Alpo-Philippines: Little Friends Super Bonding Session

31st Floor Fraser Place Manila, Makati City

This bonding session was rewarded to the winners of the recently concluded ALPO SMS Super Raffle. Ten (10) winners were selected to enjoy a 2-day bonding/training session at Fraser Place Manila on December 14-15, 2013. Apart from that, each of them also received an iPad Mini and other exciting brand giveaways.

Mr. Chardy Ang and Toffee the dog ambassador of ALPO

Mr. Chardy Ang a well known dog trainer and dog lover. His dog,  Toffee  is a 4 year-old Jack Russel Terrier  – is the dog ambassador for ALPO  .

Toffee  is not camera shy and performed a number of tricks together with his master. The dog also appeared on several commercials and photo shoots .

Ms. Gail Villanueva and Kubrick – a male Shih Tzu

Ms. Trixie Esguerra

There was a mini-fashion show where the owners and their dogs gave a sample of few dog-walk skills and runaway ramps

Ms. Ana J. Jimenez – brand manager of ALPO-Philippines also brought her pet dog  Shih Tzu 

Ms. Aubrey Fay Ramos ( owner of Parker ) traveled from the province of Benguet together with her dog – Parker is a mix breed of Labrador and Japanese Spitz.

Mr. Mark Anthony L. Silvor proudly showed his iPAD

The winners also get a chance for their dogs and master to stay at the Fraser Place for 2 -days in order for them to do bonding and spend more time together . Some winners came as far as the province of Benguet !

The Chit Chat Pup award was awarded to this black dachshund . The award goes to the dog who is the most friendly and even tempered. Another winner is Chichay ( Yorkshire terrier ).

Chichay – Yorkshire Terrier together with Mr.  Mark Anthony L. Silvor

Boom Boom Pao award goes to the dogs with the Most Energy and Active  dog  – Chichay ( Yorkshire terrier ) and Parker ( mixed breed ) owner Ms. Aubrey Fay Ramos

Teeny Tiny Pooch award

The award is given to cute little toy dogs

The Sniffety Sniffer award goes to Kylie owned by Ms. Elsa Delena

 Pup Star award – Rising star qualities and photogenic appeal , Venice and Ms. Deanna Marie Pacis

group photos with the winners

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5 Responses

  1. hi correct ko lang its chardy ang heheheh

  2. Hi! Can somebody preferably has her/his own shihtzu pet, please assure me that this brand ALPO is really great? Is there any particular Alpo that best suits my shihtzu? Thanks…

    • Hi, I think ALPO brand is okey for you pet shihtzu , the author had several small breeds . The problem is you might be feeding your dog with a different brand and wanted to switch to ALPO, You need to slowly integrate ALPO to your dog / puppy diet . Thanks

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