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Kalesa Kinulayan Philippines Peoples Organization, Inc. or KALESA changes the whole concept of the vehicle to be a symbol of innovation, commerce and more importantly, HOPE for Filipino people.  About 20 bloggers were given the opportunity to witness the unveiling of the project which aims to help  the indigent communities .

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Conceptualized by a group of like-minded, concerned Filipino citizens, KALESA’s main goal is to curb poverty by making more entrepreneurs in the Philippines. KALESA believes that doing business means empowering people and distributing opportunity, especially to the underprivileged (the forgotten sector of our society)

There are several ways to help the group I-Care, I Share, I Partner and I Give

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KALESA is taking baby steps in organizing and setting up.  As a social enterprise, it runs on funds for its social service advocates.  Concern individuals can also contribute in the works of fabricating more KALESA e-Carts for more indigents to benefit.

KALESA is now raising 10 million pesos to fabricate additional 100 carts to help at least 200 families.

Cash donations can be deposited at any BPI branch to Kalesa Kinulayan Philippines Peoples Organization, Inc. with account number: 00-0793-2207-74.

One can volunteer time, partner with the organization , help in the causes.

KALESA is looking for volunteers to be Local Community Coordinators and International Community Coordinators. Anywhere you are, whatever field you may be in, as long as you are willing and available, you can contribute and MAKE THE CHANGE.

Website: http://www.kalesaphilippines.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KalesaPhilippines

Meet the Kalesa Advocates: http://www.kalesaphilippines.com/kalesa-advocates/

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