-chat probably in the near future .  Might tag along some fellow history and heritage buffs .  I must commend these people for sharing  their  time ,  home and their extensive knowledge about culture, history, heritage and art !

Contact Information 

Unit 11-A One McKinley Place
26th Street Crescent Park West
Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City- Philippines

Phone: (02)856-0957
Please try to call during office hours, Monday-Friday



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