Criminal charges against Devina Dediva

Devina DeDiva might be in for more trouble after a Filipinos residing in Singapore reportedly filed a police case against her for the racially insensitive comments she posted on her Facebook account.

DeDiva, who mocked the crowning of Young as the newest Miss World and then slighted the Filipino race by calling them underprivileged, filthy and uneducated maids, is facing charges that could put her in jail for a maximum of three years with a fine up to $5,000 (Singaporean Dollar).

“Miss Philippines is Miss World? What a joke? I didn’t know those maids have anything else in them. Hahaha,” DeDiva posted on her Twitter account.

Singapore is imposing a strict law prohibiting its citizens from mocking another race through acts, words and publications, which includes posts and comments on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Facebook screen shots

“Under the Sedition Act, anyone found guilty of promoting feelings of ill-will and hostility between different races or class of the population of Singapore can be fined up to $5,000 or jailed up to three years, or both.”

According to several posts by Filipino netizens on Twitter, Singapore-based Mr. Anthony Benedicto filed the police case against DeDiva, who was initially reported an Indian national working in the country. She was also thought a student of Manchester University, but the Indiana based institution cleared that it has no student named Devina DeDiva.

Manchester University (Indiana, USA) has been mistakenly associated with an individual Devina DeDiva today after she made racist comments regarding the recently crowned Miss World from the Philippines. To clear up any confusion, the University has confirmed that Devina DeDiva has never been a student at Manchester University.

Philippine Daily Inquirer twitter account reported the termination of Devina Dediva :

Benedicto confirmed to the International Business Times (Australia Edition) on Friday that he indeed filed criminal charges against DeDiva and police has already started its investigation.

Devina is  working as an assistant teacher in a pre-school  in Singapore where her  superiors are Filipinos  which brought the issues to the management .


6 Responses

  1. this is a lesson to everyone

  2. hahahha u r just an assistant of filipino supervisors, then why the fuck you said filipinos are maids. hahahahah arent u the maid of filipinos there in singapore??? and u indians are soooooooo dirty cos u keep all animals in the street!

  3. The Dediva is extremely racist in character..She really deserves termination and she did not think that her superior is a Filipino. So she must be really put in jail for that unlawful act .Instead she should be thankful her fellow Asian national won the Miss World Title.

  4. so,who’s in hot water now you slut devina devira…go home to your country & f@!&$ your father pig..

  5. Nice job! Let the whole world know that the Filipinos are well-rounded people. They can be excellent housemaids cleaning toilets, excellent drivers, great artists, famous boxers, clever politicians, wise businessmen, unsung heroes. . well, they can be as excellent as in everything in this world. . teaching, nursing, painting, singing, dancing. . and the like. . Filipinos are just that GREAT! We are AWESOME, isn’t it?

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