Sleeping Beauties of the Orchid World lecture of Ms. Vangie Go

Pavilion area, Hardin ng mga Bulaklak ( Flower Garden) Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City-Philippines


It was a rainy afternoon when at least 70 people attended the lecture of Ms. VangieĀ  Go . The lecture was focused on the sleeping beauties of the orchid world.Ā Ā  Some of the early attendees patiently waitedĀ  at the lecture area .

native orchid species

Ms. Vangie go started to differentiate the kinds of orchid genus and their cultural requirements.

participants eagerly listen to her lecture

Ā Many orchids require a rest period .Ā  In temperate regions , As days get shorter and temperatures drop in the autumn, cut back on water and fertilizer. In the wild, dormancy occurs naturally when rains decrease or temperatures drop. Some orchid speciesĀ  like Dendrobium anosmum at the end of the flowering cycle for most orchid plants that all orchids need a resting periodā€”some going into such deep rest or dormancy that they apĀ­pear almost dead. In a state of nature this rest is provided by the change of seasons. It will be found that those plants requiring a long spell of complete rest in the greenhouse come from regions where long periods of hot wind occur. During such times these plants shrivel and dry, giving no sign of life.

L-R Mrs. Lucy TanĀ  and Ms. Vangie Go

Mrs. Lucy Tan is a member of the Philippine Orchid Society . She won a specimen sized Dendrobium bullenianum .

Mr. Ed Choa , Ms. Vangie Go and Mr. Wilson Dee

Mr. Ed Choa and Mr. Wilson DeeĀ  both plant hobbyists won Dendrobium anomum and an Anthurium hybrid during the lecture of Ms. Go

Aside from being dormant , Some orchids will shed their leaves . In the native habitat of many orchids these extremely dry seasons will be followed by torĀ­rential rains, during which the plant awakens and puts forth new growth that will culminate in bloom.

children and their moms pose for a souvenir shot

After the short lecture she raffled -off interesting orchids and imported ones like Catasetum and Anthurium hybrids.

Ms. Vangie Go award winning orchid showcase landscape exhibit

Two lucky participants also won Php 1,200 pesos cash ! She is one of the most generous resource speaker and aside from imparting her vast knowledge to the public, she also share a lot of plants to the newbies .

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