Neon Invasion Fun Run : Not so NEON after ALL !

Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City-Philippines

poster of the event

A few months ago, the organizers posted an online invitation.  The  fun run which had 5 different stages with different music and a whole lot of stuffs .

I quickly took the opportunity in signing-up to cover the actual event as a social media writer and a part -time contributor in a local community paper.

According to their publicity material, the  event is supporting the Quezon City museum, QC Protection Center for Women, Children and LGBT, Alay Kay Inay Ng Lungsod Quezon Foundation Inc. and Cottolenggo Filipino.

It sounds amazing to know that they are supporting a lot of community projects and NGO groups!!!!!

some of the participants waiting at the Quezon Memorial Circle fountain area

We arrived at around past 6:00pm . As part of a bloggers’ group who helped in and sign-up to cover the event.  We were expected to” walk” , I mean run, for FREE , since we help in the promotion of the running event  . But race event proper came , there is still NO SINGLET and there was No Media Kit prepared for our group ! We were just left to roam around and i tried to get some personal interviews from some participants who were quite disappointed even before the event started.  The security seems lapse and there were  long lines of people at the registration area .

starting line

I have covered several running and marathon events before ,  It seemed that the volunteers  or staffs were not prepared.  Participants  who pre-registered before the actual event must have their race kits prepared in a pack with all the necessary materials Name tags , Running gears ,  Loot bag etc… Some even complained of waiting for more than 1 hour just to get their SINGLET !  Walk -ins must have their separate registration.   Another participant also complain of not getting proper shirt size  and color that she wanted ( she signed -up for medium size but she got small  , Another participant got pink  instead of yellow .) What is not funny , is that some pre-registered participants never got their racing kits at all….

stage area

Some 4,000 participants  ( police estimate)  took part in the Neon Invasion within Quezon Memorial Circle landmark. Curiously, based on what happened last night, the big running population turned out to be something the organizers did not expect.

The event started even much LATER , We expect that there would be a racing line but its seem like there was just a BIG Concert with people in running attire.  Ambulant vendors selling glow sticks , flashlights and battery operated toys inside the cordoned area which is intended for the participants of the event.

The PR person seems clueless if we came there as Runners, Winners of their PROMO contest , BLOGGERS or even City hall officials . The marathon route was shorter than what was posted at their websites . Talk about shorthand and not properly coordinating with the  Quezon City government .

We had to LEAVE the place at around 8:00PM . We do not want to be branded as GATE Crasher , MIRON , ETC….. Our attire is SMART Casual which is definitely inappropriate or too drab  for a neon running event. When some of us left the place ( bloggers) , The marathon had not yet started. This was more than 1- hour delayed from what the organizers had announced !!!!!!

Facebook event page  ( screen caption ) – NEON Invasion Run participant Ms. Abby Enriquez posted some of the 18 problems she experienced

In a Facebook event page , Almost all of the participants felt that they were robbed of their money and time.


NEON FUN RUN Facebook Page:

racing t-shirt  with sponsors, media partners and donors collateral

Hope that  this will be a lesson to the organizers .  With all the fun runs, evening runs, neon runs,  marathons , obstacle runs, zombie runs  etc… happening all over the country and using legitimate NGO groups as beneficiaries of their event. Milking money and sponsorship from corporations , individual persons , government  makes them no different with Pyramiding Schemes and FAKE NGO groups.

According to one of the organizers of the event, Their suppliers have some problems with the deliveries and LATE registrants . They must anticipated this scenario weeks or even months ahead.  It is their FIRST time to organize a fun run or a running event.  Some sponsors are telling otherwise.

On the other hand , The organizers were able to gather at least 4,000 to 5,000 plus people at the Quezon Memorial Circle- and to the advantage of some sectors like the ongoing weekend  flea market nearby, ambulant vendors , restaurants and parking spaces within the Circle. – All of which have reported increase sales and immediate profit.

But what happened to the NGO groups which were supposed to be the beneficiaries of the neon event?  ONLY the organizers are bound to tell the stories.

15 Responses

  1. This kind of scam should be stopped, it always happened bec they get away with it, yung mga suppossed beneficiaries and bloggers are being used and victimized as well.

  2. Sucked big time and Wavesound FB page is gone, Neon Fun run page is gone, even the posts on the QC city hall FB page are gone…unless of course we are all blocked from expressing our disappointment…

  3. walang kwentang fun run

  4. sana me mag followup sa scam run na to. and lesson to not buy any fun run event at ensogo

    • Hi, There is a new Facebook group that was created by the victims of the fun run.

      • Ano name nung fb group?

      • Update : The facebook account was deleted during the height of the controversy by one of the organizers of the event. One of the PR person of this event was hired by a multinational company which specializes in a sportswear brand sometime during the first quarter of this year.Leaving no official statement to all participants and freelance writers. The NGO beneficiaries sadly did not get their bargaining deal as per conversation with the heads of the NGO groups . While the author is being discredited by the same PR head now connected with an international sportswear brand by spreading rumors to other bloggers and PR heads . Lesson Learn to all : That not all running events are successful and the advertisement are not that truthful . In the end , it is the poor participants and consumer that are in lost for not voicing their dismay and government agencies must exercise the rights of consumers . Thanks for visiting the site.

      • so wala nang naging kahit anong nangyari dito?

  5. Frances, indeed . I have met some participants and some of them did not got any refunds.

  6. It is the same Cherry Bustamante Burwell and The Big Difference Communications. Sila rin PR ng Sandstorm 2014 which was a nightmare coverage for me. Wala sila nung event and never silang na-bother about our pitiful situtation dun kasi daw wala silang natanggap ni singko from the event until nag demand kami na group of bloggers to just bring us home to end the agony. It is now out in the open, with her giving all the explanations why she has nothing to do with the kapalpakan. She can claim whatever she pleases, badmouthing people and proving that all of us, 21 people, are wrong about it just to save her ass. She is a big trauma to me.

    • Yes, I am quite mum about the recent Sandstorm issue since i never attended any of her events after the Neon Fun Run last year. I have my own niche market and not after the internet traffic . There was no action to the complains of the people that did not got their running gear or missing kits despite paying at ENSOGO ( internet buying site) . They removed the Facebook event page of NEON Fun Run after it got numerous complains from the participants. Unfortunately , I only got a portion of the screen caption of some complains that was posted in that facebook event page.

      There are sad incidents that we can encounter in some events . Ganyan ang buhay, Try to move -on . Lesson Learned !

  7. BTW here is a post by the organizer in my facebook page last year – December 11,2013 namely : ‎Blogapalooza Bloggers, Pinoy Bloggers, Filipino Bloggers United , PR Friendly BLOGS,

    Here is the statement of Ms. Cherry via fellow blogger and other blogging groups: Requesting permission for this post, please feel free to delete if I am violating some rules.

    In behalf of the Neon Fun Run, I would like to thank all bloggers who agreed to wait for my statement to at least hear the side of my co organizer for what really happened at the Neon Fun Run. I can actually say that I have made some events before that all bloggers on whom I invited came home happy. I personally posted an invitation to all bloggers group that I am a member as I want bloggers to be part of this event.

    But a certain Mr. Lawrence Chan already posted something without even asking for our side, what happened to the getting 2 sides of every story?

    I respect and love this community and as a part of the media community, and if you have really signed up Mr. Chan then you should have at least gotten my number and asked our side before posting anything. I think its a rather bit unfair on our part that making and posting something base on your observation and screen shots from some of the participants. Sana namann po bago tayo mag sulat alamin natin ang ugat .


    Cherry Burwell

  8. Here is another fellow blogger with bad experience :

  9. Here are the 18 posts of Ms. Abby Enriquez – an ordinary participant of the Neon FUn RUN
    Abby Enriquez 9:48am Dec 8
    1. there was a delay in giving out the singlets.
    2. singlet colors were not followed. kesyo naubusan. ang violet pareho lang daw ng color pink. same with green and yellow. even sizes were not available.
    3. registration onsite was disorganized.
    4. gun start started late.
    5. so much risk during gun start. there could have been stampede. wala pang 30 steps may nakita kaming sugatan at gasgas ang siko!
    6. no glow water. mist lang na di pa namin alam san kinuha ang tubig. nangati kaya kami after!
    7. 4 stations where you claimed to have been booming w/ music on different era were no where near to what you claimed it to be. yung 2 wlang lights! parang naging water station lang sila na even ang distribution wlang kaayusan.
    8. ang dilim ng daanan. given na yun talaga ang effect that they want, where the hell was the glow lights that should have surrounded the track?
    9. glow sticks should have been given every kilometer. ginawang candy at pinaagaw sa start point. wala ring pinamigay after every km.
    10. when we asked the marshalls, wala silang kaalam alam! ang sabi lang daw sa kanila ng organizers, hayaan lang daw tumkbo ng tumakbo ang mga tao. pano malalaman kung naka 5k na? takbo lang daw till you drop.
    11. running course was open to public.
    12. running course was open to VEHICLES! patabihin ba kami ng marshalls dahil may dadaan na kotse! thinking na paikot lang to sa loob ng circle!
    13. when organizers were asked anong company name nila, they made us stupid pa when they pointed out on the stage in front at yun daw pangalan. written there was NEON INVASION RUN. duh?! one just blurted out that they were Wave Sounds Production Entertainment.
    14. Organizers refused to announce sa mic what happened kaya dinumog sila ng mga nagccomplaint.
    15. They kept on giving us run around na we can settle refund sa Ensogo office. Malas nila may kilala kme sa Ensogo at nakatanong kami agad. Ensogo paid them in full and will not settle daw.
    16. They got all the names and email addresses of those wanting a refund. Mageemail daw today (let’s see about that!) Pati pag sign up di maayos!
    17. Our group wanted them to sign an agreement na magbabayad talaga sila. Panigurado on our end. They made us revise it 3x na kami lang daw ang dapat andun sa letter at wag daw namin pakialama ang iba.
    18. Armando, one of the organizers who was so bastos, signed it after an hour of waiting. Stated was that they are to refund us by December 10, 2013.
    We’ll see about that until that date. Kung hindi, tag ko na ang @abscbnnews at @gmanews to look into this scam! (ooppsss i just did didn’t i?)

  10. […] NEON INVASION FUN RUN – I found out about this scam because some of my office mates were victims. I remember reading the facebook page from the complainants of the event about their experiences. Unfortunately, that facebook page as well as posts by the complainants on the Quezon City Hall page were deleted. From what I recall, the problem was complete absence of management at the event, it turned into an epic mess. Some the participants had to wait for an hour or more for their race kits, some got the wrong singlet colors, and others never got their race kits at all. What seemed good on paper was crap in execution, scarce supplies of glow sticks, colored water was lacking, the booming music form the music station was described in my understanding was ‘meh,’ the bands got booed, the race course security is non-existent as vehicles and non-participant can get in and out. And like any good scam run, it was advertised also as a Run for a Cause. The event managed to scam an estimated 4,000+ participants and a lot of sponsors. The facebook page and posts were gone, but there is at least a blog post that can still tell the story from a blogger experience, go here: […]

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