Pinoy Coke Fanatics eyeball at Arjay’s Collect Zone

Arjay’s Collect Zone , Holy Trinity Parish Church corner Santisima Trinidad, Calabash Rd. Balic- Balic, Sampaloc, Manila

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An invitation was send thru Pinoy Coke Fanatics Facebook page by Mr. Jay-Ar Mendoza. A fellow coke collector. I quickly grab the opportunity to attend this monthly meeting.

Arjay’s Collect Zone

 coke delivery truck circa mid- 1980’s

I am not new to the field of collecting coke and their promotional items. I got my first coke truck when i was about 4 years-old when my aunt went to the United States of America and gave me a coke truck as a gift ( pasalubong)  . The truck was kept at a display cabinet in which my younger sibling and playmates played it almost everyday . Now , the coke delivery truck is almost worn -out with its  stickers , some coke accessories were missing  as time passes-by.

Coke 2008 Olympic Glass – promotional items from Mc Donalds

Eventually years later ,  coke pog and coke playing cards were the -in thing . I have collected several hundreds of pieces . Most of my coke pog collection where thrown away by my father who thought they were TRASH!

There are some coca-cola-promotional items that i participated , from the miniature coke bottles in exchange for a coke bottle caps with logos to coke toy trucks , coke playing cards etc…

coke truck still in box- mint condition

completing some of the miniature coke bottles and plastic toy trucks. Unfortunately some of my personal collections were either thrown away, given away by my younger sibling or taken as a souvenir items by our playmates.

Mr. Jay -Ar Mendoza

Mr. Jay -Ar Mendoza is a  coke  , stamp, coin, banknote, toy , figurine, object d’art collector. He has a day- time job and he only engages in trading excess collection during his spare times. He had several coke catalogs which he purchased from his recent trip in the United States.

Mr. Jay -Ar Mendoza showing -off a limited edition 1984 commemorative Los Angeles Olympic pins ( the pins had all the countries which participated at  the 1984 Olympic)

The pins was issued by Coca-Cola which was one of the official sponsors of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games.  The flag pins comes in a set of 3 . It is very hard to complete a set.

stuff toys

Another hot items during the eyeball was the stuffs toys with coke logos . Most of the items were imported from the United States.

Ms. Millet Aguirre

Ms. Millet Aguirre is one of the early bird during the eyeball. She arrived at around past 10:30am . She bought some Coke collectible items and Santa Clause .

Ms. Roselily Z. Baduan

The members called her Ninang ( God Mother) . Since she is one of the founders of the group. Her primary aim is to foster a camaraderie among Filipino Coke collectors. The group had already evolve starting from yahoo groups, multiply , friendster and now Facebook.  With more than 300 members and sympathizers the group is still a close group in Facebook.

coke trailer trucks in pristine condition

There are close to a dozen members which showed-up during the eyeball. Unfortunately Kuya ” Amazing ” Betong ( television host and comedian) was not ale to show -up during the eyeball due to an earlier commitment .

Mr. Jay -Ar Mendoza and his wife prepared  sumptuous early afternoon snacks which consists of spaghetti, fried chicken , bread , ham and cheese.

  I got a special coke key-chain , coke folder and coke straw as FREEBIES , Maraming Salamat  ULIT sa Inyo ! Hanggang sa Uulitin

ARJAY’S Collector Zone

Location: In-front of Holy Trinity Parish Church – Calabash Road corner Santisima  Street , Balic-Balic, Sampaloc, Manila

Operation Hours:

Monday to Sunday 9:00am to 9:00pm

Contact Person : Mr. Jay -AR Mendoza ( 0917-539-6701) GLOBE

Items for Sale:


Hobbies and Supplies

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Trading Cards

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Coke collectibles

Note: A prior appointment must be set since he had a regular work . He is only available during weekends.

Full disclosure policy: The author is not a business partner .  I just happen to be a coke collector and blog about the store .

Arjay’s Collect Zones Facebook: Store/534049933344197

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