Ocean View Restaurant and Cottage

Ocean View Restaurant – Barangay Lagyo , Gumaca – Quezon province , Philippines

Ocean View Restaurant  and Viewing area

It was last year 2012 , when Mr. Allan Martinez – a postal heritage walking tour participant and a friend,  schedule us for a tour in his hometown.  He told us that we are going to stay at a beach front inn .

I always wanted to go back to Quezon province, The people there are very warm and hospitable – and I wanted to document the town festival , culture, natural products , foods , flora , fauna.   Meeting new friends and acquaintances. Without battling an eyelash – I told him to organize a trip!

viewing area which separates the living quarters to the restaurant

The group arrived around past 1:00pm and we quickly unpack our baggage .  Due to the humidity , heat and long travel – almost everyone took a quick respite and ate the lunch buffet .

lunch buffet meal

Our lunch buffet meal consists of two cups rice servings per plate, beef steak ( Tagalog style) , Kare-kare ( Ocean View style)

grilled pork chop

grilled pork chop – with home made sauce which consists of calamansi , chili pepper, vinegar , soy sauce with ice cold soft-drinks ! The group just paid Php 410.00 – Lunch

a cozy bedroom

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