Rodolfo ” DOLPHY” Vera Quizon Sr. souvenir stamp on SALE at the Philpost

Manila Central Post Office , Liwasang Bonifacio – Ermita, Manila


dolphy-handogMang DOLPHY

Rodolfo Vera Quizon, Sr.,¬† (July 25, 1928 ‚Äď July 10, 2012), known by his screen names Dolphy, Pidol, and Golay (1944) He is widely regarded as the country’s King of Comedy for his comedic talent embodied by his long roster of works on stage, radio, television and movies.

Dolphy FDC with cancellationPhp 100 DOLPHY  special stamp in first day cover

¬†He was born in Calle Hererra (now P. Herrera St.) His father was Melencio E. Quizon, a ship engine worker in the Atlantic Gulf and Pacific Company of Manila, and the son of Modesto Quizon, Sr. and Adorable “Salud” Quizon (n√©e Espinosa). His mother was Salud V. Quizon (n√©e Vera), the daughter of Maximo Vera and Ninay Vera (n√©e de la Rosa). He was the second eldest of ten children.


First Day Cover with stamps

He started selling peanuts and watermelon seeds ( butong pakwan) at movie theaters before the advent of the second world war.

Life Theater

Life Theater photo: LIFE magazine

He was about thirteen when Second World War  started. He did odd jobs including shinning shoes  attaching buttons at a pants factory; sorting bottles by size; working as a stevedore  at the pier; trading  and driving celesas . In his free time he regularly watched stage shows at the Life Theater and the Avenue Theater.

Mang Dolphy made several hundreds of movies which made him popular not only in the Philippines but internationally . Among his popular television shows are John en Marsha , Home Along da Riles,  Home Along da Airport

He never married and was public with his relationships and family. For more than 20 years, He had a common -law partner with Filipina singer, actress and model Ms. Zsa Zsa Padilla. They resided in the Marina Bay Village. In his latest book, he mentioned that he had five serious relationships before Padilla who bore him offspring.

In 2009, Dolphy was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.  As a result, his public appearances were reduced, and was frequently admitted to the intensive care unit. Dolphy died on July 10, 2012.

Dolphy FDC

STAMP Proposal:

A few weeks after his death , There was a public outcry among Filipino philatelists and foreign collectors that such a popular icon be remembered and commemorated in Philippine stamps.  This is not an easy task- There are protocols and the immediate family members must be properly notified .

Elvis Presley stamp

Elvis Presley stamp featured by the United States Postal Authorities

The initial plans of the stamp issuance on 2012 was initially halted temporarily . The clamor still persist and some philatelist even cited some popular US celebrities like Elvis Presley and Manilyn Monroe were honored with stamps .  The list is quite long!

The wait is still long for local stamp collectors,¬† many thought that Philpost and the Quizon family had changed their plans.¬† In fact when i was interviewed by GMA channel 7 news reporter Mr. John Paul ” JP” Soriano¬† during the Francisco ” Botong ” Francisco stamp launching last year¬† –¬† I told the crew that collectors are clamoring for the Mang DOLPHY stamps issuance.

Lo and behold, after more than 1 year of waiting , the beautiful special stamp in honor of Mang DOLPHY was unvield last November 23, 2013 Saturday  at the Signal Village in Taguig . However the stamps was only sold at the Manila Central Post Office on November 25, 2013.

When i arrived past 11:30am at the Philatelic section,  saw some stamp and memorabilia collectors who wanted to buy the special stamp issuance.

First Day Cover of DOLPHY

Due to the limited stock and to avoid hoarding РEach stamp collector is allotted only 5  stamps.  Had to wait for a couple more hours just to wait for the cancellation marks to dry -up .

Technical Description

Type of Issuance:  Special Souvenir stamp

Size of the Stamp: 100mm x 95 mm

Quantity : 5,000 pieces

Denomination : Php 100

Perforation : 14

Printing Process: Litho-Offset ( 4 colors)

First Day Cover: 400 pieces with stamp

Paper: Imported  Unwatermarked

Special Feature : Gold Foil Stamping-  National Stamp Collecting Month  (November )

KING OF PHILIPPINE COMEDY  and border of the stamp

Design : Photos provided by the Quizon Family Foundation thru Mr. Eric Quizon with Philpost logo , Background design are some of his movies

First Day Cover : Cache design with Mang Dolphy standing with specimen signature

Layout artists : Mr. Jose Antonio A. Jaime, Mr. Victorino V. Serevo

Printer: AMSTAR Company

Website Link

Philippine Postal Corporation :


Eksibisyong Bonifacio at Manila Cityhall

2nd Floor – Manila Cityhall , Manila -Philippines

The Art Exhibit in celebration of 150 Birth Anniversary of Gat Andres Bonifacio was launched a few hours ago in cooperation with group of artists ,  descendants of Gat Andres Bonifacio, Manila Cityhall, Museo ng Maynila, Manila Cultural and Heritage Bureau  and volunteers of Bahay Nakpil- Bautista in Quiapo.

group picture with the artists

This are series of events that highlight the 150th birth anniversary of Manila’s greatest son and hero. The art exhibit will be until November 29, 2013.

Mr. Jheremie Lois B. Salalima

Mr. Jheremie Lois B. Salalima is a High School student from the University of the East РHe used different kinds of mix media like glue gun, acrylic  for his art work . He started his passion in painting since he was in grade 5 .

8 3/4 ” 11 3/4

Contact : 0943-8075934


Mr. Mark Hernandez

I met the artist during the La Mesa Eco Dam art exhibition last May 2013 . He made his art work base on this year’s 150th anniversary theme¬† .

Filvas Gallery which is located in 86 Congressional Avenue, Bahay Toro, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines View Map 

       Filvas Art Gallery

     Phone: +63(2)3850683

Mobile (0939-7698279)

 Feature :

Mr. Dante C. Palmes

His art work entitled ” Ama Supremo ” Senior Andres Bonifacio – 18”x 24 ” Oil on Canvass

Contact information: 0928-4054503


steel art scuplture by Mr. Marlon G. Lucea√Īara

¬†size : 34x 22” 16.5 ”

Ms. Arlene de CastroA√Īonuevo

Ms. Arlene is a great grand nephew ( Catalina de Castro  ) of Gat Andres Bonifacio on the maternal side ( Castro)  She started her passion for painting when she was 4-years old

Entitled: ” Walang Busabos sa Sariling Bayan” Oil on canvass 18”x 24 ”

The art exhibit will be until November 29, 2013 .

Stamp Collector’s Night at the Manila Central Post Office

Manila Central Post Office lobby , Liwasang Bonifacio , Ermita – Manila , Philippines

Willard Cheng and FVR

former President Fidel Valdez Ramos together with ABS-CBN channel 2 Malacanang Palace correspondent Mr. Willard Cheng ( now stamp ambassador)

I heard several weeks ago about the plan of the Philippine Postal Corporation to invite stamp collectors,¬† stamp bloggers , media and stamp enthusiasts for a get together ” salu-salo ” at the Manila Central Post Office.

Philippine postcard 136

L-R Mrs. Josefina T. Cura , Mr. Willard Cheng, Mr. Alfonso Cruz and Ms. Lourdes Watiwat

The¬† initiative was through the office of Postmaster Maria Josefina ” Josie”¬† dela Cruz and Philpost President Ceasar Sarino .¬† It was one BIG momentous occasion . The get- together aimed to foster the bonding ties between private collectors and the Philpost.

Jonathan Blaza together with Josie dela Cruz

Mr. Jonathan  J. Blaza together with Postmaster General Josie dela Cruz

Mr. Jonathan J. Blaza is a blogger, post-crossing ambassador , bird enthusiast ,  orchid ,  postcard and stamp collector.

It was last week when i got a verbal invitation from the Philatelic section through Mr. Vic Serevo ( Philatelic Designer ). While i was purchasing some tricycle stamps.

Postmaster General Josie dela Cruz with stamp collectors and war veteran

two war veterans ( left side ) together with Mr. Rey Ong de Jesus,  Josie dela Cruz , Mr. Ceasar Sarino and Mr. Willard Cheng

¬†A more formal invitation from Mr. Rey Ong de Jesus ( stamp advisory committee member¬† and board member of various stamp clubs ) was printed in a small piece of paper , which he personally distributed during the monthly meeting of Filipinas Stamp Collectors’ Club last November 17, 2013.

Mr. Lawrence Chan, Willard Cheng and Alfonso Cruz

L-R Mr. Lawrence Chan , Mr. Willard Cheng and Mr. Alfonso Cruz

I  got  another invitation via email ,  Surprisingly from the head of the Philatelic section on November 18, 2013 MONDAY afternoon.  Rarely got any email correspondent from the Philatelic head  .  In particular , the much needed TECHNICAL information about the stamp issuance which is very vital in the information dissemination and PUBLIC information.  I was just amazed that she managed to send an invitation this time.

Mr. Willard Cheng with Students

Mr. Willard Cheng together with on the job trainees students

–¬† On Tuesday November 19,¬† After after buying some FDC’s and stamps¬† at the Philatelic section . Most of which are ordered by my friends, relatives and swap mates in different parts of the world. I again re-confirm my attendance on this special night.

former president Fidel V. Ramosformer President Fidel Valdez Ramos

 The event took place when  former President Fidel V. Ramos arrived at the lobby of the Manila Central Post Office at around past 6:00pm. All eyes and ears were  on him. He is a respected statesman , military officer ,  shell , book and stamp collector too! He is also vital for the passage of several laws which helped the Philippine Postal Bank and the Postal System of the country.

He wanted a postal system and stamps to be at par with “World Class” since there are also foreign stamp collectors which specializes in Philippine stamps.

Ms. Carrie together with Mr. Willard Cheng

Mr. Willard Cheng together with Ms. Macaria J. Leonardo- head of the Postage and Metered Machine Division and other colleagues

Collectors' Night Naga Philatelic Club and Quezon Philatelic Society members

It is also amazing how stamp collectors from different part of the country manage to come to the affair with such a short notice.

Stanley Chi together with his wife and Mr. Ceasar Sarino

Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Siu  and  Mr. Ceasar Sarino standing at the middle

The members of Quezon Philatelic Society had to travel more than 5 hours just to attend this affair. According to Mr. Stanley Siu РThey were stuck  at the SLEX north bound area for about 1 hour.  While  some members of the Naga Philatelic Club arrived past 7:00pm .

Bangon Antique

Mr. Jong Caytiles a stamp collector¬† makes a pitch for ” Bangon Antique “

Mr. Dione ” Jong ” Caytiles a stamp collector who works for an international banking institution¬† makes a pitch for his province .

Santi Fernandez ,Mr. Santi Fernandez , Ms. Josie dela Cruz and Mr. Willard Cheng

Mr. Santi Fernandez is a young stamp collector studying at the Angelicum College ( home school) in Quezon City¬† . He only started collecting stamps, FDC’s and letters just a few months ago but he is not new to the field of collecting. He also collects coins, paper bills and some object d’ arts. He became aware of stamp collecting from his father , uncle and aunt .

Mr. Jimmy Ang

Mr. Jimmy Ang holding¬† several FDC’s¬† at the back of¬† former president Fidel Valdez Ramos

Mr. Jimmy Ang is the current President of the APO Philatelic Club. He had one of the most number of FDC ‘s , books, memorabilia that he brought to be autographed by former president.

Mr. Nemensio Miranda together with President Ramos

Mr. Nemensio Miranda  presented  his self sketch portrait to former President Fidel Ramos

Mr. Robert Tan

Mr. Robert Tan – President of the Philippine Philatelic Federation

One of the highlights of the evening was awarding Filipino philatelists which brought international honors to the country during the Thailand World Stamp Exhibition .  Mr. Robert Tan  exhibited entitled  Philippines 1854-1877 (Pre-U.P.U. Era)
Award: Vermeil and another entry

China Pre-UPU Era
Award: Large Vermeil

Mr. Rey Ong de Jesus

Mr. Rey Ong de Jesus

Philippine Postal Activities
during Japanese Administration 1941-1945
Award: Vermeil

Mr. Alfredo RoxasMr. Alfredo Roxas

Mr. Alfredo Roxas is a long time stamp collector and Philippine stamp dealer . His clientele are stamp wholesalers from different parts of the world. His international participation helps promote Philippine stamps .

Dr. Ngo Tiong TakDr. Ngo Tiong Tak

Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak is  well-known for  his publication on Philippine Stamp Catalog ,   stamp advisory committee chairperson ( Philpost )  for more than 10 years. He is also an TB Seal stamp advisory member.

dessertsdifferent kinds of sweets and pastries

Barbaras Barbaras waiters and staffs

Everyone were treated to a sumptuous dinner party where Postal employees and officers have a light conversation with well-known stamp collectors as well as  the new generation stamp collectors. Some of them took an early leave just to attend this historical ( RARE ) occasion. Thanks for the invite !

Miss Earth candidates visits 100 Revolving Restaurant

33rd Floor  100 Revolving Restaurant, Eastwood drive corner C-5 , Quezon City-Philippines

100 Roving Restaurant 045Chef Jessie Sincioco together with candidates of Miss Earth 2013

I got an invitation from Wazzup Pilipinas to visit on the newly opened restaurant in the part of Quezon City. It came to a surprise that the the Miss Earth 2013 candidates were also invited to grace this momentous occasion.

Miss Earth 2013 candidatesMiss  Earth -Thailand Ms. Punika Kunsuntornrat, Miss Earth- Romania Ms. Ioana  Michalache and Miss Earth- Paraguay РMs.Leticia Caceres

The revolving restaurant concept is not new in the Philippines, the country had its first revolving restaurant in Quiapo district , Manila way back in the 1970’s .The building, once the Manila Royal Hotel, now occupied by SM clearance sale outlet or SM Carriedo branch . The building can be viewed every-time we had a special tour inside¬† the Metropolitan theater .

100 Roving Restaurant 025

magnificent skyline of Metro Manila and surrounding cities

There is another one in Cebu , But the largest up to date is the 101 revolving restaurant.

100 Roving Restaurant 015

restaurant staffs busy preparing our lunch dishes

It was having an opportunity to meet with 29  Miss Earth 2013 lovely candidates out of 88 total candidates and experience the superb signature and customized dishes of Chef Jessie, a celebrated chef  , connoisseur and and author of some books.

100 Roving Restaurant 039bar

Concept of the Restaurant:

Chef Jessie 100 Revolving Restaurant is owned by the Que Family of MDC (Mercury Drug Corporation) located at the 33rd floor of the company owned (MDC 100) building, the first high-rise venture of MDC.

100 Roving Restaurant 040reception

Ms. Tess Laurente, the PR Manager and Chef Jessie herself when we had a chance to interview them talked about the story behind the name of MDC 100. The 100 is a very special number for the Que Family, They started a business with 100 pesos, so it symbolizes the humble beginning of the company, very inspiring!

Mercury drug store

Mercury Drug Store commemorative stamp issued by Philpost on August  15, 1995 marking its 50th anniversary

 It is the only and biggest revolving restaurant in the country today. The couple were inspired by the other revolving restaurants whenever they traveled abroad.

Heart of palm in Tamarind vinaigrette Dressing served on a bed of alugbatiHeart of Palm in Tamarind Vinaigrette Dressing served on a bed of Fresh Alugbati

This is one of the the ” must” recommended salad dish of the restaurant

100 revolving restaurant 2interior

You dine and revolves and experience the beautiful view of the city. Revolving will take around 1 to 1/2 hour. You can experience the different facet of Metro Manila skyline, from lush green golf courses, posh subdivision  ,  buildings, major thoroughfare , business district and mountains from nearby Sierra Mountain and Rizal province.

Halo-halo Halo-halo parfait


The restaurant can accommodate between 250 to 300 people at any given time .  The restrooms are clean and the simple flower arrangement adds charm to the place.

Ms. Earth  2013 beauties

You are lucky you will see different kinds of bird species and a beautiful sunset between 4-5 PM. The place is an Idyllic venue for weddings, marriage proposals, Valentine Dates, New Year celebration for a safer and better view of fireworks, family gatherings, reunions and for all occasions.

iced orange with mintice orange with mint

Celebrity Clientele:

There are some celebrity guests at the restaurant which includes politicians, artists and beauty queens

Note: I think is is one of the BEST restaurant in Metro Manila.  The restaurant can rival some of the first class hotels and restaurants . Value for money , ambiance,  relaxation and magnificent view of the skyline.  There is a parking space at the basement of the building.

The restaurant operates from 11am up to 11:00pm and they have some extensions.

For reservations and inquiries :

Ms. Abby D. Gomez
Restaurant Manager
Chef Jessie 100 Revolving Restaurant
33rd Floor, MDC 100 Building, C5 corner Eastwood Drive
Quezon City, The Philippines
Tel +632 9621016, Fax +632 9625654
E-mail:   Website:

Brushing adventures together with Pepsodent at the Rafael Palma Elementary School

Rafael Palma Elementary School, Manila-Philippines

Pepsodent 020students

Unilever strenghtens its commitment to improve the brushing habits of the Filipino children with its brushing adventure advocacy . Through its No. 1 toothpaste brand Pepsodent.

Pepsodent 012

Pepsodent brushing day and night

Pepsodent encourages parents not to use the fear of cavities to get kids to brush but to make  rushing a fun and creative moment of family bonding.

Pepsodent 048

L-R Ms. Mel Waldron- Lamotte ( Rafael Palma Elementary School guidance counselor ), Mr.¬† Fernando Fernandez ( Philippine Dental Association president) , Mr. Chito Macapagal ( Unilever- vice-president for corporate affairs) , Ms.Gina Lorenzana ( Unilever- Vice President for¬† personal care) , Dr. Suzana San Diego ( Manile Chief of Dental Service) , Ms. Merlie Asprer ( DEPED Adopt a School Program ) and Ms. Rina Lopez- Bautista ( Knowledge Channel ‚ÄďPresident)

Pepsodent 087

school children learning to properly brush their teeth

The number one toothpaste Pepsodent encourages parents make brushing a fun and creative moment. By learning about dental health at an early age, the incidence of tooth cavity can be prevented. Philippine Dental Association  President- Dr. Fernando Fernandez said that 8 out 10 5-year old Filipino kids have cavities, one of the highest cavity incidence levels in the world.

Pepsodent 065

a short program about fighting tooth decay and oral hygiene

a short program  shown the benefit of regular toothbrushing  presented by the Ateneo Blue Repertory

Pepsodent 077

all smile from the children

Ms. Gem Laforteza , Pepsodent brand manager said that the campaign was inspired by parents who often struggle to get their kids to brush . Moms play an important role . Their involvement in the development of a healthy brushing habit is essential to ensuring the dental and overall health of their kids. ‚Äú Through Unilever‚Äôs Pepsodent Brushing Adventure Campaign , we want to turn brushing , a potentially boring activity , into a moment of fun , adventure and learning . This will help moms nurture the habit of day and night brushing , which is crucial to overall health ‚ÄĚ.

Special Program:

Pepsodent 098

a special program in which Unilever in cooperation with Rafael Palma Elementary School awarded special prizes to their teachers, parents and students.

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