Facebook comments of Devina DeDiva causes outrage among Filipinos

A certain  Facebook user Devina DeDiva gained notoriety and quickly drew flak from Filipinos all over the world for bashing newly crowned Miss World 2013- Megan Young

Viral photos now circulating online quoted Devina as saying: “Miss Philippines is Miss World? What a joke! I did not know those maids have anything else in them.”

twitter trending topic

A few minutes of google search on Devina Dediva, to find out if she really exists or not, turns out a wealth of information on the newly crowned Internet Basher of 2013.  She instantly became the talk of the internet sites, and became the top 10 Twitter trending topic in the Philippines yesterday October 2, 2013.  Some netizens called her a lot of names, but sure thing that her user name is tha talk of the town!

Facebook page from the account of  Devina DeDiva posted on September 29, 2013 11;26 pm

ABS-CBN News said “DeDiva used to attend Manchester University”.

Philippine Star describes her as “a graduate from an American university”. No additional information about the woman’s nationality, education background or work was given.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer withheld her name and described Devina as a “Singapore-based woman”.

Her Facebook account says nothing about her ‘basic information’. [UPDATE: Devina’s Facebook account has been deactivated as of 5:57 in the morning, Oct. 2, Manila time]. 

a new Facebook page was created

Her Wayn.com account states: “Hi, my name is Devina DeDiva. I’m 26 year-old Singaporean female, currently in Singapore, Singapore. I have 33 friends around the world.” 

The woman’s LinkedIn account indeed shows she’s based in Singapore and currently working as a “Lab Analyst” at Intertek Testing, a Singapore-based company that provides laboratory testing, outsourcing, consulting, cargo inspection and certification services for global clients.

Meanwhile, another account was created Hate Divina De Diva which had over 9,000 LIKES at the Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Devina-Dediva/166450300226749?directed_target_id=0


4 thoughts on “Facebook comments of Devina DeDiva causes outrage among Filipinos”

  1. ..if you happen to know this stupid asshole, please kick her on the head..she has gone way overboard with her comments…

  2. Yeah so much with those uneducated rant and status..I don’t really know if “some people” out there knows that the are at least two status,one is achieved and the other is ascribe.If some people manage to achieve something,lets just be happy for them and if not lets try being civil.

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