Binalot Fiesta- Harrison Plaza, Manila opening

Harrison Plaza , Manila-Philippines

When it rains , It is a sign of many beautiful things to come.  Starting from it’s humble beginnings in the mid 1990’s , this is  Binalot’s 46th outlet in the country .Binalot had become a model for corporate social responsibility and its traditional home- cooked Filipino foods and packed the traditional way .

L-R Mang Binalot mascot, Pastor Reuben Abante, Mr. Rommel Juan( President ) , Captain  George and Mrs. Nerissa de Leon -Clarabal and son. ( franchise owners- Harrison Plaza branch)

management, staffs and crews

fiesta -like setting showing colorful buntings and animated caricature

The fiesta -like atmosphere , complete with buntings , foods in native bilao , balloons added colors and much  fun fare to the event.

corporate social responsibility poster

Corporate Social Responsibility and Preservation of Traditional  Filipino Food Wrapping :

DAHON (Dangal At Hanapbuhay para sa Nayon) Program, The company  proud to say that – an example of how both the community and the company can benefit from the same program.

Initiated at the start of 2007, DAHON helps farmers from Nagcarlan, Laguna, a quaint town nestled at the foothills of mystic Mt. Banahaw, about 100 kms. South of Manila, earn more from selling banana leaves. And as the farmers plant and sell more banana leaves, Binalot benefits because the restaurant  are ensured a steady supply of quality banana leaves at a low price. Binalot is heavily dependent on banana leaves because their meals are served wrapped in a banana leaf, which locks in the food’s flavor (Binalot is a Filipino word which means wrapped). Having that dedicated community that not only supplies the leaves, but also cuts and sanitizes them to Binalot’s specifications, eliminates added costs.

signature barbecue dish with banana leaves

Environmental Advocacy:

Most fast food restaurants and even small eateries around the country would rely on styrofoams , plastics in their packaging . If not properly disposed -off , it can  cause environmental problems such as clogged drainage and adding to the waste problem.

The environment has also benefited from the program as leaf trimmings, which used to be thrown away by Binalot’s commissary (and therefore find their way to the city’s mounting trash heaps), are now used as compost material at the community level. Even the community chapel cum day care center has also benefited from the DAHON ( Leaf)  program, acquiring a much needed renovation and re-painting, with labor and materials provided by Binalot.

L-R Mr. Rommel Juan ( President of Binalot ) Mrs.Nerissa Clarabal , Mr John Rustia ( first customer of the branch) , Mr. George Calaraval and son

Mr. John Rustia from Caloocan City was the first customer of Binalot’s Harrison Plaza branch. As a token of appreciation from the management  , He received a goodie bag and a free leche flan meal .  Mr. Rustia was elated upon learning that he was the first customer at the branch.

husband and wife tandem being interviewed by NET 25 television crew

The grand opening of the branch was well covered by the quadri-media from print, radio, television and even bloggers.

Contact : 881-12-31 for delivery and catering services

Note: I would like to ” Thank” Mr. Ross Del Rosario , Mr. Rommel Juan, Mr. Nerissa and Captain George Claraval and the rest of the wonderful crews of Binalot for extending their invitation.

Binalot Food Corporation:

Binalot Food Fiesta Facebook:

2 thoughts on “Binalot Fiesta- Harrison Plaza, Manila opening

  1. Your crew, cashier are always nakasimangot, lalo na ung baceng payat na pamali mali ng pagserve ng order, i ordered tilapia but when i open it its a beef balot, sabi ko tilapia ang order ko , kawawa naman ung may order ng beef, and waiting for my tilapia, says:

    Dissappointed,disgusting food


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