The Best of Anime ( BOA) 2013 Highlights

2nd Floor , Function Hall F- SMX Convention Center, Pasay City -Philippines

entrance to the Best of Anime 2013 convention

Prime Trade Asia president Ms. Irene Lloren , together with Mr. Joe Inoue and Japan Foundation representatives

Sewashi Nobi and Doraemon

 Doraemon was awarded the  Japan Cartoonists Association award  for excellence in 1973. Doraemon was awarded the first  Shogakukan Manga Award for children’s manga in 1982  and the first Osamu Tezuka Culture award in 1997 . In March 2008 Japan’s Foreign Ministry , appointed Doraemon as the nation’s first “anime ambassador.”The Foreign Ministry action confirms that Doraemon has come to be considered a Japanese cultural icon.

Doraemon postage stamps issued by Japan Post

Doraemon is a popular character that , the Japan Post ( Anime Heroes) issued several postage stamps.  The latest set was released on June 4th, 2013. A sheet of ten 80 yen stamps is  Y800 yen ($8 USD).

Doremon notebooks

In 2002, the anime character was acclaimed as an “Asian Hero” in a special feature survey conducted by Time Asia Magazine.

Mr. Ace Irenea -first in line

Anime lovers, collectors, cosplayers, pop culture lovers among others troop to the convention center .


Throngs of crowd began their arrival at the convention center hours before its opening.

group picture

The Best of Anime(BOA) 2013  feature popular Japanese acts  the pop group STARMARIE and singer-songwriter Mr. Joe Inoue  to delight cosplay fans. Performing on Sept. 14 is STARMARIE, composed of Takamori Shino, Kishita Nozo- mi and Aoki Shior. The group is famous for intense dance tune lyrics with fairy tale and fantasy themes. Fans of the Lolita pop group are lovingly called Marists. STARMARIE recently released its second album, Fantasy World 2. Joe, who rose to fame with the song Closer, performs on Sept. 15. Growing up in a musi- cal environment has helped Joe establish his basics in music and with that, he started to create his own materials on a multi-track recorder. He is also a member of J-MELO, a television program by NHK that is being aired in 180 countries. Joe started his new project called TENGUBOY.

Fuji film cameras on display

Fuji Film and YKL group of company is a proud sponsor of the event.

camera mascots

There were two camera mascots walking around the convention center providing photo opportunities to the visitors and guests .

Fuji Film / YKL Photo Company

Eiwa Manga Booth

Eiwa Manga is  online store based in Manila with two people at the helm:  Ms. Jo, in Manila, takes care of having orders delivered and doing meet-ups (in Manila, of course); and Rizza, based in Zamboanga, handles most of responding to inquiries and maintaining the site .

The store focuses more in online selling rather than having a physical store .  Most of the items are sourced from Japan, USA and Taiwan.

Contact information: 0927-366-4349 (GLOBE) 0932-878-0991 (SUN)


hodge podge booth

Ms. Gel Rodriguez ( 0917-525-2435)

The Hodge Podge booth  had a discount sale Everything’s 20%  at the Best of Anime convention.  Bottle cap accessories and it gives you the freedom to choose how you want your accessories to be. All supplies are imported from the US to assure our customers good quality in each Hodge Podge item . Bottle cap collectors is now enjoying a re-birth .

different kinds of bottle caps, they are used for bracelets, necklaces,mobile phone accessories , book marks, key chain holders, ID holders, pins

Established on March 2012, Hodge Podge is founded by two individuals who share the same passion for unique and kawaii goodies. They also accepts customized finish and bulk orders.


Japan Foundation booth

Japan Foundation gave interesting advertisement postcards, FREE calligraphy inscriptions and brochure. The booth also serves as a mini-library of books for those who want to read anime and Japanese magazines.

Makati Office: 12/F Pacific Star Building, Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue corner Makati Avenue, Makati City 1226

Japan Foundation:


Visit Japan Booth


This booth is selling their Pocky at BUY 1 Take 1 promo with different kinds of flavors from chocolate, strawberry, banana -chocolate , milk chocolate

Pocky is a kind of biscuit .  It’s a stick-shaped biscuit, traditionally covered in chocolate. But these days there are many different kinds of Pocky. It is quite popular in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong , Korea and many Asian countries.


Mogu-mogu drink

Packed with beautifying nutrients, it’s a refreshing way to stay young and fit, even when you’re on the go!

Mogu Mogu Juice Drink with Nata De Coco Bits  ( coconut jelly) is manufactured by Sapanan a company based in Bangkok, Thailand. It is perhaps their most exported product since it also sold in the rest of Asia, Middle East, Europe and US. Mogu Mogu was first produced in 2003 but in the Philippines, it was launched in 2010.

The company had a sample of their latest product during the event. It seems that almost everybody likes the Mogu-Mogu drinks. My first encounter with this drink was way back in 2011 . When we bought them in a grocery store .


Mount Fuji Rice

The event is partnered by Primetime AsiaJapan Information and Culture Center, Japan Foundation, Anime Alliance and Game Developers Association of the Philippines, sponsored by De La Salle — College of St. Benilde

Doujin No Mise booth, Wheatgrass C.A.N International, Cherry Credits, Bankee Trading, Inc., Ti- mezone, Sugarfree & Blue, YKL Fujifilm, Animation International (Doraemon), Mogu Mogu Manila, Mt. Fuji Rice, Voiceiyuu and The Brain Audio-Visual.

Prime Trade Asia:

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