Brushing adventures together with Pepsodent at the Rafael Palma Elementary School

Rafael Palma Elementary School, Manila-Philippines

Pepsodent 020students

Unilever strenghtens its commitment to improve the brushing habits of the Filipino children with its brushing adventure advocacy . Through its No. 1 toothpaste brand Pepsodent.

Pepsodent 012

Pepsodent brushing day and night

Pepsodent encourages parents not to use the fear of cavities to get kids to brush but to make  rushing a fun and creative moment of family bonding.

Pepsodent 048

L-R Ms. Mel Waldron- Lamotte ( Rafael Palma Elementary School guidance counselor ), Mr.  Fernando Fernandez ( Philippine Dental Association president) , Mr. Chito Macapagal ( Unilever- vice-president for corporate affairs) , Ms.Gina Lorenzana ( Unilever- Vice President for  personal care) , Dr. Suzana San Diego ( Manile Chief of Dental Service) , Ms. Merlie Asprer ( DEPED Adopt a School Program ) and Ms. Rina Lopez- Bautista ( Knowledge Channel –President)

Pepsodent 087

school children learning to properly brush their teeth

The number one toothpaste Pepsodent encourages parents make brushing a fun and creative moment. By learning about dental health at an early age, the incidence of tooth cavity can be prevented. Philippine Dental Association  President- Dr. Fernando Fernandez said that 8 out 10 5-year old Filipino kids have cavities, one of the highest cavity incidence levels in the world.

Pepsodent 065

a short program about fighting tooth decay and oral hygiene

a short program  shown the benefit of regular toothbrushing  presented by the Ateneo Blue Repertory

Pepsodent 077

all smile from the children

Ms. Gem Laforteza , Pepsodent brand manager said that the campaign was inspired by parents who often struggle to get their kids to brush . Moms play an important role . Their involvement in the development of a healthy brushing habit is essential to ensuring the dental and overall health of their kids. “ Through Unilever’s Pepsodent Brushing Adventure Campaign , we want to turn brushing , a potentially boring activity , into a moment of fun , adventure and learning . This will help moms nurture the habit of day and night brushing , which is crucial to overall health ”.

Special Program:

Pepsodent 098

a special program in which Unilever in cooperation with Rafael Palma Elementary School awarded special prizes to their teachers, parents and students.


Philippine tricyles on stamp featured by Philpost

Manila Central Post Office , Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila -Philippines

passenger type tricycle

Motorized tricycles are a common means of passenger transport everywhere in the Philippines, except on busy major highways and very busy city streets, where they are used as public utility  vehicles either plying a set route or for-hire.

After the iconic jeepney, Philippine tricycle is the most popular mode of transportation in the urban areas as well as the rural areas.

Most of the tricycle ply the smaller side streets , subdivision areas which the road or streets are too narrow for any public transportation can reach.

Passenger :

Most  are built around an imported, mostly Japanese  motorcycle. One variety has a cab completely enclosing the motorcycle and rider. These accommodate three to four passengers and luggage or boxes can be placed on the roof. A passenger sits next to the driver and up to three passengers can be seated in two bench seats in a compartment behind the rider and front seat.

The  passenger type -tricycle became popular along secondary routes in the 1960’s . Each town had a particular design .

Usually one or two passengers can ride behind the driver and two to six or more in the side car depending upon the design. Some tricycles can fit 9 passengers.

souvenir sheet

Stamp :

There are some stamp collector which proposed the idea of Philippine tricycle featured on stamps. However it was Mr. Benjamin Respico a stamp collector from Mindanao who proposed the idea and send some pictures of  tricycles .

The 4 designs

1.) Tricycle from Cabadbaran 2.) Tricycle from Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, 3.) Tricycle from Ozamiz City 4.) Tricycle from Bukidnon

Technical Description :

Kind of Issue : Topical

Perforation : 14

Denomination and Quantity: P10.00 ……..150,000 (4 designs)

Printing Process   : Litho – Offset (4 colors)

Souvenir Sheet : P40.00 ……5,000

Paper : Imported Unwatermarked

Date of Issue                              : November  11, 2013

Printer                                     : Amstar Company, Inc.

Last day of sale                         : November  12, 2014 (as stock allows)

  Layout Artists                                       : Jose Antonio A. Jayme, Victorino Serevo

Sheet Composition                                  : 12 (3 x 4)

Size of stamp                             : 40 mm. x 30 mm.

Size of Souvenir Sheet              : 130.18 mm. x 75.14 mm.                                                                  Photos                                    : Provided by Mr. Benjie Respicio

Designs                                      : Stamp 1 –  Tricycle from Cabadbaran

Stamp 2 –  Tricycle from Tricycle from Puerto Princesa

Stamp 3 –  Tricycle from Ozamis City

Stamp 4 –   Tricycle from Bukidnon

The quantity for the souvenir sheet is printed very low at 5,000 pieces

First Day Cover with stamp  : 400 pieces

Date of Issuance: November 12, 2013 or 11-12-13 which is a 3-day consecutive number deemed auspicious by feng shui and numerologist

Philippine Postal Corporation:

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