Illuminate: A Workshop on Photography Fundamentals for the benefit of East Avenue cancer children

Our Cause:

Cancer is a disease that entails continuous struggle and sadly, it does not only attack adults, it also preys on innocent children. This, we believe, changes their childhood – it causes incredible stress and limits their dreams to what their condition will only allow them to do. It is our desire to help these children forget the stresses of their condition and to help them look at their obstacles in another light; in a perspective that gives hope both to them and to others.

Our Method:

Share the knowledge of capturing a story through photos through a fundraising workshop for the East Ave. children cancer patients and Ms. Joan Ladines.

Hoping you can help us be their silver lining!

For reservations, please contact AC Javier at 0917-5286328 or Gary Ladines at 0919-9994643. You may also join the Silver Lining Facebook group to know more:

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