Gathering of Bonifacio, De Jesus and Nakpil’s descendants

Bahay Nakpil-Bautista, Quiapo- Manila, Philippines

Faroles (lanterns) hanging from the eaves of the house indicate that this photograph was taken during Christmas when it is customary in the Philippines to hang these traditional symbols.
Reproduced from the book “Julio Nakpil and the Philippine Revolution” by Encarnacion Alzona.

Mr. Ariston Lin Bautista – He was the son of Mariano A. Bautista and Teresa Limpingco, and was born in Sta. Cruz, Manila. Bautista was married to Petrona Nakpil in 1903.

grand staircase

His house on Barbosa Street [now named after him, A. Bautista Street], Quiapo, Manila, used to be a small art museum of antiques and paintings of representative Filipino arts. His library is now with the University of the Philippines Medical Museum started by Dr. Geminiano de Ocampo².

A collegue, Dr. Jose P. Bantug, described him:

descendants of  Gat Andres Bonifacio ‘s siblings in attendance

The gathering was initiated by the relatives of the Nakpil’s , Bonifacio , Castro and De Jesus clan a day before the Gat Andres Bonifacio ‘s 150th anniversary , since a lot of them are busy during the date of the celebration.

group photo

There was a short program led by the artist group , a small program led by Ms. Bobbie  Santos- Viola .

Ms. Bobbie Santos-Viola

She was the host speaker and moderator during the gathering

After the short recollection among the living descendants , a short play  of the life of Gat Andres Bonifacio  and a late afternoon meal serving the ” BEST ” of Quiapo’s food like fresh lumpia, empanada, pancit, barbecue were served.

Note” I would like to ” Thank” Ms. Bobbie Santos Viola, Professor Fernando B. Zialcita for the accommodation and invitation extended to the author.



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  1. I would like to find out more about my heritage. My grandfather was Cecilio Bonifacio.

    • You can try to make a research on NHCP office in Kalaw Street -beside the National Library , Manila.

      Another good option is to set an appointment with Church of Latter Day Saints office ( temple ) in White Plains, Quezon City . They have some preserve family baptismal records on mirco-film dating back to the 17th and 18th century.

      Try to know that birth dates, name , baptismal records of your parents, grandparents and even your nearest kin. to start your genealogy tracing. It will make it faster to trace your line. Thanks for visiting this site.

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