Cultural Show at the Mabuhay Restop: A rich tapestry of Filipino culture and social enterprises !

Mabuhay Restop Travel  Cafe and Museum –  Rizal Park  ,South Drive  Area II corner Roxas Boulevard , Manila-Philippines


Mabuhay Restop Travel Cafe and Museum located in Rizal Park is the first venture of Mabuhay Restops, Inc. which aims to promote Philippine Cultural Heritage and love of God and  country  through their cultural tours, food, show, art exhibit, and Kalinga tours.

guests enjoying the buffet meal

Chicken Teriyaki and Sayote with Shrimp

fish fillet with tartar sauce and adobong kangkong

chicken binakol

The guests were treated with an evening of buffet showcasing different regional Philippine dishes from the simple adobong kangkong , fried fish fillet , sayote with shrimps, pancit, chicken binakol soup, chicken teriyaki , halo-halo and many more.

group picture with fellow bloggers

What is nice about the food and products being sold at the place is that it helps the community ( Gawad Kalinga ) the beneficiaries are the ones making the souvenir items  .

Ms. Thea Gloria

Ms. Thea Gloria is the emcee of the Mabuhay Fiesta show, she is a theater artist , singer, dancer . She is the Mabuhay Restop -STAR of the show !

cultural presentation

Wazzup Pilipinas founder Mr. Ross del Rosario and guests

For more then 1 hour , we were treated to a live performance, cultural presentation, historical trivia, tourist spots, food and social entrepreneurship.


I am encouraging tourist and even fellow Filipino to support this one of a kind tour.

Contact Information:

South Drive, Area II, Rizal Park, Ermita Manila 1000, Philippines
(T.M. Kalaw St. & Roxas Blvd.)
Phone: 02-359-7927, 0917-810-8194




ART Exhibition Opens at Bahay Nakpil-Bautista

Bahay Nakpil- Bautista ,  A. Bautista street formerly (Barbosa street ) Quiapo, Manila-Philippines

Tarpaulin poster ( photo credit : Ms. Alexandra Remonde) KKB volunteer

Andres Bonifacio art exhibit  ( photo credit : Ms. Alexandra Remonde) KKB volunteer

These winning art works were done by students using different kinds of medium like crayons, pastel , water-color, pencils – an art work inspired with the 150th anniversary of Gat Andres Bonifacio .

Petrona Nakpil tribute art exhibit
( photo credit : Ms. Alexandra Remonde) KKB volunteer

Petrona Nakpil and his husband, Don Ariston L. Bautista were the owners of the Nakpil House, a heritage house located at Bautista St. Quiapo, Manila. She was the brother of Julio Nakpil, Gregoria De Jesus’ second husband. Well, I guess you know who Gregoria De Jesus was. She was Andres Bonifacio’s wife and when he died, Oriang married Julio. Since Petrona and Ariston had no chidren, they decided to give their house to Julio and Oriang.

The exhibition pays tribute to Ms. Petrona-Nakpil who died in 1948 aged 87

Ms. Julia- Nakpil -Casas
( photo credit : Ms. Alexandra Remonde) KKB volunteer

different works of art
( photo credit : Ms. Alexandra Remonde) KKB volunteer

Hung on the walls of the Bahay-Nakpil Bautista are several paintings from different generations of Nakpil – Bautista clan .

gallery which pays tribute to Ms. Gregoria de Jesus ( photo: by the author)

The program started past 4:00PM with the short message and a ribbon cutting ceremonies attended by immediate family members of the Nakpil- Bautista clan,  artists , friends .

art sessions by different artists ( photo: by the author)

Mr. Dominic Benedict Santos-Viola Faustino together with Dr. Fernando ” Butch ” Zialcita ( photo: by the author)

Mr. Dominic together with his master pieces
( photo: by the author)

Mr. Dominic Benedict Santos- Viola Faustino started to learn art when he was still a kid with guidance from his father who is an architect . When he started making his art works , friends , schoolmates and relatives would encourage him to sell some of his works.  His recent art exhibit held at the Lourdes School in Mandaluyong City was a hit among art connoisseur.

Dr. Fernando Zialcita with his art work ( photo: by the author)

Dr. Fernando Zialcita is a professor emeritus at Ateneo de Manila University, a  book author.  Dr. Zialcita has an M.A. in Philosophy from the Ateneo de Manila University, and a M.A. and Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Hawaii. He teaches at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the Loyola Schools, Ateneo de Manila University and heads the Cultural Heritage Studies Program at the same.

Dr. Neni Sta. Romana Cruz of National Book Development Board
( photo: by the author)

She is a personal friend of the family and is currently writing an autobiography of Ms. Gregoria de Jesus

( photo: by the author)

After the short program and a tour conducted  by the gracious hosts we were treated to a light mid- afternoon snacks which consists of Japanese cake, empanada and canape’

Note : Some of the art works are for sale and 50% of the proceeds will go to the rehabilitation of the Bahay Nakpil- Bautista ‘s kitchen. The Art exhibition will run until November 30, 2013 .

Dr. Tess Obusan (PhD)
Mobile: +63932.480.7257


Fascinating Collectibles at Collection 2013

Robinson’s Place -Midtown, M. Adriatico Street  Ermita – Manila, Philippines

Robinson’s Place- Midtown, Ermita- Manila

Hobbiworx ,, Wazzup Pilipinas and Collector’s Connection  in cooperation with Robinsons Place Manila presents Collecticon 2013.

Tomica Die Cast Cars  scale 1:64- for sale

It was supposed to be a three-day event with a third day scheduled  until September 22 ,2013  Sunday but was cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances to give way to an in-house mall event ( Chinese Moon Cake festival ) by the Chinese Embassy . The organizers have shared their deepest apologies for the very short notice of cancellation.


It was a rainy and cloudy day when i visited the annual convention. There were about 70 stall holders selling different kind of collectible items from fancy jewelries, key chains, t-shirt printing, anime , comics, coins, postcards, coca-cola collectible items, die cast toys, stuffs toys, stickers, button pins, trading cards, model toys among others.

Coca-cola die cast toys

Coca-cola die-cast toys price ranges from Php 400 to Php 600 depending on the condition , rarity and market demand.

Coca-cola trucks

Coca-cola hummer truck  ( Off Road Carrier) copyright 2003, manufactured in China and distributed the United States and Latin American markets.

Mrs. Myrna and Ms. Kaycee

Mrs. Myra and Ms. Kaycee are re-sellers or dealers of die-cast toys and other collectible items . They have a small consigned outlets at Greenhills . The mother daughter tandem also participate in some flea market bazaars or tianggues .  They source most of their items from the United States .  Their selling instinct never surprise anyone “ Baka may magustuhan po kayo sa mga items namin ”  Maybe you like some items from our stall.   They specialize on niche market like cartoon characters , coca-cola cars , walt disney , figurines

Contact : Ms. Kaycee (0916-538-8697)SMART

Ms. Myrna (0915-544-5088) GLOBE


 trading cards and sticker from Japan

living dead dolls

These are living dead dolls on sale at Php 1,800 each . The dolls are popular in the United States, Europe and some parts of Asia like Japan and Korea.

Ms. Desi and Morena Teh

Mother Morena  and Daughter Desi . They are active collectors of different stuffs . The husband , Mr. Antonio Teh is a member of various collecting clubs like PNAS, BNSP, Bayanihan , FSCC.  They also would participates in collecting bazaars and club bourses.

Lincoln Global

746 Sabino Padilla street ( formerly Gandara) corner Tetuan street. Santa Cruz Manila – Landlines : 733-96-82/ 0927-3361371


most of the coins are in mint condition , almost all the coins are silver and are highly collectible . Philippine Numismatic and Antiquarian Society is the foremost leader and authority when it comes to coin collection. The club had hundreds of member nationwide and international affiliation .



Among the highly anticipated event is the live auction of toys and other collectible items. Some of the toys starting bid at Php 1.00 and some good items were also sold .  Most of the bidders are students with loose pocket change .

Mr. Raul Jr. II Q. Rivera

He won this original Uron / Oolong the Terrible  stuff toy – Uron/ Oolong  is a character in Dragon Ball  in the on the spot auction . The stuff toy reached Php 265.00 – relatively CHEAP for an original stuff.

Ms. Josele May D. Ong

She started her own business 3 years ago making customized handmade polymer clay jewelries, crochet accessories, tatted couture . She also maintained a facebook page for on-line selling .

Contact : 0906-544-55-44

cute accessories made from polymer clay

She shared the booth with 3 other small time traders Gyaru/ Harajuku , Paper Pitaka and Gyaru Shoppe.


Before i left the convention, i managed to buy a couple of  Matchbox die-cast toys !!!! Yipee !!! LOOT of the Day.

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