MD Juan Enterprises: A Heritage of the Philippines and the World

2 Susano Road , Deparo , Novaliches – Caloocan City , Philippines

Dr. Maximo D. Juan – founder of the MD Juan company

Heritage Born:

MD Juan Enterprises , Inc. was conceived on March 1967 by Dr. Maximo D. Juan  to answer the growing need for a rugged, light vehicle (the multi-purpose jeep) in the Philippines.   Initially, Dr. Juan imported World War II surplus jeeps from Europe and Japan. With the steady growth of the surplus market, MD Juan Enterprises started fabricating replacement jeep body parts not available locally.

different kinds of electronic jeepneys

Soon, Filipino jeep enthusiasts either refurbished their old jeeps using MD Juan bodies (popularly known as the Jeepstar) or built new jeeps using MD Juan’s USM chassis, the Jeepstar body and surplus engines and power trains from Japan.

different types of jeeps

In  August 1969 MD Juan built its manufacturing plant in Novaliches, Caloocan City. In 1970 MD Juan ventured into the export markets of Japan, Australia/New Zealand and the U.S.A.

group discussion

 the company export  concentration was on jeep bodies and parts identified with World War II: the MB and the Korean War: the M38. Soon after, the civilian jeep models like the CJ series were being produced in the production line.

In 1980 the company  exhibited its products in various foreign expositions like the Lausanne Trade Fair, the Melbourne Trade Fair and the Singapore Trade Fair.  These led to the establishment of distributorships in Europe, Australia/New Zealand and the U.S.A. In the Philippines, MD Juan is active with their participation in the annual Manila International Auto Show.

Social Advocates :

As part of the company ‘s corporate social responsibility.¬† The company had¬† tie-ups with TESDA and the Caloocan City local government office .

several citations given to MD Juan enterprises

Aside from providing jobs to many people around the vicinity of Novaliches, Caloocan area.  The company had water treatment facilities which conforms with the requirements set by both Department of Environment and Natural Resources ( DENR )  and Laguna Lake Development Authority ( LLDA).

Mr. Rommel Juan together with a colorful electronic jeepney

 Another social advocacy is the introduction of  the electric jeepneys and tricycles for mass transportation .   Some cities like Makati and Taguig  already purchased some units  . Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas ( Central Bank of the Philippines ) , several resorts , congress and even tourist shuttles .

E-Quad Tricycle

Roving Business:  social entrepreneurship which the company is engaging  the customization of jeepney carts  with special compartments which is used for merchandize storage and display  .  The jeepney cart  is use for traveling trade exposition organized by the  Department of Agriculture ( DA )  and the Department of Trade and Industries  ( DTI ) .  The customized jeepney carts  attracts crowd from both local and foreign exhibitions.

Hopefully in coming years, with the introduction of these E-jeepneys and E-tricycles into the mass transportation system,   The need to use non-renewable energy like fossil fuels will be minimized  .  The fossil fuels that emit pollution and noise. Hopefully with proper legislature  and passage of clean air , the law will be fully implemented .


poster of the contest

Proud of your Jeep and like to show it off? Here is your chance to do it and win exciting prizes! Keep posted for further details. with DTI permit 3795 series of 2013 .  Email:

Note: I would like to ” Thank” all the staffs and Mr. Rommel Juan for the warm accommodation and a personal tour within the facilities .¬†


Laguna Lake Development Authority:

MD Juan Enterprises:

MD Juan Facebook:



Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino change name of Pilipinas to Filipinas

Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino , 1610 Jose P. Laurel street, San Miguel , Manila -Philippines

The Commission for the Filipino language  issued a board resolution  dated April 12, 2013 .

Board Resolution 13-9 series 0f 2013 :

Click to access Resolution-13-19.pdf

This is to ‚Äúpromote the country‚Äôs official and modern name which reflects its history and development as a nation,‚ÄĚ added the document, which is making rounds in social media nearly a month before Buwan ng Wika in August.

Telegrafos 2 -centavo stamp( Filipinas)

Telegraph stamp issued during Emilio Aguinaldo regime

The resolution also urges that the name ‚ÄúFilipinas‚ÄĚ be gradually introduced into seals, letterheads, notes and other official documents.

Pilipinas sign

Firms and institutions using the name ‚ÄúPilipinas‚ÄĚ will also be encouraged to spell it as ‚ÄúFilipinas‚ÄĚ instead.

Philippine islands- United States of America stamp issued in 1934- 4 peso demonimation showing the seal of Manila

The KWF noted, however, that the change will not be mandatory, especially for entities established before the letter ‚ÄúF‚ÄĚ has been introduced in the Filipino alphabet.

It added, however, that all organizations that will be created after the implementation of the resolution, should carry the name ‚ÄúFilipinas.‚ÄĚ

Adding context to the resolution, the KWF in its website linked the new policy to a piece by its chairman, National Artist Virgilio Almario.

Netizens shocked by the Board Resolution

Most of the netizens , social media people and ordinary Filipinos were shocked by the board resolution reverting back the name Pilipinas to Filipinas . Filipinas is the country’s¬† name used during the Spanish period in reference to King Philip 2 of Spain and Philippine islands during the American regime until the early republic.

Lope K. Santos ( Pilipinas )

Lope K. Santos ( September 25, 1879 ‚Äď May 1, 1963) – pioneered the Filipino grammar and orthography . He was featured in Philippine stamp on April 26, 1978 definitive issue

F in the Filipino alphabet

‚ÄúPreviously there was no letter ‚Äúf‚ÄĚ in our alphabet, hence the use of Pilipinas. So ngayon, dahil 28 letters na rin ho ‚Äėyung ating alpabeto, kasama ‚Äėyung letter ‚Äė√Ī ‚Äėand ‚Äėng,‚Äô at may ‚Äėf‚Äô na rin, ini-encourage nila, binabalik na nila ‚Äėyung paggamit ng ‚ÄėFilipinas,‚Äô‚Ä̬† , noting the change in the spelling would be implemented slowly in Philippine stamps, letterheads, notepads and other instrumentalities.

Additional Expenses

Most of the netizens and ordinary people said that the change from Pilipinas to Filipinas would entail a lot of additional expenses like changing the company letterheads ,¬† signage and doing transactions with the outside world.¬† The central bank (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas) and the national state university (Unibersidad ng Pilipinas). Due to the cost needed to comply with the resolution, the commission suggests a gradual transition‚ÄĒuse up all letterheads and notepads bearing the ‚ÄúPilipinas‚ÄĚ mark and order new batches reflecting the change.

Filipinos are already accustomed to the word ” Philippines” when they are referring to the country ( English speakers) , Pilipinas for (Filipino speakers )and Filipinas ( Spanish speakers)¬† . I hope that the habit of changing the country’s name will be the last one.¬† Otherwise , we expect another change in about 50 years-time ? Just like the vanishing street names of Manila- Do you still remember Gastambide, Lepanto , Morayta, Isaac Peral , Oriente, Condesa

For comments and suggestions :

Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino

Address: Ika-2 Palapag, Gusaling Watson, 1610 Kalye J. P. Laurel, San Miguel, Lungsod ng Maynila 1005

Telephone numbers . (632) 73-625/24 736-2519 708-6972 fax 516-0347

Email: o i-click para sa inyong mensahe

ilipinas, Pilipinas, Philippines. It does not go with how it was pronounced or spelled, it is how we instill patriotism among usFilipinas, Pilipinas, Philippines. It does not go with how it was pronounced or spelled, it is how we instill patriotism among usFilipinas, Pilipinas, Philippines. It does not go with how it was pronounced or spelled, it is how we instill patriotism among us

Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino:

17th Academic Book Fair

17th Philippine Academic Book Fair, the annual five-day event organized by the Academic Booksellers Association of the Philippines, from July 8 to 12 at the Megatrade Hall 1, Fifth Level, Mega B, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City.

The Philippine Academic Book Fair gathers major publishers from the Philippines and abroad to showcase the latest academic books and other materials for educational institutions at the most reasonable price.

Paulines Publishing House, an apostolic ministry of the Daughters of Saint Paul, joins the event again this year, with books that cater to Christian and human formation, as well as references for teaching Christian Living for the K-12 Basic Education Program.

San Pedro Calungsod book

This book published by Paulines Publishing House will be sold at the 17th Academic Book Fair

The 17th Philippine Academic Book Fair is supported by the Department of Education with DEPED memorandum circular:

and the Commission on Higher Education with CHED memorandum circular : Co-organized by Primetrade Asia Inc., with media partners 105.1 Crossover, Radio High 105.9 and Mellow 94.7, the event offers the best deals for cash buyers, with lower than Internet prices.

” Untold Story of Imelda Marcos ” book launching re-published and now available on E-BOOKS

3657 Bautista Street , Philippine Opera Company , Makati City-Philippines

Philippine Opera Company information counter

Several weeks ago, I saw an invitation from some facebook event page group about a book launching¬† ” Untold Story of Imelda Marcos” . I quickly signed-up even without thinking that the event will be held in Makati and it is an ordinary workday .¬† I usually shy away from Makati area due to¬† heavy traffic and commuting time from Quezon City would take several hours . I actually got several copies of the 2 versions , the 1969 edition and the 1987 edition ” Untold Story of Imelda Marcos” by Mrs. Carmen Navarro Pedrosa .¬† Following the publication of the former book, she and her family were exiled to London for 20 years.

This  is one of the books often cited as a resource regarding Imelda Marcos’s history, which was the case in Imelda: A New Musical by the East West Players. The book sold more than 300,000 copies and was translated into French, Japanese and Portuguese before going out of print.

Secretariat and Registration

Story about the Relaunching :

Atty . Orly Agawin is one of the founders of a Book of the Month Club and¬† The group members¬† read contemporary books like Dash and Lily‚Äės Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn and David Leviathan.

¬†‚ÄúI got them second-hand from an online bookstore, not knowing who their previous owners were. I have searched all bookstores in Manila for brand new copies. When I got back to Manila, I started inquiring on Carmen Navarro Pedrosa. Is she in the Philippines? Or is she even in Manila? I even asked people if she is still with us (if you get my drift). I wondered if she has an email address where I can reach out to her and tell her how her book moved me to appreciate the democracy that our fathers and mothers fought for. As a matter of fact, I would even settle for snail mail.”

Mrs. Carmen N. Pedrosa

After days and hours of searching Google and Facebook, I came across Veronica Pedrosa, one of her daughters who were with her during her exile, now (like her mother) a correspondent for Al Jazeera. On July 10, 2012¬† I messaged her in FB, and immediately got a reply from her the elder Pedrosa‚Äôs email address. ‚ÄúMy mom will be thrilled!‚ÄĚ she wrote.

I immediately drafted an email to Carmen. Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor. I was slowly being led to her. Stating my objectives, I asked her if I could see her for an interview, document the event, and share them with my fellow book club members. In just three hours, I got a reply.

Their enthusiasm persuaded  the author to reprint the Untold Story of Imelda Marcos.

Book Launching :

The event started at around past 4:00pm when several VIPs, foreign dignitaries, government officials , book lovers , history buffs, media , bloggers , family members and friends of Tita “Chit” Pedrosa arrived at the venue.

Dr. Preciosa S. Soliven , Mrs. Sara S. De Guzman ,  Professor Xiao Chua and Professor Jonathan Capulas Balsamo

A short musical performance by the students of Philippine Opera Company rendering classic opera, kundimans and capping the night with ”¬† Bayan Ko “

Mr. Orly Agawin

“We are not talking Teleseryes, anymore. We’re talking History.

“It is a no-holds-barred expose on the truth about “this” iconic figure (as some would call her), our own Evita Peron, our Jacqueline Kennedy; where in fact, she is but a historical, and a political nightmare with a hidden past that was fabulously covered by a beautiful fa√ßade of jewelries, ternos, 3,000 pairs of shoes and Dahil Sa‚Äôyo.

“As a reader, and as a Nationalist, the reprinting of this book by Pedrosa, is a dream come true. My late Tatay would have been so proud.

Untold Story Of Imelda Marcos 2013 edition

The book is being sold for Php 595 per copy in major bookstores nationwide and compared to the 1969 and 1987 editions . I like the quality of the paper

Congressman Joselito Atienza ,¬† Hon. Jose de Venecia , former Governor Sally Perez, Mrs. Belinda Olivares-Cunanan ‚ÄĒ with Lawrence Jatayna, Janine Santos, Clifford Casapao, Nazer Degayo Salcedo, Cris Go, Al Gatmaitan, Roselyn Perez, Jed Carlos, Gabri Dolor Panlilio and Belinda Olivares-Cunanan

Note: I would like to sincerely ” THANK ” Mr. Orly Agawin and the organizers of the book launching¬†

Get a copy over at Amazon, Kobo, and Flipreads,  and soon at iTunes and Barnes & Noble.  The E-book is  was launched  on June 20, 2013 .  For mre information on how to purchase it , please visit

Book Review:

Philippine Opera Company :

WU! Manila Fest in Makati : Mark Your Calendar

 WU- Manila event in partnership with Wazzup Pilipinas  and
Soft Micro Enterprises

WU! Feast of WU! Manila Magazine, the ultimate festival of the year, is happening on July 6, 2013 at the A.Venue Makati, Open Parking Space. There are tons of activities waiting all attendees — from live bands, live art , flea market bazaar , and basically anything that screams “MANILA!” will be here!

There will be over  50 exhibit booth  showcasing different activities which involves the following:

 poster of the event

Social Enterprises
Food Bazaars
Beer Garden
Live Music
Live Art
Photo Opportunities with the Hooters Girls
Fire Jugglers
Prop Filled Photo Booth
Flair Bar-tending
Bamboo Bikes
Henna Tattoos

Golf Putting Challenge
Photo Booth
SOLE SLAM Shoe Designs!
Cash Prizes
Band T- shirt sales

WU!  Fest event : catchy slogan : Promoting Awesome

GET YOUR TICKETS from select locations and get one free ticket for your friend.
  300 peso get you a free beer, T-Shirt, a free ticket for a friend and all the awesomeness at WU! FEST! 

MARU Makati: at A VENUE on MAKATI AVE 0917-8064172

H & J Felipe street, Makati (02) 954 1130

Balkan: 109 Perea Street, Legaspi Village 846-0744

Facebook Event Page:

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